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Real estate Marketing: Power House Training (SAE)- OC 49 Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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Real estate Marketing: Power House Training (SAE)- OC 49 Questions with Verified Answers Geographic Farm - CORRECT ANSWER An area of neighborhoods or subdivisions that is serviced by your firm. ... MArketing Plan - CORRECT ANSWER A plan by which you develop to gain plan recognition. Differentiate - CORRECT ANSWER Becoming different in your approach through growth and development. Economic farm - CORRECT ANSWER All the properties in a particular price range, in the area your firm services. Hot Buttons - CORRECT ANSWER Words or content by which top producers are using to be successful. Which of the following is not a method for selecting a farm area that is discussed in the text? - CORRECT ANSWER Choose the most expensive homes so your commission will be bigger. When is the best time to make cold calls? - CORRECT ANSWER In the afternoon or early evening Which of the following activities could help agents boost their marketing platforms? - CORRECT ANSWER Posting the testimonials of satisfied clients on their websites. Posting a YouTube video of a listing. Visiting the HOAs of the neighborhoods they work in. Which of the following is a "how to" of career goals for a real estate sales agent? - CORRECT ANSWER Learn to say no. Create personal time. Do it now. Besides personal referrals, ________ can be a good source of business for your real estate sales. - CORRECT ANSWER Farming, Networking groups, and Open houses. Goals should be attainable, flexible, and __________. - CORRECT ANSWER Measurable Which of the following statements is true? - CORRECT ANSWER Mission statements are powerful when they describe what the company does and why. MLS - CORRECT ANSWER Listing services that allows private offer cooperation and compensation by listing brokers to other real estate brokers. PITI - CORRECT ANSWER Sum of monthly principal, interests, taxes, and insurance. Conventional Loans - CORRECT ANSWER Loans which are neither insured nor guarantee by the federal government. Buyer Representation agreement - CORRECT ANSWER This agreement, in effect, "Lists" the buyer as your client. Prospecting - CORRECT ANSWER Searching for buyers using your techniques such as marketing and farming. Joel makes $96,500 gross yearly salary. He has no other sources of income. He is applying for a conventional loan. Using the front ration, what is his maximum monthly house payment? - CORRECT ANSWER Rationale: $96,500/12 = 8041.67 x 28% = $2,251.67 or $2,252. A veteran must recieve a(n) ________ from the VA prior to applying for the loan. - CORRECT ANSWER (b) Certificate of Eligibility Buyers feel that they can confide in their agents because of the agent's _______. - CORRECT ANSWER duties of confidentiality and loyalty Sarah is applying for a conventional loan, and has a gross annual income of $158,250. What maximum house payment does she qualify for using the front ratio? What is the maximum she can qualify for using the back ratio? Assuming that she has total fixed monthly obligation of $1,760, what is the maximum house payment that she can qualify for? - CORRECT ANSWER b) 3,692.50 (a) 4,747.50 (c) 2,987.50 Which statement most accurately describes Henry? - CORRECT ANSWER (c) Henry is probably a first-time buyer who is just nervous about purchasing a home. What strategy could Karen employ when dealing with Henry's objections? - CORRECT ANSWER (a) She could respond to his objections with questions in order to determine his real concerns. Karen works successfully through Henry's objections, and he agrees to take the plunge by making an offer on the property. What should Karen do next? - CORRECT ANSWER (a) Karen should provide Henry with as much market information as possible (b) Karen should do a CMA on the property to help Henry come up with a realistic offer Who is the procuring cause of a real estate transaction? - CORRECT ANSWER First broker who sells the property Which statement regarding net listings is false? - CORRECT ANSWER (d) All of these statements are false The act of removing outdated wallpaper and painting over unusual wall colors is referred to as __________. - CORRECT ANSWER Neutralizing Which of the following does not need to be included in a listing agreement? - CORRECT ANSWER (c) The REALTOR's® headshot and bio Which of the following is discussed in the text as a factor that can shape a person's sense of morality? - CORRECT ANSWER School experience The Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice is designed for _______ to adhere to. - CORRECT ANSWER REALTORS® Where can you find the Canons of Professional Ethics and Conduct for real estate license holders? - CORRECT ANSWER Rules of the Commission Who belongs to the National Association of Realtors? - CORRECT ANSWER (d) All of these can belong to the NAR Which of the following should you consider before you negotiate for a seller? - CORRECT ANSWER Consider time constraints for both buyer and seller Which of the following is an item that is typically credited to the seller? - CORRECT ANSWER Prepaid items When does the transaction process begin? - CORRECT ANSWER (c) When the negotiations have ended and the contract has been signed by all parties During the closing, the seller wil sign a(n) ________ certifying that he or she is the person he/she is claiming to be, giving the legal authority to grant title. - CORRECT ANSWER affadavit of identity According to "The Sales Process - Commercial" diagram in the text, what is a letter of intent? - CORRECT ANSWER A non-binding offer letter expressing the buyer's intention to purchase property Which of the following is NOT one of the social media big four? - CORRECT ANSWER Active Rain X Before using Facebook, creating a ________ will help you build an online persona and develop the professional relationships desired for your business. - CORRECT ANSWER Posting plan On which social media site is job history, job skills, and education the most important? - CORRECT ANSWER LinkedIn Account According to a 2012 Inman Next Report, agents who made more than $100,000 per year spend less than ______ hours per month in the office. - CORRECT ANSWER 15 . One half of all posts on Twitter should start with ________. - CORRECT ANSWER aroma A _________ should be someone that you wish to emulate and that espouses the level of success and philosophy that you respect. - CORRECT ANSWER Mentor 2. What does GRI stand for? - CORRECT ANSWER Graduate REALTOR® Institute Which of the following designations/courses are helpful and informative for real estate agents? - CORRECT ANSWER (a) E-Pro (b) ABR (c) CRS Name Recognition - CORRECT ANSWER Developing marketing plan that is outside the box, something that separates you from others. Six basic fears - CORRECT ANSWER Poverty Criticism Ill health Lost love Death Old age What is SOI and what percentage are either going to buy, sell, or refer. - CORRECT ANSWER Sphere of influence of at least 150 ppl with 80%. Personal marketing plan - CORRECT ANSWER Goals and objectives Target mrkt Differentiate yourself Marketing exposure Action plan and schedule Continually refer to budget [Show More]

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