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2024 CNA - Chapter 9 | Questions & Answers (Solved) With 100% Verified Answers

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1. what is the goal of rehabilitation Answer: to retore the person to the highest possiblelevel of functioning 2. what isthe goal of restorative care Answer: to keep the resident at the level achiv... ed byrehab 3. list 9 problems that can result from inactivity an immobility Answer: loss of self esteem depression pneumonia uti constipation blood clots dulling of scenses mucleatrophy 4. what does regular ambulation an exercise help improve Answer: quility of health circulation strenght sleep mood self esteem appetite elimination blood flow oxygen 5. assistive devices help residents with Answer: performing ADLS 6. ambulation is another word for Answer: walking 7. supportive devices are used to assist residents with Answer: ambulation 8. saftey devices are used for Answer: preventing accidents 9. a resident who hassome difficulty with balance but can bear weight on bothlegs should use Answer: walker 10. when helping a visually impaired resident walk it is important to Answer: let theresident walk beside an slightly behind them 11. quad cane is Answer: assistive devices for walking has 4 rubber tipped feet [Show More]

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