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NURS 6551 Women’s Health Quiz Week 4 with answers – Walden university

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NURS 6551 – Women’s Health Quiz Week 4 with answers – Walden university (A Grade) What has contributed to the decreased incidence of hepatitis B over the past 20 years? a. The decrease i... n PID b. The HBV vaccination c. The increase in condom use d. More precise screening methods Routine HPV vaccination is recommended for girls of what age? a. 8–9 b. 13–14 c. 6–7 d. 11–12 The highest prevalence of human papillomavirus (HPV) is found among women ages: NOT “C” a. 18–20 b. 20–24 c. 25–30 d. 30–35 Why is it often more difficult to detect STIs in women than in men? a. Men are two times more likely to transmit STIs to women than the reverse. b. The risk of a woman contracting an STI is much higher than a man’s risk. c. The anatomy of women’s genital tracts makes examination more difficult. d. Women tend to have fewer sexual partners than men do. What can bacterial vaginosis lead to? a. Vulvovaginal candidiasis b. Pelvic inflammatory disease c. Toxic shock syndrome d. Trichomoniasis What is the most common symptom of vulvovaginal candidiasis? a. Fishy odor b. Fever c. Thin, grayish-white discharge d. Vulvar pruritis Patients presenting for STI treatment should be screened for HIV: NOT “D” a. At each visit b. At the end of treatment c. At the beginning of treatment d. Each year The second most commonly reported STI after chlamydia is: a. Gonorrhea b. Pelvic inflammatory disease c. Syphilis d. Hepatitis B How do systemic antiviral drugs treat genital herpes? a. They can control the symptoms. b. They can reduce the frequency of recurrences after discontinuation. c. They can prevent transmission to sexual partners. d. They can prevent secondary infection. Vulvovaginal candidiasis accounts for what percentage of all vaginal infections? NOT “D” A. 10–15% B. 20–25% C. 50–55% D. 60–65% [Show More]

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