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NURS 6551 – Women’s Health Quiz Week 2 with answers – Walden university (A Grade) | NURS 6551 – Women’s Health Quiz Week 2 with answers – (A Grade)

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NURS 6551 – Women’s Health Quiz Week 2 with answers – Walden university (A Grade) Approximately how many working American adult women older than 18 smoke cigarettes? a. 20% b. 10% ... c. 5% d. 30% In respect to an evidentiary examination: a. The patient may not withhold consent if the clinician is a mandated reporter. b. The clinician is required to strictly follow local agency protocols, no others. c. The time frame within which it must take place depends on local standards. d. Maintaining the chain of custody of all evidence collected is recommended, not required. There is no one legal definition of rape, which means: a. Clinicians must learn their own state’s definitions and statutes. b. It is easier to monitor the incidence of sexual violence in the nation. c. It may be considered a social problem, not a public health problem. d. Measuring risk and identifying protective measures is a simple task. If a patient has not reported a sexual assault to law enforcement, all of the following clinician actions are important except: a. Asking if reporting is something she wants to consider b. Discussing any fears or concerns that she may have about reporting c. Explaining that only some forced sexual contacts are reportable crimes d. Telling her that women who report do better psychologically than those who do not What is the current (2006) recommendation by the CDC regarding HIV testing? a. Test all patients who report risk behaviors associated with HIV NOT A. b. Test all patients unless they explicitly decline to be tested. c. Test all patients. d. Test only those patients who ask to be tested. What is the screening recommendation by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists for intimate partner violence (IPV)? a. Routinely ask all women direct, specific questions about abuse. Refer to community-based services when identified. b. There is insufficient evidence to recommend for or against routine screening. c. No screening recommendation. d. Remain alert for signs of family violence at every patient encounter. Which of the following are screening tests for type 2 diabetes mellitus? a. Fasting plasma glucose b. Two-hour post-load plasma glucose c. Hemoglobin A1C d. All of the above The USPSTF assigns a certainty level to assess the net benefit of a preventive service based on: a. The nature of the overall evidence available b. The cost-effectiveness of a service c. Known health outcomes d. Select studies in a limited primary care population The most effective means of obtaining the history of abuse is to use a communication model that: a. Avoids having the patient’s children present during the discussion b. Signals someone is interested and that the woman is not alone c. Emphasizes the belief that violence is not acceptable, no matter what the batterer might have said to the patient NOT THIS ONE d. Allows the patient to talk without interruption and with time to relate, emphasize, and repeat her full story In the GTPAL system for recording pregnancy history, the “T” stands for: a. Term births b. Terminal pregnancies c. Total number of pregnancies d. Type of birth (spontaneous, assisted, or cesarean) [Show More]

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