*NURSING > Final Exam Review > Chamberlain College of NursingNR 507NR 507 Week 8 Final Exam Questions with Answers (May 2018) (All)

Chamberlain College of NursingNR 507NR 507 Week 8 Final Exam Questions with Answers (May 2018)

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1. Question: What is the major virus involved in the development of cervical cancer? 2. Question: Which statement accurately describes childhood asthma? 3. Question: The ability of the pathogen to i... nvade and multiply in the host is referred to as: 4. Question: Obesity creates a greater risk for dehydration in people because: 5. Question: Continued therapy of pernicious anemia (PA) generally lasts how long? 6. Question: Which statement best describes cystic fibrosis? 7. Question: What pulmonary defense mechanism propels a mucous blanket that entraps particles moving toward the oropharynx? 8. Question: As stated in the Frank-Starling law, a direct relationship exists between the _____ of the blood in the heart at the end of diastole and the _____ of contraction during the next systole. 9. Question: The tonic neck reflex observed in a newborn should no longer be obtainable by: 10. Question: Carcinoma refers to abnormal cell proliferation originating from which tissue origin? 11. Question: Which of the following describes how the body compensates for anemia? 12. Question: What term is used to describe a hernial protrusion of a saclike cyst that contains meninges, spinal fluid, and a portion of the spinal cord through a defect in a posterior arch of a vertebra? 13. Question: Chvostek and Trousseau signs indicate which electrolyte imbalance? 14. Question: After sexual transmission of HIV, a person can be infected yet seronegative for how many months? 15. Question: Which hormone prompts increased anxiety, vigilance, and arousal during a stress response? 16. Question: Which blood cells are the chief phagocytes involved in the early inflammation process? 17. Question: Where are alveolar macrophages found? 18. Question: Which normal physiologic change occurs in the aging pulmonary system? 19. Question: An infant diagnosed with a small patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) would likely exhibit which symptom? 20. Question: Hemophilia B is caused by a deficiency of which clotting factor? 21. Question: A hypersensitivity reaction that produces an allergic response is called: 22. Question: Which statement is true regarding pain and cancer? 23. Question: What is the anomaly in which the soft bony component of the skull and much of the brain is missing? 24. Question: At birth, which statement is true? 25. Question: What is the most commonly reported symptom of cancer treatment? 26. Question: The common property among the three types of medications used to treat depression is that they: 27. Question: Prolonged high environmental temperatures that produce dehydration, decreased plasma volumes, hypotension, decreased cardiac output, and tachycardia cause which disorder of temperature regulation? [Show More]

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