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BIBL 410 Weekly Study Questions 1 (All Correct Answers) 2021

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1. What is the Documentary Theory? Pg 21 The Documentary Theory replaces the original theory that Moses wrote Genesis with the theory that four other sources were involved. 2. Give the “contributi... ons” Spinoza and Astruc made to this theory. Pg 21 In the 17th century Spinoza raised doubts about Moses authoring Genesis, launching what is known as “Higher Criticism of the Bible”. Pg 21 French physician Jean Astruc was the first to isolate documentary sources for the Pentateuch. [Davis, John (2017). Paradise to Prison (p. 21). Word search. Retrieved from] 3. What reasons does Davis give to refute this theory? Pg 23 While this approach is widely circulated and defended, it does not, in this writer’s opinion, solve the problem of Genesis’ origin. A brief consideration of difficulties raised by traditional and modified documentary theories is in order. The Divine Names, Style and Vocabulary, and Documents. [Davis, John (2017). Paradise to Prison (p. 23). Word search. Retrieved from] 4. Give several examples of external evidences for Mosaic authorship. Pg 24 Joshua 1:7,8 The Book of the Law. Pg 25 Mark 12:26 Jesus said “Have you not read in the book of Moses”. 5. Give several examples of internal evidences for Mosaic authorship. “This consists primarily in evidence within the Pentateuch concerning the author; the second millennium customs, literary forms, and language expressed or used in the Pentateuch; and the obvious unity of Genesis.” [Davis, John (2017). Paradise to Prison (p. 25). Word search. Retrieved from] Pg26 Moses was Hebrew but was raised in the Egyptian court. This provided Moses the languages, customs and culture of both Hebrew and Egyptian. 6. Does any one specific evidence stand out to you more than the rest? Which one? Why? Pg26 Whatever was added, was added by a scribe fully inspired by the Holy Spirit (II Tim. 3:16). [Davis, John (2017). Paradise to Prison (p. 26). Word search. Retrieved from] The Bible was written by humans but the words were provided by the Holy Spirit. The Bible intertwines scripture through out the 66 books so that understanding of Gods word must come from the entirety of the Bible and not just one verse. For example Pg 25 Mark 12:26 Jesus said “Have you not read in the book of Moses”. This alone tells me God intended for Moses to be identified as the writer of Genesis. 7. Is it important to know exactly how old the earth is? Pg37 Modern philosophers are deeply committed to defining the meaning of life, but they cannot succeed until they settle the matter of origins. [Davis, John (2017). Paradise to Prison (p. 37). Word search. Retrieved from] Why or why not? It has long been recognized that a necessary category of human thought is that of origins. [Davis, John (2017). Paradise to Prison (p. 37). Word search. Retrieved from] [Show More]

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