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Edexcel a level economics b question paper 2 june 2023 + mark scheme

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Mark Scheme (Results) Summer 2023 Pearson Edexcel GCE AS Level In Economics B (9EB0) Paper 02 Competing in the global economyEdexcel and BTEC Qualifications Edexcel and BTEC qualifications are aw... arded by Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding body. We provide a wide range of qualifications including academic, vocational, occupational and specific programmes for employers. For further information visit our qualifications websites at or Alternatively, you can get in touch with us using the details on our contact us page at Pearson: helping people progress, everywhere Pearson aspires to be the world’s leading learning company. Our aim is to help everyone progress in their lives through education. We believe in every kind of learning, for all kinds of people, wherever they are in the world. We’ve been involved in education for over 150 years, and by working across 70 countries, in 100 languages, we have built an international reputation for our commitment to high standards and raising achievement through innovation in education. Find out more about how we can help you and your students at: Summer 2023 Publications Code 9EB0_02_2306_MS All the material in this publication is copyright © Pearson Education Ltd 2023General Marking Guidance • All candidates must receive the same treatment. Examiners must mark the first candidate in exactly the same way as they mark the last. • Mark schemes should be applied positively. Candidates must be rewarded for what they have shown they can do rather than penalised for omissions. • Examiners should mark according to the mark scheme not according to their perception of where the grade boundaries may lie. • There is no ceiling on achievement. All marks on the mark scheme should be used appropriately. • All the marks on the mark scheme are designed to be awarded. Examiners should always award full marks if deserved, i.e. if the answer matches the mark scheme. Examiners should also be prepared to award zero marks if the candidate’s response is not worthy of credit according to the mark scheme. • Where some judgement is required, mark schemes will provide the principles by which marks will be awarded and exemplification may be limited. • When examiners are in doubt regarding the application of the mark scheme to a candidate’s response, the team leader must be consulted. • Crossed out work should be marked UNLESS the candidate has replaced it with an alternative response.Section A Question Number Using the data from Extract C calculate, to 2 decimal places, the rate of inflation in March 2022. You are advised to show your working. Mark 1(a) Knowledge/understanding 1, Application 3 Knowledge/understanding: 1 mark for correct formula: (CPI Mar 2022 - CPI Feb 2022) ×100 CPI Feb 2022 (1) Application: up to 3 marks for calculating: 117.1 – 115.8 (1)= 1.3 1.3 ÷ 115.8 (1)= 0.0112 0.0112 x 100 = 1.12% (1) NB if no working is shown award marks as below: • If the answer given is 1.12% award 4 marks • If the answer given is 1.12 award 3 marks. (4)Question Number With reference to Extract C, explain in which month there was deflation and in which month there was disinflation. Mark 1(b) Knowledge/understanding 1, Application 2, Analysis 1 Knowledge/understanding: 1 mark for explaining which months: e.g. There was deflation in Jan 2022 and disinflation in Nov 21 OR Dec 21 (1) Application: up to 2 marks are available for a contextualised answer: e.g. Jan 2022 the rate of inflation was negative at - 0.17% (1) the rate of inflation decreased to 0.79% in Nov 21 OR the rate of inflation decreased to 0.52% in Dec 21 (1) Analysis: 1 mark available for developing explanation: e.g. Deflation is when there was a decrease in the average price level whereas disinflation is when there was a reduction in the rate of increase in the average price level (1) [Show More]

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