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MN580 PEDIATRIC FINAL EXAM: |Latest-Update, 100% Correct Graded A+|

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MN580 PEDIATRIC FINAL EXAM: Question 1 2 / 2 points An 18-year-old man presents with periumbilical pain, vomiting, and abdominal cramping over the past 48 hours. Physical examination reveals rebound t... enderness and laboratory a nalysis shows the presence of bandemia and a total WBC of 28,000 mm3. To support the diagnosis of acute appendicitis with suspected appendiceal rupture, you consider obtaining the following abdominal imaging study: Question options: 1) Magnetic resonance image (MRI). 2) Computed tomography (CT) scan. 3) Ultrasound. 4) Flat plate. Question 2 2 / 2 points Gina is 2 years old and presents with a 3-day history of fever, crankiness, and congested cough. Her respiratory rate is more than 50% of the upper limits of normal for age. Tubular breath sounds are noted at the right lung base. Skin turgor is normal, and she is wearing a wet diaper. She is alert, resisting the examination as age appropriate, and engages in eye contact. Temperature is 38.3° C (101° F). Gina's diagnostic evaluation should include: Question options: 1) chest x-ray. 2) urine culture and sensitivity measurement. 3) lumbar puncture. 4) sputum culture. Question 3 2 / 2 points Aortic stenosis in a 15-year-old male is most likely: Question options: 1) a sequela of rheumatic fever. 2) a result of a congenital defect. 3) calcific in nature. 4) found with atrial septal defect. Question 4 2 / 2 points Which of the following laboratory tests can identify the causative organism of bronchiolitis? Question options: 1) Nasal washing antigen test. 2) Antibody test via blood sample. 3) Urine culture. 4) A laboratory test is not available. Question 5 2 / 2 points A Still murmur: Question options: 1) is heard in the presence of cardiac pathology. 2) has a humming or vibratory quality. 3) is a reason for denying sports participation clearance. 4) can become louder when the patient is standing. Question 6 2 / 2 points A physiological murmur has which of the following characteristics? Question options: 1) Occurs late in systole. 2) Is noted in a localized area of auscultation. 3) Becomes softer when the patient moves from supine to standing. 4) Frequently obliterates S2. Question 7 2 / 2 points You anticipate that adult car seat belts fit correctly when a child is approximately _____ tall and is____ old. Question options: 1) 51 inches (129.5 cm), 6 to 8 years 2) 53 inches (134.6 cm), 5 to 7 years 3) 57 inches (144.8 cm), 8 to 12 years 4) 59 inches (150 cm), 12 to 14 years Question 8 2 / 2 points Physical examination findings in otitis externa include: Question options: 1) tympanic membrane immobility. 2) increased ear pain with tragus palpation. 3) tympanic membrane erythema. 4) tympanic membrane bullae. Question 9 2 / 2 points In infants, solid foods are best introduced no earlier than: Question options: 1) 1–3 months. 2) 3–5 months. 3) 4–6 months. 4) 6–8 months. Question 10 2 / 2 points When advising a patient about injectable influenza immunization, the nurse practitioner (NP) considers the following about the use of this vaccine: [Show More]

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