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University of Houston - CIS2332 Exam2_OS. All Questions and Answers. 100%.

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CIS 2332 Exam #2: Operating Systems Fill the Identification Number with you PSID (starting from the left) Mark the best answer on the scantron. 1. What specific “Administrative Tool” in Windo... ws logs various operating system and application error messages? a. Event Viewer b. Computer Management Console c. Services d. Performance Monitor 2. In Windows which command line utility can give you information about your IP address? a. whoami b. myIP c. ping d. ipconfig 3. Which one of these are file systems for the Windows operating system? a. ext b. FAT c. FAT32 d. NTFS e. b, c and d 4. What is API? a. Set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications b. Batch Script c. Shell Script d. Graphical User Interface 5. A dynamic link library (DLL) is a. an application found in the Control Panel b. software that connects Windows to online dictionaries c. computer code that is used by other applications d. code that is left over from the install and should be removed 6. Which part of Windows user interface contains a group of configuration utilities? a. Control Panel b. System Tools c. Accessories d. Maintenance 7. What is a Windows file called that can group together various command line commands? a. Shell script (.sh) b. Batch file (.bat) c. .DLL d. .exe 8. In Windows, to learn the syntax of the dir command, what can you type? a. help dir b. dir /? c. dir /help d. Both A and B 9. All of the following are provided by operating systems except a. I/O management b. Accounting c. Word processing d. Security 10. Which of the following is an advantage of running Windows on NTFS as opposed to FAT? a. Security b. Multiple folders c. Soft link to a file d. File types 11. Which file system is specific to Windows? a. NTFS b. ext4 c. UFS d. HFS Plus 12. What command enables you to make a new directory in a Linux system? a. mf b. md c. mkdir d. makedir 13. Joey wants to change the name of a file from myFile.txt to yourFile.txt without duplicating the file in Linux. Which of the following commands would accomplish this feat? a. cp yourFile.txt myFile.txt b. mv myFile.txt yourFile.txt c. rename /s myFile.txt yourFile.txt d. ren yourFile.txt myFile.txt 14. What is the command to quit the command-line interface in Windows? a. exit b. bye c. quit d. stop 15. To access the command-line interface in Windows, what command would you type at the Run dialog box? a. command b. cmd c. prompt d. cp 16. What command can copy files and directories in Linux? a. copydir b. copy c. cpdir d. cp 17. How do you open the Registry Editor from the command prompt in Windows? a. regedit b. registry c. regeditor d. rgstry 18. Which command can launch a graphical utility that can show the applications that launch during Windows startup? a. Windows Explorer b. Computer Management c. MMC d. MSCONFIG 19. Which utility is useful in identifying computer performance and running applications, processes and CPU usage? a. Task Manager b. Device Manager c. System Information d. System Monitor 20. In Linux what does the "pwd" command do? a. Shows the current path you are in b. Change password c. Display password 21. What is the command used to display help information in Linux? a. /? b. manual c. man d. ls -? 22. How to display kernel information in Linux? a. ls –a b. whoami c. uname –a d. which 23. In Linux, both commands and file names are case sensitive. a. True b. False 24. In Linux, which command is used to navigate through directories? a. ls b. cd c. rm d. chmod 25. Which one of followings is NOT a component of OS? a. Kernel b. Memory management c. File system d. Hard drive 26. A library can be linked to an executable file through: a. Static link b. Bottom-up link c. Dynamic link d. a and c 27. Communication inside of monolithic kernel is through message passing: a. True b. False 28. Which of the following items is NOT part of special format of Executable files? a. Data and code b. Header c. Static link d. Symbol table 29. A program requests a service from an operating system's kernel through: a. Interrupt b. System call c. I/O operations d. User Interfaces 30. Which of the following is not a function of OS? a. Resource management b. Execute and provide services for applications c. Word processing d. Standardization of user interface 31. OS that is implemented with Monolithic kernel has little overhead in the system call interface and, thus, a distinct performance advantage. a. True b. False 32. During the booting process, application programs are loaded before the OS kernel a. True b. False 33. RAID provides data redundancy, but it will compromise the I/O performance. a. True b. False 34. For a file system, which of the following does not belong to basic operations of file: a. Mixing two files b. Creating a file c. Writing a file d. Reading a file 35. In OS, shell is a graphical user interface. a. True b. False 36. Command line user interface is not as efficient as the graphical user interface. Therefore, system administrators always prefer GUI. a. True b. False 37. Storage Area Network is costly. a. True b. False 38. Regular expression and Wildcards are the same, user can choose either of them for all cases. a. True b. False 39. To assign access right to a file (a.txt) as follows: User: r/w/x; Group: r/x; Other: x, which of the following commands is correct: a. chmod 762 a.txt b. chmod 644 a.txt c. chmod 462 a. txt d. chmod 751 a.txt 40. For a RAID system like this, what is the maximum number of disks that can fail without losing data? a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5 [Show More]

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