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Unit 3 Milestone 3 Questions and Answers,100% CORRECT

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Unit 3 Milestone 3 Questions and Answers Score 14/17 You passed this Milestone 14 questions were answered correctly. 3UquNestiIonTs we3re a—nswerMed inIcLorrEe... ctSly.TONE 3 Which of the following was a cause of Indian Removal from the American South? Fear of rebellions and conspiracies convinced the government to remove native populations. An executive order issued by Andrew Jackson commanded it. Elements of white supremacy reinforced perceptions that America belonged to the white man. The desire of the Cherokee to begin purchasing slaves. CONCEPT Think About It: What Were the Consequences of Indian Removal? 2 What problems might a government founded today under the Articles of Confederation have? The national government has the power to tax, but it isn't representative. The state governments have no control over the national government. The national government cannot enforce treaties with foreign powers. The state governments are not allowed to have their own militias. CONCEPT Creating a Republic 3 Which of the following events gave greater urgency to the Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia? Washington's election as president The Great Compromise Shay's Rebellion The Annapolis Convention CONCEPT Drafting the Constitution 4 Which of the following practices led in part to the creation of Jay's Treaty between the United States and Great Britain in 1794? Britain had captured hundreds of American ships trading with the French. Britain had been paying African pirates to target American ships. Britain had stopped fighting but didn't acknowledge American independence. The United States wanted to support Britain in its war against France. CONCEPT Looking East 5 Which of the following quotations represents most Americans' attitudes toward deference by the 1820s? "All free men should be allowed to vote, regardless of race." "Voting rights should be strict to prevent 'mobocracy.'" "The franchise should be expanded to include most white men." "Men of virtue like Thomas Jefferson should lead while others follow." CONCEPT The Promise and Limits of Democracy 6 Jefferson often used the term “empire of liberty” when referring to the process of western expansion. Choose the statement that best describes the application of this term. Plans will be established for the organization of western lands, but not for their admission to the Union. The United States will rule Western territories much like Britain ruled the colonies. Territories will be admitted to the union as equal states rather than being ruled over as a colonial power. The port of New Orleans will serve as a conduit for manufacturers to export their goods to Europe. CONCEPT Looking West 7 Which of the following led in part to the War of 1812? Passage of the Embargo Act under Thomas Jefferson Impressment of American sailors by British vessels in the Atlantic Alliance with the French for assistance against Native Americans A failed attempt by loyalists to establish an American monarchy CONCEPT The War of 1812 8 For what purpose was the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution? To satisfy a commitment made to Anti-Federalists during ratification to clarify the unalienable rights that all Americans possess To separate the three branches of government from each other, as promised to the Federalists during ratification To satisfy Thomas Jefferson's demand that a framework by which new rights could be added to the Constitution be established To satisfy Alexander Hamilton's concern that too much power was being concentrated in the hands of the people CONCEPT Federalists in Power 9 Which of the following statements might have been said by an Anti-Federalist? "Our nation is not large enough to necessitate or benefit from a republican form of government." "A pure democracy would devolve into mob rule and the blind following of tyrants." “Dividing the federal government into three branches will sufficiently protect our individual liberties.” CONCEPT Visions of Government 10 Which of the following statements about the divided political climate during the administrations of George Washington and John Adams is true? Democratic-Republican societies organized to support Washington’s domestic policies. Washington and Adams refused to censor their opponents, as was common practice in Europe. There was a peaceful transition from Washington's Federalist administration to John Adams's Democratic- Republican one. CONCEPT Partisan Politics 11 Which of the following did many young women see as a positive aspect of working in the Lowell mills? Women were only expected to work 4-6 hours a day, giving them ample free time. Employers encouraged the formation of labor unions and negotiated win-win contracts. Working apart from the family with other young women created a sense of independence and solidarity. There was a greater amount of leeway toward social norms in the mills than in the women's families. CONCEPT Market Revolution and Economic Changes 12 Which of the following statements about the 1828 election is true? Jackson enjoyed popular support, but only won by two electoral votes. Jackson's platform was based on strengthening tariffs and infrastructure. Jackson represented populist frustration with the political elite. Jackson believed that liberty could best be supported by a powerful national government. CONCEPT The Election of 1828 and the Rise of Andrew Jackson 13 Why was the Missouri Compromise significant? It highlighted divisions over slavery that had been growing since the nation gained independence. It let states decide for themselves whether to allow or forbid slavery. It decided the election of 1824 without any consideration for the popular vote. It led to a revival of the Federalist party. CONCEPT The Sectional Crisis and the ʺCorrupt Bargainʺ of 1824 14 Which of the following was a major economic shift in the North in the early 19th century? The construction of canals and railroads provided northern manufacturers with faster connections to the Atlantic ocean. The North increasingly viewed the South and its economy as superior. Factory work gave workers in the North increasing indepedence and control over their labor. CONCEPT The Northern Economy 15 Which of the following quotations best represents the cultural attitudes associated with the Second Great Awakening? "My doctrine then is, that whatever it is morally right for man to do, it is morally right for woman to do." "What begins as a glass with friends soon devolves into poverty and disease and ultimately suicide." "Public roles as reformers and moral guides for society reflect traditional roles in the home." "It is time to reject traditional ties to Great Britain’s institutions and create our own denominations." CONCEPT Think About It: How Was American Culture Changing? 16 Which of the following statements would most likely have been spoken by a supporter of Andrew Jackson? "Limiting the use of alcohol will greatly improve our society" “Sectional divides between Americans are our biggest concern.” "The president should veto legislation that expands the federal government." "The government is morally responsible for making sure the infrastructure is up to date." CONCEPT The Bank War and the Rise of the Second Party System 17 Which of the following statements about the southern economy before the Civil War is true? The slave population continued to grow as new slaves were imported from abroad. Slavery began to diminish after the invention of the cotton gin. Cotton was important in the South, but not to the nation as a whole. The southern climate was ideal for the cultivation of cotton. CONCEPT The Southern Economy © 2020 SOPHIA Learning, LLC. SOPHIA is a registered trademark of SOPHIA Learning, LLC. About Contact Us Privacy Policy Terms of Use [Show More]

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