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RELI 448N Week 2 - Quiz With Answers

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Question: Monotheism is the view that: Question: Agnosticism is the view that: Question: The term immanent implies that the Divine is: Question: The theory that religion is rooted in placating and ... worshipping spirits is attributed to: Question: The theory that the religious impulse arises from the encounter with something that disturbs our ordinary view of reality, creating a sense of wonder or mystery, is attributed to: Question: The approach to religious experience that seeks union with a reality greater than oneself, such as with God, the process of nature, the universe, or reality as a whole, is called: Question: All of the following are examples of reasons we study the major religions of the world except: Question: The Rig, the Yajur, and the Atharva are all examples of which sacred texts? Question: A word meaning both “magic” and “matter,” and also carrying the connotation of “illusion” is: Question: The Hindu deity associated with preservation is: Question: Jnana, Karma, and Raja are all examples of: Question: Karma, Artha, and Dharma are all examples of: Question: Though it does not appear in the Bhagavad Gita, the fourth yoga promotes meditation and includes the physical practice of yoga with which we are most familiar in the West. This fourth Yoga is called: Question: The goddess __________ is often shown with fanged teeth, dripping blood, a symbol of the fierceness with which she protects her devotees. Question: The act of looking into the eyes of a guru in order to experien [Show More]

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