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NURS 6531 Midterm Exam Review (Week 1-6) Comprehensive for Grade A+

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NURS 6531 Midterm Exam Review (Week 1-6) Competencies of Advanced Nurse Practitioners  How to apply advanced practice nursing competencies to clinical settings  Theories in nursing practice ...  SOAP note – 4 parts  Coding and billing in nursing practice Integumentary disorders  Differential diagnoses for patients with skin disorders  Various treatment options for common skin disorders  Evaluate pattern recognition in patient diagnoses o Melanoma o Actinic keratosis o Basal cell carcinoma o Squamous cell carcinoma o Acral-lentiginous melanoma o Venous stasis ulcers o Herpes zoster o Urticaria o Shingles o Psoriasis o Impetigo o folliculitis o Systemic lupus erythematosus o Malignant melanoma o Basal cell carcinoma o Acne vulgaris o Tinea cruris o Eczema o Scabies o Syphilis o Tinea versicolor o Cellulitis o Rhus dermatitis HEENT [Show More]

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