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Mold Assessment Consultant Exam (100 out of 100) New Updated Questions and Answers

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TESTED AND CONFIRMED A+ ANSWERS According to state regulation (Texas)Mold Remediation Rules, an owner or their employees are NOT required to be licensed to perform mold remediation on a residential ... property they own and has fewer than dewelling units. 10 TMRR, Stop Date is defined as The date following a day on which final clearance is achieved following a mold remediation project. TMRR, a person whose license has expired for more than must obtain a new license and must comply with current requirements, including any state examination requirements. 6 months or 180 days TMRR, a Mold Assessment Tech (MAT) is NOT licensed to: Develop a Mold Management Plan or a Mold Remediation Protocol. TMRR, the air pressure within a walk-in containment must be the pressure in building areas adjacent to the containment. Lower than TMRR, signs advising that mold remediation project is in progress shall bear the words: Notice; Mold remediation project in progress. TMRR, the signs should be what size and colors 8X10, black letter on a yellow background. TMRR, for a remediation project to achieve clearance, a shall conduct a post remediation assessment using visual, procedural, and analytical methods. Mold Assessment Consultant TMRR, Not later than after completion of a mold remediation project, the licensed mold remediation contractor or company shall provide the property owner with copies of required photographs of the scene of the mold remediation taken before and after remediation 1 week TMRR, not later than the day after the project stop date, the licensed mold remediation contractor or company shall provide a certificate of mold remediation to the property owner on a form adopted by the Texas Commissioner of insurance. 10th day TMRR, Which of the following is NOT an example of a critical violation ( Level 1) Working with a credential or ID card that has been expired for one month or less. TMRR, a person whose application or credential has been revoked shall be ineligible to reapply for any mold-related credential for up to . 2 years [Show More]

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