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Case study: TEAGAN'S STORY Teagan is a 21-year-old woman and living with her partner, Amita. Teagan and Amita have been together for 15 months; their relationship is volatile, and they have separated ... several times. Last night, Teagan broke up with Amita again in a fiery exchange of insults and anger. Teagan believed that Amita was about to leave her and fearing this relationship breakdown, she thought she would 'get in first'. Amita admits things have been tumultuous between them for months now, and that neither is happy, but wanted to work things out by seeing a relationship counsellor. Amita is also concerned about Teagan's use of cannabis. Amita claims that Teagan's responses to small indiscretions are extreme and that she is quick to make judgements about people or situations with little information. Recently, Teagan decided that a friend of Amita's wasn't allowed to come to their house because she had made some 'throwaway' comments about their dog. Amita says Teagan does this often, liking people quickly for frivolous reasons, and disliking others for similar reasons. Teagan has been cutting herself since she was 13 years old. She finds it difficult to articulate why she does it, only that she gets relief from cutting. On a few occasions she has contemplated suicide, and many more times she has threatened it. Amita finds this aspect of their relationship very difficult to deal with and frequently feels as though Teagan's threats to self-harm or suicide are a way of manipulating her. This morning Teagan is attending her GP for review of an infected suture site on her inner thigh. Teagan had cut into the wound again earlier in the week. The GP refers her to the practice nurse for wound care. Anna usually works as the practice nurse in the clinic but today she is off sick. Teagan becomes angry when she learns she will be seen by registered nurse Brett instead. critically discuss the following questions in relation to your chosen case study: 1. The condition the consumer has. 2. One (1) [Show More]

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