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ATI Capstone Mental Health Exam Study Guide: Latest Updated A+ Score Solution

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Mental Status Exam includes: (Ans- Level of consciousness Physical appearance Behavior Cognitive and intellectual abilities The nurse conducts the MSE as part of his or her routine and ongoing... assessment of the client. Changes in Mental Status should be investigated further and the provider notified. 2 types of mental health hospitalizations (Ans- Voluntary commitment and involuntary or civil commitment. Involuntary commitment is against the client's will. Despite that, unless proven otherwise, clients are still considered competent and have the right to refuse treatment. Communication tips (Ans- * If the client is anxious or depressed - use open-ended, supportive statements* If the client is suicidal - use direct, yes or no questions to assess suicide risk* If the client is panicked - use gentle guidance and direction* If the client is confused - provide reality orientation* If the client has delusions / hallucinations / paranoia - acknowledge these, but don't reinforce* If the client has obsessive / compulsive behavior - communicate AFTER the compulsive behavior* If the client has a personality or cognitive disorder - be calm and matter-of-fact Treatment for mental health illnesses and disorders can include (Ans- medications, talk and behavior therapy, and / or brain stimulation. Clients undergoing care for mental health disorders may feel pressure to deny behavior or issues to appear 'normal'. The nurse should always carefully assess each individual to ensure optimal response to therapies. Brain Stimulation Thera [Show More]

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