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iHuman_Case_4_Scratch_Sheet_-_Justin_Johnson 1. How can I help you today? a. The dean of engineering is trying to fail me. I am NOT going to elaborate. Why do you want to know? What is your role? ... 2. What is your name? a. Justin Johnson 3. Where are you? a. In the doctor's office? 4. What time is it? a. Around 5:40PM 5. What happened? a. I have to be careful. 6. Ask Mother: How can I help him today? a. Justin is having problems. He is concerned people are spying on him and stealing his intellectual property like his inventions. I don't know what inventions he is talking about. He refuses to share. The counselor told us he had been caught attempting to break into one of the campus buildings in the middle of the night. His roommate said he has stopped going to classes and was spending all of his time in the library researching something to do with academic plagiarism. I'm really worried. He is not the Justin I know. 7. Mother: has he been more irritable or angry lately? a. Angry and secretive, yes. He gets really angry if I ask him what he is mumbling about in his room. Sometimes we hear him talking aloud in his room like he is having a conversation with someone, sometimes he even yells and screams but when we try to go in his room he gets even more agitated. He gets agitated when i ask him about anything, really 8. Mother: when did his anger or irritability start? a. He was like this when we brought him home from college 2 months ago. His roommate said he was difficult to live with for 4 months prior to that. 9. Behaviors he repeats over and over? - Mother a. Checking the door locks and windows. Every night he makes about 11 trips around the house with these behaviors. We have observed him looking under his bed and inside his closet over and over again. He said he is searching for monitoring devices. He also covers all the electronic screens in the house and the televisions too. When the phone rings he wont answer it and he gets furious when we do. 10. Mother: Do his friends/family members find him to be more aggressive than usual? a. Yes, he scares people, he can be screaming and gesturing really wildly [Show More]

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