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Roadtrip to RNC-NIC Week 8 All questions are derived from Watson & Diehl, AACN AWHONN NANN, Certification and Core Review for Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing, 5th Edition.

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An extremely premature infant nearing discharge has an elevated alkaline phosphatase level. What should the nurse include in discharge education? A. Avoid kangaroo care B. Handle the infant as car... efully as possible C. Recommend a soy-based formula - ANS-B. Handle the infant as carefully as possible. Rationale:The infant's history (extreme prematurity) and laboratory findings (elevated alkaline phosphatase) suggest metabolic bone disease. The infant's bones are fragile and can be easily fractured (eg, limbs, ribs). Kangaroo care is not contraindicated in metabolic bone disease. A soy-based formula will not positively affect metabolic bone disease and may be nutritionally inferior to what the infant is receiving. [Show More]

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