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KTH Food Handler Manager Review: Questions & Answers :Latest Updated

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John is normally a cook at a food establishment but is re-assigned to cleaning tables. What symptom(s) does John likely have to cause him to be re-assigned? (Ans- Persistent drainage from the nose, ... eyes, mouth An outbreak of Salmonella is commonly associated with (Ans- Undercooked poultry Which of the following food containers in the dry-store room must be labelled? (Ans- Flour Customer forks should be stored at a self-service buffet (Ans- With only the handles extending out of the container To ensure it is of highest quality and free from contamination, fresh fish should only be received if it has (Ans- Shiny skin and red gills at 41F or lower Which is an approved method for storing in-use utensils? (Ans- In the food with the handle extending out HACCP is a/an (Ans- Management system [Show More]

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