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Abstract In this lab report, physical, torsional and simple spring pendulums and their properties were examined. Three experimental setups were used: a mass hanging on a spring, a rod with attached... masses oscillating vertically and a rod with masses, then a disk oscillating horizontally. Although experimental and theoretical values were close, experimental ones were more precise and accurate, as its errors had small values. The obtained results demonstrated that the spring constant k=19.8413± 0.209 N m . In part 2 I 1, experimental=0.0032198 ± 0.000021598 kg∗m2 and I1, t h eoretical=0.003687 ± 0.000451 kg∗m2 for the first configuration and I2, exp=0.0041316 ± 0.000031869 kg∗m2 and I 2, t h=0.004361 ± 0.000836 kg∗m2 for the second configuration. In the third part torsion constant was k1=0.00943± 0.000436 kg∗m2 s 2 for the first configuration and k2=0.008353± 0.00215 kg∗m2 s 2 for the second one. Despite of presence of errors, results obtained in this lab were consistent. Possible sources of errors were mentioned and discussed. Introduction Pendulums were in use since the 1st century, when a Chinese scientist Zhang Heng invented seismometer. After that many inventions such as pendulum clock were constructed and used in daily life for different purposes as time, gravity, atmospheric pressure measurement. The first who studied pendulums and their properties was Galileo Galilei.(3) In this lab oscillation systems, such as simple, physical and torsional pendulums were examined. Simple spring pendulum was used in the first part of the experiment. It’s restoring force is equal to the multiplication of a negative spring constant and displacement. F R=−kx From this equation, a formula for the oscillation period can be derived. This gives us the following relation, where m is the mass hanging on a spring and x is a spring constant.(2) T=2π√mx [Show More]

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