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Real Estate Marketing SAE 69 Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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Real Estate Marketing SAE 69 Questions with Verified Answers it is better to _________ promise and ________ deliver - CORRECT ANSWER under promise & over deliver Devising a _____ month marketi... ng plan in advance is a key habit of successful - CORRECT ANSWER 12-month millennials are the _______ market of customers for you to sell to - CORRECT ANSWER largest millennials are between the ages of - CORRECT ANSWER 19 to 34 millennials are compromised of __ million future homebuyers - CORRECT ANSWER 70 million many will enter the housing market over the next ____ years - CORRECT ANSWER 10 cold calling resources - CORRECT ANSWER other agents, following up with previous contacts, soliciting expired listings, criss cross directory minimum cost - CORRECT ANSWER marketing in neighborhood publications, regular mailers, calendars, grocery lists, newsletter, workshops, seminars, group home tours geographic farms - CORRECT ANSWER neighborhoods & subdivisons economic farm - CORRECT ANSWER properties in a particular price range niche market - CORRECT ANSWER a relatively small market with specialized need. millennials born between - CORRECT ANSWER 1982-1997 generational cost - CORRECT ANSWER specializing in a specific segment of the population and becoming an expert in that particular niche market different generations have _______ criteria when house hunting - CORRECT ANSWER different the greatest generation - CORRECT ANSWER born before 1928 the silent generation - CORRECT ANSWER born between 1928-1945 baby boomers - CORRECT ANSWER 1946-1964 gen x - CORRECT ANSWER 1965-1980 gen z/ millennials - CORRECT ANSWER 1982-1997 millennial graduation rate - CORRECT ANSWER 90% long term goals - CORRECT ANSWER 5-10 years intermediate goals - CORRECT ANSWER 3-5 years short term goals - CORRECT ANSWER several months to a year prospecting - CORRECT ANSWER obtaining new sources of business through generating the leads yourself production analysis - CORRECT ANSWER key to increasing your client base and growing your business mission statement - CORRECT ANSWER announces to the world what the companies long term goals are values statement - CORRECT ANSWER define how the work will be accomplished & beliefs & principles reasons for getting up early - CORRECT ANSWER avoid stress, tardiness, anxiety self awareness - CORRECT ANSWER Identifying your strengths and weaknesses is essential to your continued success year after year. Take an honest look at your best qualities and your weaknesses. be flexible - CORRECT ANSWER continually review priorities & make changes if need be first step for financial goals working in commission sales - CORRECT ANSWER calculate living expenses Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice basic principles - CORRECT ANSWER Truthfulness in advertising and in statements Duties to clients Respecting exclusive relationships of other REALTORS® and their clients Cooperation with other brokers code of ethics contains - CORRECT ANSWER 17 articles the code of ethics and standards of practice does not - CORRECT ANSWER address the issues of courtesy and etiquette items typically credited to the buyer at closing - CORRECT ANSWER earnest money, existing mortgage on an assumption or the buyers new mortgage, unearned rents, security deposits, taxes on property items credited to the seller at closing - CORRECT ANSWER sales price, insurance, HOA dues, prepaid insurance TRID rule - CORRECT ANSWER required that the consumer receive the closing disclosure no later than three business days before closing deed of trust - CORRECT ANSWER securing repayment of the promissory note purpose of a deed - CORRECT ANSWER To transfer title between owner/grantor and the receiver/grantee. goals of presenting a counteroffer - CORRECT ANSWER remind sellers they could lose the buyer if the buyers choose to walk away if they don't like the counteroffer, remind sellers that many times the value of concessions tend to be less costly than more days on the market PITI - CORRECT ANSWER Principal, Interest, Taxes, Insurance FHA loan - CORRECT ANSWER loans insured by the Federal Housing Admin, small down payment, pay in monthly installments, property must be appraised before they insure any loan VA loans - CORRECT ANSWER Veterans Administration loans, no down payment, veteran must receive a certificate of eligibility, must be appraised conventional loan - CORRECT ANSWER higher down payment, not guaranteed by the federal government, 20% down payment or more, lower the downpayment and the longer the amortization period, the greater the interest rate code of ethics article 9 - CORRECT ANSWER RealtoRs®, for the protection of all parties, shall assure whenever possible that all agreements related to real estate transactions including, but not limited to, listing and representation agreements, purchase contracts, and leases are in writing in clear and understandable language expressing the specific terms, conditions, obligations and commitments of the parties. A copy of each agreement shall be furnished to each party to such agreements upon their signing or initialing a listing agreement is an - CORRECT ANSWER employment contract open listing - CORRECT ANSWER gives the seller the right to list the property with multiple competing brokers and to sell the property personally without having to pay commission exclusive agency - CORRECT ANSWER seller agrees to list the property with only one broker during the listing term with the provision that the seller can sell the property themselves without payment of commission (builders do this) exclusive right to sell - CORRECT ANSWER most popular- property is listed with one broker and commission is paid even if the property is sold by the owner. gives the broker the greatest degree of protection net listing - CORRECT ANSWER seller established a minimum net price & The real estate broker's commission is the difference between the minimum net established by the seller and the price that the buyer is willing to pay. outlawed in many states but legal in Texas subagency - CORRECT ANSWER when a license holder is not associated with the sellers broker but is representing the seller through an agreement with the sellers broker 4 reasons a house doesnt sell - CORRECT ANSWER location condition marketing plan price dynamizing - CORRECT ANSWER the final touch is a bit of glamour, which makes your home stand out as one of the buyers want to live in neutralizing - CORRECT ANSWER get rid of posters, unusual paint colors, outdated wallpapers decluttering - CORRECT ANSWER straighten up closets and other areas to give the allusion of space and adequate storage, clear off counters, throw away unwanted items some agents believe that since the passage of Senate Bill 489, subagency is ______ but that is not the case - CORRECT ANSWER unlawful prior to senate bill 489, most buyers didnt even know that they were not being - CORRECT ANSWER represented dealing with price objections from sellers - CORRECT ANSWER a higher price is not likely to be supported by an appraisal, if your property excluded a feature important to current buyers the price must reflect that, the market dictates the price, sentimental value will help it sell but not indicators of the price code of ethics is a - CORRECT ANSWER model for ethical conduct Each real estate inspector or active real estate broker licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission shall display _______________________________in a prominent location in each place of business the broker maintains and on the first page of a broker's website. - CORRECT ANSWER Consumer Protection Notice CN 1-2 ethics is defined as - CORRECT ANSWER a set of moral principles and as a theory or system of moral values NAR disciplinary actions - CORRECT ANSWER reprimand, fine, probation, suspension, revocation, scrupulously - CORRECT ANSWER extremely careful and precise inman & zillow are - CORRECT ANSWER wikis GRI courses - CORRECT ANSWER graduate realtor institute safety tip #46 - CORRECT ANSWER Beware of "phishers" Don't respond to emails requesting personal or private information such as passwords, credit card numbers or bank account numbers. Even if a message appears to be from your bank or a trusted vendor, credible companies never request private information this way. ABR - CORRECT ANSWER accredited buyer representation MRP - CORRECT ANSWER military relocation professional CHMS - CORRECT ANSWER Certified Home Marketing Specialist [Show More]

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