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AQA_A Level Economics Paper 2_2019 | ECON 3140_National and International Economy

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AQA A-LEVEL ECONOMICS PAPER 2 NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY 2019IB/M/Jun19/E6 7136/2 A-level ECONOMICS Paper 2 National and International Economy Thursday 23 May 2019 Morning Time allow... ed: 2 hours Materials For this paper you must have: • an AQA 12-page answer book • a calculator. Instructions • Use black ink or black ball-point pen. Pencil should only be used for drawing. • Write the information required on the front of your answer book. The Examining Body for this paper is AQA. The Paper Reference is 7136/2. • In Section A, answer EITHER Context 1 OR Context 2. • In Section B, answer one essay. Information • The marks for questions are shown in brackets. • The maximum mark for this paper is 80. • There are 40 marks for Section A and 40 marks for Section B. • You will be marked on your ability to: – use good English – organise information clearly – use specialist vocabulary where appropriate. Advice • You are advised to spend 1 hour on Section A and 1 hour on Section B.2 Section A Answer EITHER Context 1 OR Context 2. EITHER Context 1 Total for this context: 40 marks GDP and living standards Study Extracts A, B and C and then answer all parts of Context 1 which follow. Extract A Figure 1: Selected data for Costa Rica, UK and USA, 2015/2016 unless stated Costa Rica UK USA GDP (PPP $bn) 69.6 2 518.1 16 890.2 Population (millions) 4.9 64.7 321.8 Mean years of schooling 8.7 13.3 13.2 Infant mortality rate (under 5s per 1000 births) 9.7 4.2 6.5 Average annual increase (%) of the HDI (1990–2015) 0.7 0.6 0.3 Gini coefficient (average 2010–2015) 0.49 0.33 0.41 CO2 emissions (tonnes per capita) 1.6 6.2 16.1 Footnote: PPP = Purchasing Power Parity Source: United Nations and World Bank HDI = Human Development Index Extract B: What is GDP? [Show More]

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