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BCS 110 Notes from Book 10/15/2013  Chapter 1: 1. The divisions a. Physiological Psychology i. Studies the neural mechanisms of behavior through the direct manipulation of the brain in controlle... d experiments ii. Surgical and electrical methods of brain manipulation are the most common iii. Almost always lab animals iv. Tradition of pure research v. Emphasis usually on research that contributes to the development of theories of the neural control of behavior rather than on immediate practical benefit b. Psychopharmacology i. Focuses on the manipulation of neural activity and behavior with drugs ii. The purpose of many experiments is to develop therapeutic drugs or to reduce drug abuse iii. Study the effects of drugs on lab species and humans c. Neuropsychology vi. The study of the psychological effects of brain damage in human patients vii. Deals almost exclusively with case studies and quasiexperimental studies of patients with brain damage resulting from disease, accident, or neurosurgery viii. Cerebral cortex 1. Outer layer of the cerebral hemispheres 2. Most likely damaged by accident or surgery iv. most applied of the biopsychological subdisciplines d. Psychophysiology o i. studies the relation between the phsyological activity and psychological processes in human subjects o ii. subjects are human 1. recording procedures are typically noninvasive (recorded on surface of body) o iii. Electroencephalogram (EEG) 1. the ususal measure of brain activity is the scalp EEG o iv. Common psychophysiological measures are muscle tension, eye movement, heart rate… o v. Autonomic nervous system (ANS) 1. the divison of the nervous system that regulates the body’s inner environment e. Cognitive Neuroscience o i. youngest division o ii. Cognition [Show More]

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