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NR-228 Nutrition, Health & Wellness Chapter 1 Exam Review Anatomy o Study of body structures Physiology o Study of function of the body -Be familiar with the levels of structural or... ganization. o Chemical = atoms smallest units of matter that occurs in a chemical rxn • Molecules 2 or more atoms joined together o Cellular = structural and functional units of an organism o Tissue = a group of cells with specialize functions o Organ= made up of 2 or more tissues with specific functions o System = related organs with a common function o Organism = living individual - Homeostasis (1 of the essay questions) o the equilibrium/balance in the body’s internal environment o Imbalances of homeostasis occur when its disrupted by internal or external environment. Disruption can lead to diseases and death. Also, such factors can be genetic make-up, air you breath, what you eat and thoughts can affect your health. ▪ Any changed that disrupt a controlled condition is called a stimulus o Apart of homeostasis, we need ECF (chemical regulation that helps our body cells to survive) o maintains the body’s regulatory process (- and +feedback) o – feedback ▪ where we need to be/regulates homeostasis ▪ Reverses a change in a controlled condition ▪ E.g.  BP [Show More]

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