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Summary ASU Newport Practical Nursing Comprehensive Assessment Profile Disease or Condition Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) - Completed latest 2021/2022

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ASU Newport Practical Nursing Comprehensive Assessment Profile Disease or Condition Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Patho/Disease Process (15 points) Definition: (2 pts) Characterized by ... poorly reversible airflow obstruction and abnormal inflammatory response in the lungs. Disturbances within the body caused by the disease: (4 pts) The physical changes associated with it start with damage to your airways and the air sacs in your lungs. It progresses from a cough with mucus to difficulty breathing. Signs and Symptoms/ Causes of S/S r/t disease process: (5 pts) shortness of breath especially during physical activities, wheezing, chest tightness, chronic cough with greenish/yellowish mucus. Possible complications of disease: (2 pts) Respiratory infections, heart problems, lung cancer, high blood pressure in lung arteries, depression. Statistical Data about disease: (2 pts) Diagnostic Tests & Lab Data (10 points) • Lab Data Lab Normal value (1 pt) Patient value (1 pt) Reasons to monitor value r/t disease process (8 pts) Sodium 135-145 mEq/L 139 mEq/L Tested for serum sodium levels for dehydration, edema, and abnormal blood pressure. Potassium 3.5-5.0 mEq/L 3.9 mEq/L Whenever potassium levels are increased or decreased, the heart rhythms are affected. Hemoglobin 14-18/100mL 8.7/100 mL High levels are usually present in smokers, it is the body’s way of compensating the low supply of oxygen. Hematocrit 40-54% 29.6% Assesses blood diseases, nutritional deficiencies and hydration status. BUN 5-25 mg/dL 18 mg/dL Determines adequacy of renal function, reflects protein tolerance, hydration status, degree of catabolism. Creatinine 0.6-1.5 mg/dL 0.80 mg/dL Determines preeclampsia, dehydration, and renal problems. WBC 5,000-10,000/mL 10,900/mL Indicated infections, cigarette smoking, leukemia and inflammatory diseases. Platelet 150,000-400,000/mm3 189,000/mm3 Determines patient’s tendency of bleeding and thrombosis. • Diagnostic test(s) Diagnostic Test Interpretation Chest X-ray Can show emphysema, one of the main causes of COPD Pulmonary Function tests Measures the amount of air the patient can inhale and exhale, and if the lungs are delivering enough oxygen to the blood. CT scan Can help detect emphysema and help determine if the patient will benefit from surgery for COPD. Arterial blood gas analysis Measures how well the lungs are bringing oxygen to the blood and removing carbon dioxide. Laboratory Tests May be used to determine the cause of symptoms and rule out other conditions. Clinical Manifestations (S/S) (15 points) Shortness of breath, wheezing, chest tightness, chronic cough with thick clear sputum. Might expect to see: excess mucus in lungs, blueness of the lips or fingernail beds (cyanosis), frequent respiratory infections, lack of energy, unintended weight loss, swelling in ankles, feet or legs. Medications (category), Diet & Treatments (10 points) • Classification of medications commonly used: (5 pts) bronchodilators, inhaled steroids, oral steroids, phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors, theophylline antibiotics. • Current Diet: (2 pts) Regular/General Diet • Treatments for disease: (3 pts) Patient currently receiving: oxygen therapy, smoking cessation, medications, combination of inhalers, antibiotics Might expect to see: pulmonary rehab, lung volume reduction surgery, lung transplant, Prioritized Nursing Education: Need 10 (20 points) 1. Managing symptoms 2. Maximizing function 3. Teaching skills to enhance self-care **************************CONTINUED***************************** [Show More]

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