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NUR 265 / NUR 265 EXAM 1 - Questions & Answers: Updated A+ Solution

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What is pericarditis? - Inflammation/ infection of the pericardial sac What are S/S of pericarditis? - Chest pain -Sharp, stabbing -Behind breast bone -Left side of chest -Elevated with t... ripod position -SOB-oxygen -Low grade temp -Relieved with positioning -worse on inspiration -pericardial friction rub What are S/S of endocarditis? -Fever- night sweats, malaise, chills, fatigue -Anorexia and weight loss -Cardiac murmur -Heart failure development -Petechiae -Osler's nodes -Splinter hemorrhage: black longitudinal lines on nails What is endocarditis caused by? - A bacterial infection: normally staph or strep What long term antibiotic is the patient with endocarditis on? - Usually Vanco for 6 wks What are the S/S of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA)? - gnawing pain in abdomen, flank, or back lasting for hours, pulsating in upper abdomen. Listen for bruit NEVER PALPATE PULSATING ABDOMEN!!!- RUPTURE If pain worsens and moves down the leg it is an emergency!!! What medication is given if the patient is in sinus bradycardia? - Atropine. Give IV fluids and oxygen pacing What is the treatment for sinus tachycardia? - treat the underlying cause. Valsalva maneuver, stress management, beta blocker, diltiazem, dig What medications are given if the pt is in atrial fibrillation? - Amiodarone, diltiazem, metoprolol, digoxin What is the normal range for H&H? - Hemoglobin: M: 14-18 g/dL F: 12-16 g/dL Hematocrit: M: 42%-52% F: 37%-47% [Show More]

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