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Professional Nursing III Rasmussen College Final Exam Review: Questions and Answers

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Final exam February 8 2018, questions and answers Professional Nursing III (Rasmussen College) Final Exam Review 1. What are signs of anemia What does a sickle cell crisis looks like 2. Patient... is getting blood, starts to complain of symptoms, what do we do first 3. What are the normal ranges for Vitamin K 4. What do you teach a patient who is on beta blockers for migraines 5. What is a tonic clonic seizure 6. What do you give a person who is having a Tonic Clonic seizure 7. What should you assess with a patient who has alzheimers 8. What do we assess first if a patient has a spinal cord injury 9. Symptoms of Guillain- Barre 10. What would you find in assessment of a patient that has Myasthenia Gravis 11. What should you have on hand when you perform the Tensilon test for myasthenia gravis 12. How can we treat cataracts 13. What are the symptoms of cataracts 14. Symptoms of macular degeneration 15. If someone with Alzheimers says that they did not get breakfast when they did what do you do 16. What foods have the most B12 in them 17. What are the symptoms of a ruptured membranes 18. Symptoms of Otitis media 19. How do you prevent acute episodes of Meniere’s disease 20. If a patient has diverticulitis, what would indicate a need for more teaching 21. Dietary modifications with a patient that has hyperthyroidism 22. What would you educate on medication therapy for a patient who had a thyroidectomy 23. What is BPH and what does it do 24. What if a patient is on doxazosin, what can a CNA do with a patient that has BPH and hypertension 25. How would you assess a patients wound for an infection 26. What are gastrostomy feeding tube complications and what would it look like 27. If a patient who had the BCG vaccine for TB and had a positive PPD test what tells us that there is an active disease 28. What can a nurse delegate to a CNA after a patient had a prostatectomy 29. What affects the ability of the body to digest fats 30. Interventions of Graves disease 31. What are elderly patients at risk for 32. What medication should a pregnant client with hyperthyroidism take 33. If you have an increase in potassium, what would be the most important questions to ask the client 34. What does it mean when a HAART viral load has been reduced 35. Left sided heart failure 36. Right sided heart failure 37. Psoriasis, how is it transmitted 38. If there is a right ankle injury, which factor is addressed in the care plan 39. What do you educate to a patient who is taking prednisone 40. What precautions do we do for someone who has HIV 41. Cryptococaal meningitis interventions 42. Signs and symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis 43. What can help people with Rheumatoid arthritis with meal time 44. What do we do if a patient has a furuncle in the axilla 45. TB skin test picture: what do we tell the patient 46. What is the best way to clear up secretions 47. What do you educate with buergers disease 48. What do we tell a patient that comes to the clinic with a smooth beefy red tongue intervention 49. What would you do if a patient told you that they cut out all fats from there diet 50. What symptoms do we want the patient to report if they are taking statins 51. What kind of complaints do patients with peripheral arterial disease have 52. Best way to treat venous stasis ulcers 53. What type of nutrients should more of our food be 54. Clinical manifestations of mastoiditis and otitis media 55. Healthy teaching with Crohns 56. What BMI is concerned overweight and obese 57. If a patient is having severe confusion, what would be an intervention that a nurse would do 58. What would a nurse do in order to keep a patient safe during a intradermal skin test 59. What side effect would you expect with Benadryl 60. If a patient is having an IV antibiotics and states that they are feeling uneasy, congestion 61. What is the best way to prevent infection to a patient who is immunocompromised 62. If a patient has pruritus what interventions would you tell the patient 63. What does a corticosteroid do for an asthma patient 64. Priority if someone is having an asthma attack 65. Primary asthma intervention 66. What do you do if a COPD patient is feeling sad 67. If a patient is worried about getting the flu, what do you tell them 68. Priority of a patient who has pneumonia 69. Greatest risk factors for community acquired pneumonia 70. If systolic dysfunction has ejection fraction below 45% what are physiologic expectations 71. What would you assess first on a asthma patient 72. What position would you put someone in if they are in respiratory distress 73. Client at risk for DVT going home on heparin, what instructions should we give 74. Know Raynauds teaching and how to prevent complications 75. What is the best way to maintain a healthy diet 76. What would make you think that an older adult client may have fluid and electrolyte imbalance 77. How will you know that a client with dehydration understands there condition 78. Cues that an elderly patient is dehydrated 79. How would you know that a patient has metabolic alkalosis 80. AIDs patient is admitted to the hospital with night sweats, but PPD is negative, what can we do 81. Pneumonia assessment notes decreased lung sounds on left and decreased lung expansion, what is the best action 82. Why do we weigh people with Congestive heart failure 83. Heart failure patients get IV nitro and Lasix, what is the priority intervention with these medications 84. What do you worry about with a patient who is on Lasix for blood pressure 85. Hypertension diet restrictions 86. How do we access the effectiveness of hypertension medication 87. What type of ulcer would you find between the toes 88. Who is at risk for anemia 89. Primary assessment finding for a patient who has possible appendicitis 90. Priority assessment for ulcerative colitis 91. If a patient is on total parentral nutrition and has blurry vision and peeing all of the time, what do you check a. Check the blood sugar 92. Acute angel glaucoma medications 93. First priority for a C3 spinal cord injury a. Maintain airway 94. Best intervention for a patient who has low back pain a. Exercise 95. Bed position for a patient who has parkinsons and has respiratory distress a. Above 30 degrees 96. Education/ teaching for a patient who has seizures a. Take your medication everyday 97. What do you educate to a patient who has iron deficiency a. Eat more meats 98. Discharge teaching of lovenox a. Report bleeding, bruising, and tarry stools b. [Show More]

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