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Western Governors UniversityIT D194Task2.v3 OSM1 Task 2: Meeting Analysis

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Meeting Analysis A. Explain the outcomes of the meeting, including the following: a. How closely the meeting followed the meeting agenda? From the recorded meeting, I can tell that all the points i... n the agenda were covered except for the decision on the first team to pilot the upgrade rollout. b. The conflicts that emerged during the meeting. During the meeting, there were 2 conflicts: i. Mei pointed out that the report might not be showing the whole picture due to some of his team members were out that week. ii. Diego and Kamal were not happy about not taking a decision on the first team to pilot the upgrade rollout. c. How different individuals responded to conflicts that emerged during the meeting. i. Mei: She was involved in both conflicts. She expressed her concern on the faulty data and respectfully gave her opinion on waiting for an updated report to decide on the first team to pilot the upgrade. ii. Li: She listened to Mei observation and answered every question about the source of the data precisely. She agreed with Mei on waiting for an update report to decide on a team. iii. Diego: He was not happy with the final decision, and this clearly bothered him. He expressed his concern on delaying the decision because the project is already behind schedule. With the data presented by Li, his team is the clear winner of the decision. iv. Kamal: He was leading the meeting. Although he did not share the idea of delaying the decision, he followed the team consensus to wait one more week on an updated report to take a better decision [Show More]

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