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RELI 448N Week 6 - Quiz With Answers

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Question: Biblical Judaism refers to Judaism that: Question: Which of the following is not a form of Judaism? Question: This is the most traditional form of Judaism: Question: The dispersion of Jew... s beyond Israel, particularly to Persia, Egypt, and the Mediterranean region is called: Question: This term means “ritually correct” and refers mainly to the preparation and consumption of food: Question: Members of the priestly families, living primarily in Jerusalem, who were in charge of the temple and its activities were called: Question: The most recent period in Jewish history, called the reform, is characterized by all of the following except: Question: Isaiah was a: Question: The list of authoritative books (of the Christian Bible) is called : Question: The preparatory period of penance, preceding Easter and lasting 40 days, is called: Question: The 95 Theses were a set of demands for change and reformation that were made by: Question: The gospel that has been referred to as the “women’s gospel” is the gospel of: Question: Martin Luther’s reforms included: Question: The belief that because God is all-powerful and all-knowing, a human being’s ultimate reward or punishment is already decreed by God is called: Question: Our text defines all of the following forms of Christianity as “non-traditional” except: [Show More]

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