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GED Test 740 Questions with Verified Answers "WOW! Mom rides a kayak at noon." How are the underlined words alike? - CORRECT ANSWER They are palindromes Who was the author of Common Sense: Thoma... s Paine or Thomas Jefferson? - CORRECT ANSWER Thomas Paine What is NOT a real shark: hammerhead, shovelhead, or tigerhead? - CORRECT ANSWER tigerhead What is the force that slows down an object or stops its motion? - CORRECT ANSWER friction Which is greater than 90 degrees: an acute angle or an obtuse angle? - CORRECT ANSWER obtuse angle What continent lies East of Europe? (page 1) - CORRECT ANSWER Asia Correct the verb: "My friends have went to summer camp." - CORRECT ANSWER "My friends have gone to summer camp." What government executive conducts most of its business in the Oval Office? - CORRECT ANSWER President of the United States Each kind of atom is an element. Are most elements gases, liquids, or metals? - CORRECT ANSWER metals If your class is catting online with an author "real time," that's now. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true Do you wear a belt around your w-a-i-s-t or w-a-s-t-e? - CORRECT ANSWER w-a-i-s-t Where were the shots fired that began the American Revolutionary War? - CORRECT ANSWER Lexington, Massachusetts Which is a cardiovascular exercise: jumping rope or lifting weights? - CORRECT ANSWER jumping rope What large muscle helps you breath in and out: the heart or the diaphragm? - CORRECT ANSWER diaphragm A number that's divided by another is called the divisor. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false. Classify from lowest to highest: Sierra Nevada, Rockies, and Appalachians - CORRECT ANSWER Appalachians, Sierra Nevada, Rockies "The angry sky dumped water on us!" Is this an example of personification or metaphor? - CORRECT ANSWER personification In what city was George Washington worn in as the first US president? - CORRECT ANSWER New York City Is a simple machine consisting of a wheel and a rope called a lever, a gear, or pulley? - CORRECT ANSWER pulley What is the tallest mountain in the United States? - CORRECT ANSWER Mt. McKinley Which uses a linking verb? A: "Joe feels awful." B: "Joe feels the dog's fur." - CORRECT ANSWER A: "Joe feels awful." What inventor used a steam engine to give greater power to boats? - CORRECT ANSWER Robert Fulton If your tea is decaffeinated, it has caffeine in it. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false Do most of your muscles work individually or in pairs? - CORRECT ANSWER pairs Find the product of 80*7 - CORRECT ANSWER 560 On a map, the numbered and lettered squares form a pattern called ... what? - CORRECT ANSWER grid Answer with a homonym pair: What's it called when the cost of a bus ride is reasonable? - CORRECT ANSWER fair fore When the Aztecs were conquered by the Spanish, who was their chief? - CORRECT ANSWER Montezuma In chemistry, what does the symbol "C" stand for? - CORRECT ANSWER carbon What sport has been around the longest: roller skating, ice skating, or skateboarding? - CORRECT ANSWER ice skating "Jed was sick. Now he's better." Use a conjunction to connect these sentences - CORRECT ANSWER "Jed was sick, but now he's better." Are the opening words of the Constitution called the Introduction or the Preamble? - CORRECT ANSWER Preamble To meditate, do you sit quietly and clear your mind or do you try to float in the air? - CORRECT ANSWER You sit quietly and clear your mind. Which forms over an ocean: a hurricane or a tornado? - CORRECT ANSWER a hurricane Our bus left at 12:45 pm. The trip took 4 1/2 hours. What time did we arrive? - CORRECT ANSWER 5:15 pm Name the largest mountain system on the continent of Europe - CORRECT ANSWER Alps Is a flashback a story interruption that gives past information or a brainstorm? - CORRECT ANSWER It's a story interruption that gives information that happened in the past Who led the Spanish army that conquered the Aztecs? - CORRECT ANSWER Hernando Cortes Which is the best conductor of electricity: wood, ceramic or copper? - CORRECT ANSWER copper Is "confetti" bits of colored paper or very thin noodles? - CORRECT ANSWER bits of colored paper Spell the noun that comes from the adjective "silly." - CORRECT ANSWER silliness In what war were the American forces called the Continental Army? - CORRECT ANSWER The American Revolution or War of Independence The bald eagle has no feathers on its head. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false During an equinox, are the hours of daylight and darkness equal or unequal? - CORRECT ANSWER equal Using pencil and paper, find the sun of $23.47 and $69.03 - CORRECT ANSWER $92.50 Which of these European cities is the largest: Berlin, London, or Paris? - CORRECT ANSWER London Should Tina "lay" or "lie" the pencil on the desk? - CORRECT ANSWER lay What machine made the US the largest producer of cotton in the 1800s? - CORRECT ANSWER the cotton gin Who discovered the law of gravity? - CORRECT ANSWER Isaac Newton Sapphire, turquoise, and navy are all shades of what color? - CORRECT ANSWER blue I've (swam or swum?) in the freezing cold water and will never do it again! - CORRECT ANSWER swum Was New Amsterdam a city or a colony in early America? - CORRECT ANSWER a city If someone says your "epidermis" is showing, what body part do they mean? - CORRECT ANSWER your skin Are the worker bees male or female? - CORRECT ANSWER female The band has 3 drums and 3 flutes. What's the ratio of drums to flutes? - CORRECT ANSWER 1 to 1 What city in Missouri is famous for its Gateway Arch? - CORRECT ANSWER St. Louis Which poetry is usually humorous: a haiku, a limerick, or free verse? - CORRECT ANSWER a limerick Did Cyrus McCormick invent the reaper or the elevator? - CORRECT ANSWER the reaper What contains the embryo of a flowering plant? - CORRECT ANSWER a seed Is the holiday of Yam Kippur observed by Jews or by Christians? - CORRECT ANSWER by Jews "I'll read you the story." Which word is the indirect object? - CORRECT ANSWER you Who won Word War II: the Axis or the Allies? - CORRECT ANSWER the Allies Find the misfit in this group: Bach, Chopin, Picasso, Schubert - CORRECT ANSWER Picasso What do rocks turn into when they erode? - CORRECT ANSWER sand How many zeros are there in 735 million? - CORRECT ANSWER 6 Which state does NOT border on California: Nevada, Washington, or Arizona? - CORRECT ANSWER Washington There is no real English word that rhymes with "orange." True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true Which country fought against the US in World War I: Russia or Germany? - CORRECT ANSWER Germany Does light from the sun take 8 seconds, 8 minutes, or 8 days to reach Earth? - CORRECT ANSWER 8 minutes Which are NOT endangered: blue whales, Asian elephants, or emperor penguins? - CORRECT ANSWER emperor penguins Complete this analogy: High is to low as tall is to ... what? - CORRECT ANSWER short A century is a period of 100 years. How many years is a millennium? - CORRECT ANSWER 1,000 Was gunpowder invented in Egypt, China, or India? - CORRECT ANSWER China What is your body's largest organ? - CORRECT ANSWER the skin Round to the nearest hundred, then estimate the difference: 669 minus 435 - CORRECT ANSWER 300 If you fly from Boston to Los Angeles, how many time zones do you travel through? - CORRECT ANSWER four What's another word for sad that's also a color? - CORRECT ANSWER blue Which president was once a governor or Arkansas: Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter? - CORRECT ANSWER Bill Clinton What do you call a plant that comes from two different species of plants? - CORRECT ANSWER a hybrid In what game is a plastic disk tossed between players with a flip of the wrist? - CORRECT ANSWER Frisbee Change the verb to the future tense: "people live on Mars." - CORRECT ANSWER "People will live on Mars." Who sailed to North America first: the Vikings, the Dutch or the Portuguese? - CORRECT ANSWER the Vikings Who was the Roman goddess of love and beauty: Venus or Minerva? - CORRECT ANSWER Venus Wood is a renewable resource. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true If your album has 6 photos per page, on which page is the 45th photo? - CORRECT ANSWER the 8th page Which ocean borders Australia to the South and West? - CORRECT ANSWER the Indian Ocean How was the word "boulevard" abbreviated in addresses? - CORRECT ANSWER Blvd. Did Peter Stuyvesant govern Plymouth, New Netherlands, or Jamestown? - CORRECT ANSWER New Netherlands Which expands the most when it's heated: a liquid, a solid, or a gas? - CORRECT ANSWER a gas What part of your body moves when you shrug? - CORRECT ANSWER the shoulders Change both verbs to the past tense: "the baby repeats whatever we say." - CORRECT ANSWER "The baby repeated whatever we said." Name the power the President has to prevent a bill from becoming law - CORRECT ANSWER the power of veto Who advises actors on how to play their parts: the producer or the director? - CORRECT ANSWER the director Does your cranium protect your brain, your heart, or your intestines? - CORRECT ANSWER your brain Bill spent $3.55 on lunch. He has $4.23 left. How much did he start out with? - CORRECT ANSWER $7.78 About how long is the Oregon Trail: 200 or 2,000 miles? - CORRECT ANSWER 2,000 miles "Your blob of jelly is blobby, her blob is blobbier, but mine is...what? - CORRECT ANSWER blobbiest In what year did Barack Obama become the first African American President? - CORRECT ANSWER he took office in 2009 Fog is actually a stratus cloud close to the ground. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true Which musical instrument does NOT have a reed: a flute, a clarinet, or a saxophone? - CORRECT ANSWER flute How many language does a trilingual person speak? - CORRECT ANSWER three in 1790, what American city did Benjamin Banneker help plan? - CORRECT ANSWER Washington D.C. In what religion is Ramadan a holiday? - CORRECT ANSWER Islam When a person has tuberculosis, what part of the body is affected? - CORRECT ANSWER the lungs What 4 coins are equal to the decimal .04? - CORRECT ANSWER 4 pennies Were the Hawaiian islands formed by volcanoes, tidal waves, or glaciers? - CORRECT ANSWER volcanoes "peak" or peek"? "what around the corner to see the mountain's what?" - CORRECT ANSWER "peek around the corner to see the mountain's peak" Why did Southerners of the 1850s refer to cotton as "king cotton"? - CORRECT ANSWER because cotton was the South's most important crop Our galaxy is one of the largest in our universe. What's it called? - CORRECT ANSWER the Milky Way In what year was Obama bin Laden, mastermind of the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks, killed? - CORRECT ANSWER in 2011, 10 years after the September 11, 2001 attacks Which means the same as "rot": decompose or decompress? - CORRECT ANSWER decompose Did Francisco Coronado lead expeditions into the American West, South, or Southwest? - CORRECT ANSWER Southwest In what city can you watch an event at Yankee Stadium or Madison Square Garden? - CORRECT ANSWER New York City Does a space prob explore the Earth's atmosphere or deep space? - CORRECT ANSWER deep space Multiply 1 2/3 * 3/5. What's the product? - CORRECT ANSWER 1 What's the collective name for the five lakes that include Lake Ontario? - CORRECT ANSWER the Great Lakes Which three are vivid synonyms for "tiny": teeny-weeny, small, microscopic, or puny? - CORRECT ANSWER teeny-weeny, microscopic, and puny What US document is known as "the supreme law of the land"? - CORRECT ANSWER the Constitution After a male and female praying mantis mate, which one eats the other? - CORRECT ANSWER the female eats the male If you are a valedictorian, do you have the best or the worst grades in your class? - CORRECT ANSWER the best grades What is the superlative form of the adjective "bad"? - CORRECT ANSWER worst What speech by Abraham Lincoln begins, "four score and seven years ago..."? - CORRECT ANSWER the Gettysburg Address Name the largest snake on Earth - CORRECT ANSWER the anacoda Which is a flow of electrons: static electricity or an electric current? - CORRECT ANSWER an electric current Add $57.94 + $6.19 + $9.07. What's the total? - CORRECT ANSWER $73.20 What are the two longest rivers in the world? - CORRECT ANSWER the Nile River and the Amazon River "The giant gulped his food and slurped his drink." Name the vivid-sounding verbs - CORRECT ANSWER gulped and slurped Besides the chief justice, how many justices serve on the Supreme Court? - CORRECT ANSWER eight Which is the second-largest planet in our solar system: Venus or Saturn? - CORRECT ANSWER Saturn Pistachios, cashews, pecans, and almonds are all kinds of what food? - CORRECT ANSWER nuts Which prefix do you add to "visible" to get its opposite? - CORRECT ANSWER in Native Americans kept written records of their history. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false Find the boy named fora biblical hero: Samson, Sidney, Silas, or Seymour? - CORRECT ANSWER Samson Is a spider classified as an insect, a crustacean, or an arachnid? - CORRECT ANSWER an arachnid Find the misfit: cube, sphere, cone, square, pyramid - CORRECT ANSWER square What do we call the island countries in the Caribbean? - CORRECT ANSWER the West Indies Is a recipe for chocolate cupcakes an example of narrative or expository writing? - CORRECT ANSWER expository writing What does it mean when the President vetos a bill? - CORRECT ANSWER the President rejects the bill and sends it back to Congress What kind of chip makes a computer work? - CORRECT ANSWER a microchip When daylight saving time starts, do we turn clock forward or backward an hour? - CORRECT ANSWER forward "Tablet computers are better than desktops." Fact or opinion? - CORRECT ANSWER opinion Did the Great Depression begin in 1929 or 1992? - CORRECT ANSWER 1929 In what book of the Bible does Eve eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? - CORRECT ANSWER Genesis The inside of a light-bulb is a vacuum. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true When you bisect a circle, what new forms do you get? - CORRECT ANSWER 2 semicircles or 2 half-circles Which is further West: Colorado or Idaho? - CORRECT ANSWER Idaho "E-readers are changing the way we read." Main idea or supporting detail? - CORRECT ANSWER main idea Which was named for the King of England: Louisiana or Georgia? - CORRECT ANSWER Georgia What does a crab use to find food in total darkness? - CORRECT ANSWER its antennae What is the common name for a polygraph test? - CORRECT ANSWER a lie-detector test Find the metaphor: "At night my room is a cave filled with shadows." - CORRECT ANSWER my room is a cave Who serves a six-year term in the US Congress: a senator or a representative? - CORRECT ANSWER a senator When you separate an egg, what two parts do you get? - CORRECT ANSWER the egg white and the egg yolk Does laryngitis affect your lungs or your larynx? - CORRECT ANSWER larynx If your beats 80 times a minute, how many times will it beat in an hour? - CORRECT ANSWER 4,800 beats per hour Which is NOT in the Eastern time zone: Chicago, Miami, Boston, or Atlanta? - CORRECT ANSWER Chicago "I like peanut butter. She like jelly." Make this a compound sentence - CORRECT ANSWER "I like peanut butter, and she like jelly." or "I like peanut butter, but she likes jelly." Name the woman who inspired a bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama - CORRECT ANSWER Rosa Parks Does your doctor listen to your heart with a telescope or a stethoscope? - CORRECT ANSWER a stethoscope What bird lays the largest eggs of all? - CORRECT ANSWER the ostrich Replace the name Tom with pronouns: "Tom is my friend, so I invited Tom over." - CORRECT ANSWER "He is my friend, so I invited him over." What do we call the chief executive of a city government? - CORRECT ANSWER the mayor Spell the six-letter plural of "octopus" - CORRECT ANSWER o-c-t-o-p-i Do faults in the Earth's crust cause earthquakes or volcanic eruptions? - CORRECT ANSWER earthquakes Find the value of n in 7/3 = 28/n - CORRECT ANSWER 12 What Caribbean island is a commonwealth of the United States? - CORRECT ANSWER Puerto Rico "W-e-a-t-h-e-r" or "w-h-e-t-h-e-r?" "what we go outside depends on the what." - CORRECT ANSWER "Whether we go outside depends on the weather." Who was the first to round the Cape of Good Hope: Vasco de Gama or Bartolomeu Dias? - CORRECT ANSWER Bartolomeu Dias Choose the best conductor of heat: glass, wood, metal, or sand - CORRECT ANSWER metal Which is an anthropoid: an ape or an insect? - CORRECT ANSWER an ape "Play that song again I love it." What punctuation can correct this run-on? - CORRECT ANSWER a period after "again" Put in chronological order: ghost town, boomtown, small mining town - CORRECT ANSWER small mining town, boomtown, and ghost town Which form of music came first: rap, jazz, or rock? - CORRECT ANSWER jazz (in the early 1900s) In a tornado, try to seek shelter in a windowless room like a closet or bathroom. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true What do you subtract from 3/4 to leave a difference of 1/2? - CORRECT ANSWER 1/4 Name the largest country in the western hemisphere - CORRECT ANSWER Canada What word added to the front or back of these words makes two new words: bubble, drop? - CORRECT ANSWER gum During what war did Francis Scott Key write "The Star-Spangled Banner"? - CORRECT ANSWER the War of 1812 What part of a poisonous snake releases its venom? - CORRECT ANSWER the fangs Which is NOT a spice: cinnamon, ginger, salt, pepper, paprika? - CORRECT ANSWER salt "There was so much milk in the bowl, it was a lake." simile or metaphor? - CORRECT ANSWER metaphor Which city was founded by Puritans: Richmond, Philadelphia, or Boston? - CORRECT ANSWER Boston The great fire of 1871 occurred in what US city? - CORRECT ANSWER Chicago Is a rhinoceros a carnivorous, herbivorous, or omnivorous mammal? - CORRECT ANSWER a herbivorous mammal Which has two pairs of parallel sides: a trapezoid or a parallelogram? - CORRECT ANSWER a parallelogram Which country is NOT in Africa: Angola, Ukraine, Nigeria, or Chad? - CORRECT ANSWER Ukraine The Life of Albert Einstein: Is this book likely to be historical fiction or biography? - CORRECT ANSWER biography To impeach the President is to remove him from office at once. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false Is an organism's DNA code found in its cytoplasm or its genes? - CORRECT ANSWER its genes In ancient Greece, what did the athletes wear at the Olympic Games? - CORRECT ANSWER nothing Which adjective describes how bacon tastes: fried, salty, sizzling? - CORRECT ANSWER salty From what country did the US buy the land known as the Louisiana Territory? - CORRECT ANSWER France What keyboard characters form the emoticon for "happy"? - CORRECT ANSWER :) Density is equal to mass divided by volume. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true How much is .3 multiplied by 8? - CORRECT ANSWER 2.4 The highest degrees of latitude are closest to the equator. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false What word combines with "door" for an opening to a hidden place: "back" or "trap"? - CORRECT ANSWER trap How many amendments have been added to the US Constitution: 19, 27, or 35? - CORRECT ANSWER 27 Which is made up of only one kind of atom: an element, a compound, or a molecule? - CORRECT ANSWER an element Which would a vegetarian NOT choose to eat: guacamole or chili con carne? - CORRECT ANSWER chili con carne Which lemony, sunny color rhymes with the word "mellow"? - CORRECT ANSWER yellow Was the first steamboat called the Monitor, the Maine, or the Clermont? - CORRECT ANSWER the Clermont What Japanese dish is made of raw fish: sushi, sukiyaki, or teriyaki? - CORRECT ANSWER sushi Are tidal waves found near the shore or in the middle of the ocean? - CORRECT ANSWER near the shore What fraction of a pound of 8 ounces? - CORRECT ANSWER 1/2 If you sail from Hawaii to Tokyo, in which direction do you travel? - CORRECT ANSWER west Continue this sequence: I do, you do, he or she ... - CORRECT ANSWER does Women voted for the first time in a US Presidential election in 1900. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false Which are NOT parasites: mosquitoes, ticks, or ants? - CORRECT ANSWER ants Can a computer get a cold or a virus? - CORRECT ANSWER a virus If you express your point of view in a letter to a newspaper's editor, is it fact or opinion? - CORRECT ANSWER opinion Anne Hutchinson was the first governor of Massachusetts. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false When you tighten a guitar string, do you raise or lower its pitch? - CORRECT ANSWER raise it What force keeps the stars of the Milky Way in place? - CORRECT ANSWER gravity In 6 weeks, we'll leave on our camping trip. How many days must we wait? - CORRECT ANSWER 42 days Which is a work of nature: a canal, a dam, or a canyon? - CORRECT ANSWER a canyon Which syllable is stressed in the "dolphin": the first or the second? - CORRECT ANSWER the first Was a telegraphic code invented by Samuel Morse or Alexander Graham Bell? - CORRECT ANSWER Samuel Morse How many pairs of ribs do you have? - CORRECT ANSWER 12 Is a "baguette" a little purse or a long French bread? - CORRECT ANSWER a long French bread Make this an interrogative sentence: "The well is dry." - CORRECT ANSWER "Is the well dry?" What American city held a famous "tea party" in 1773? - CORRECT ANSWER Boston The whale shark is the largest shark in the world. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true To find the velocity of a spacecraft, do you measure its volume, weight, or speed? - CORRECT ANSWER its speed You're charged a 20% late fee on a $20 credit card bill. How much extra is that? - CORRECT ANSWER $40 Which city is the capital of Colorado: Boulder, Denver, or Colorado Springs? - CORRECT ANSWER Denver Were the scared trick-or-treaters (terrified or pleased?) by the spaghetti "brains"? - CORRECT ANSWER terrified Was the Cumberland Gap a natural trail or a man-made road? - CORRECT ANSWER a natural trail Whales are mammals, so they can live briefly on land. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true On what continent were the conga drums first played? - CORRECT ANSWER Africa Correct this comparison: "My cousin is more older than I am." - CORRECT ANSWER "My cousin is older than I am." For his time, George Washington was considered a giant. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true Which state occupies two peninsulas: Florida or Michigan? - CORRECT ANSWER Michigan What color absorbs the most sunlight? - CORRECT ANSWER black Add these together: 8 * 100 and 4 * 20 - CORRECT ANSWER 880 Which US state is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes? - CORRECT ANSWER Minnesota Put the verb in the past tense: "Joe finds a lucky penny on the sidewalk." - CORRECT ANSWER "Joe found a lucky penny on the sidewalk." Which came first: America's war with Mexico or the California Gold Rush? - CORRECT ANSWER America's war with Mexico Giant anteaters have 2-foot-long tongues to help them eat. Oddity or adaption? - CORRECT ANSWER adaption What do you call a machine that looks and behaves like a human being? - CORRECT ANSWER a robot The answer to the homonym riddle is "a sent cent" What's the question? - CORRECT ANSWER What do you call a mailed penny? What city was the first capital of the newly formed United States? - CORRECT ANSWER New York City Which kind of doctor delivers babies: an optician or an obstetrician? - CORRECT ANSWER obstetrician What do fish use their gills for? - CORRECT ANSWER breathing Which digit is in the thousands place in 25,864? - CORRECT ANSWER 5 Which European country is made up of islands: Switzerland or Greece? - CORRECT ANSWER Greece Which word comes from French: voyage or trip? - CORRECT ANSWER voyage Which group was against slavery: plantation owners or abolitionists? - CORRECT ANSWER abolitionists How many pairs of chromosomes did you inherit from your parents: 23 or 46? - CORRECT ANSWER 23 pairs In which weather condition could you experience a whiteout: a hailstorm or a blizzard? - CORRECT ANSWER a blizzard What consonant is silent in all these words: fasten, castle, moisten, and wrestle? - CORRECT ANSWER t What mountains did early pioneers have to cross to reach present-day Kentucky? - CORRECT ANSWER the Appalachians mountains You can send an e-mail to the President at the White House website. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true Does an El Nino change weather patterns around the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean? - CORRECT ANSWER the Pacific Ocean Find the least common denominator of 3/4 and 5/6. Is it 8, 12, or 24? - CORRECT ANSWER 12 What do the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the Adriatic have in common? - CORRECT ANSWER they're all seas When you write an essay, should you use formal or informal language? - CORRECT ANSWER formal language Put these US Presidents in chronological order: Jackson, Adams, Lincoln - CORRECT ANSWER Adams, Jackson, and Lincoln What does it mean if a disease is contagious? - CORRECT ANSWER you can catch it Which is a longer period of time: three decades or a quarter of a century? - CORRECT ANSWER three decades Does the word spelled h-e-r-o-s refer to people or big sandwiches? - CORRECT ANSWER big sandwiches Besides Germany, what European country declared war on the US in 1941? - CORRECT ANSWER Italy Is a "latte" a green tea or a drink made with strong coffee and hot milk? - CORRECT ANSWER a drink made with strong coffee and hot milk What natural phenomenon creates sand dunes? - CORRECT ANSWER the wind If Joe spent 10% of her money and has $9 left, how much did she have to start with? - CORRECT ANSWER $10 Which country is NOT in South America: Chile, Peru, Guatemala, or Paraguay? - CORRECT ANSWER Guatemala What do we cal a person who has a billion dollars? - CORRECT ANSWER a billionaire Are goods bought from another country called imports or tariffs? - CORRECT ANSWER imports Light can travel around the Earth 7 times in 1 second. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true How many babies in a set of quadruplets? - CORRECT ANSWER four In a writer's group, authors share their writing with one another. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true Who sailed from England to Newfoundland in 1497: Henry Hudson or John Cabot? - CORRECT ANSWER John Cabot In Roman mythology, who was king of the gods: Mercury or Jupiter? - CORRECT ANSWER Jupiter Which part of a green plant is like a tiny food factory: the leaf or the stem? - CORRECT ANSWER the leaf Add 3/4 and 2/4. Is the total less or greater than 1? - CORRECT ANSWER greater Which is farthest West: Colorado, Nevada, or Utah? - CORRECT ANSWER Nevada Insert a present-tense helping verb: "Snowflakes falling on my nose." - CORRECT ANSWER "snowflakes are falling on my nose." Who led a historic slave revolt in 1831: Harriet Truman or Nat Turner? - CORRECT ANSWER Nat Turner Were microscopes invented in the 1600s, 1800s, or 1900s? - CORRECT ANSWER 1600s If you deposit money, do you add it to your bank account or subtract it? - CORRECT ANSWER you add it How is the word "apartment" abbreviated in addresses? - CORRECT ANSWER Apt. In what region of our country did the Chinook and the Nez Perce live? - CORRECT ANSWER the Northwest What do the letters "FBI" stand for? - CORRECT ANSWER Federal Bureau of Investigation Do planets travel around the sun in circular or elliptical orbits? - CORRECT ANSWER elliptical orbits The value of the ratio 16/n = 16/1 is 16. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false What country separates Alaska from the rest of the continental US? - CORRECT ANSWER Canada Add a word before "bones" to get a compound word for an inactive person - CORRECT ANSWER lazybones What do we call a US citizen who wasn't born in the United States? - CORRECT ANSWER a naturalized citizen Where in space can astronauts from many countries live and work together? - CORRECT ANSWER on the International Space Station Does a person suffering from insomnia have trouble eating, breathing, or sleeping? - CORRECT ANSWER sleeping Correct this sentence with a helping verb: "I seen that movie twice." - CORRECT ANSWER "I have seen that movie twice" Which group formally casts votes for the President of the US? - CORRECT ANSWER the electoral college What do we call a musical composition written for four musicians? - CORRECT ANSWER a quartet What animal group does ornithologist study? - CORRECT ANSWER birds Which is a prime number: 5 or 6? - CORRECT ANSWER 5 What place in England marks the prime meridian? - CORRECT ANSWER Greenwich Make this an imperative sentence: "Will you sit down and listen to me?" - CORRECT ANSWER "sit down and listen to me" Name the group of federal agents who protect the President - CORRECT ANSWER the secret service What part of your body shows where the umbilical cord was attached? - CORRECT ANSWER the navel, or belly button Baby pigeons are rarely seen. Do they hatch fully grown or stay nest-bound for two months? - CORRECT ANSWER they stay in their nests for two months My mother got a loan from the bank. Is she the borrower or the lender? - CORRECT ANSWER the borrower What country was the first to put men on the moon? - CORRECT ANSWER the United States Which always falls on a Thursday: Christmas, New Year's Day, or Thanksgiving? - CORRECT ANSWER Thanksgiving What's your normal body temperature in Celsius degrees: 37, 57, or 98? - CORRECT ANSWER 37 degrees Celsius If you stream 4 videos a day for 3 days, how many will you see in total? - CORRECT ANSWER 12 Are Louisiana's Cajuns of Italy, Spanish, or French descent? - CORRECT ANSWER French Find the homophones: p-i-e-c-e, p-e-a-s, and p-e-a-c-e - CORRECT ANSWER p-i-e-c-e and p-e-a-c-e Name the British general who surrendered to George Washington in 1781 - CORRECT ANSWER Lord Charles Cornwallis What natural product is most often used in manufacturing plastics? - CORRECT ANSWER petroleum Does the term "link rot" mean a webpage was mot found or a decaying fence? - CORRECT ANSWER a webpage was not found Which words go inside quotation marks: Mary Lou shouted, Watch your step! - CORRECT ANSWER "watch your step!" Was Delaware the first state or the last state to ratify the Constitution? - CORRECT ANSWER the first state What language was created for people who can't hear or speak? - CORRECT ANSWER sign language Which describes a star? 1) a ball of fiery gas 2) a mass of hot lava - CORRECT ANSWER 1) a ball of fiery gas If 5 times 32 is 160, what is 160 divided by 32? - CORRECT ANSWER 5 A 747 jet flies from Texas to Ohio. Is it headed northwest, due north or northeast? - CORRECT ANSWER northeast "The fog was a wet blanket." Is this an example of a simile or a metaphor? - CORRECT ANSWER a metaphor On what waterway could a barge travel from Lake Erie to the Atlantic Ocean? - CORRECT ANSWER the Erie canal Did Albert Einstein discover gravity, electricity, or the theory of relativity? - CORRECT ANSWER the theory of relativity The 1960s saw the beginning of the Pop Art movement. What is "Pop" short for? - CORRECT ANSWER popular Change the pronouns to their plural form: "Don't call me; I'll call you." - CORRECT ANSWER "Don't call us; we'll call you." If Texas broke away from the US, would it secede or succeed? - CORRECT ANSWER secede In the King Arthur stories, is Merlin a magician or a knight? - CORRECT ANSWER a magician Which refracts light: a lens or a mirror? - CORRECT ANSWER a lens One side of a square is 3 centimeters long. What's the area of the square? - CORRECT ANSWER 9 square centimeters Do pineapples grow in California, Oregon, or Hawaii? - CORRECT ANSWER Hawaii Find to rhyming words for "stinky stomach." - CORRECT ANSWER smelly belly In the 19th century, did most immigrants come to the US from Europe or Africa? - CORRECT ANSWER Europe Which cannot make its own food: a mushroom, a fern, or a bamboo tree? - CORRECT ANSWER a mushroom In what religion is Rosh Hashanah an important holiday? - CORRECT ANSWER Judaism, or Jewish religion Correct this sentence: "I used to do bad in school." - CORRECT ANSWER "I used to do badly in school." Who was president of the Confederacy during the Civil War? - CORRECT ANSWER Jefferson Davis What word names your relationship to your mother's brother's son? - CORRECT ANSWER cousin What system in your body carries messages to and from your brain? - CORRECT ANSWER the nervous system What is the sum of 1 5/9 and 7 4/9? - CORRECT ANSWER 9 When it's summer in Canada, what season is it in Australia? - CORRECT ANSWER winter Which homonym spelling is for the yummy dessert: m-o-o-s-e or m-o-u-s-s-e? - CORRECT ANSWER m-o-u-s-s-e Name one Sioux leader who helped defeat Custer in the Battle of the Little Bighorn - CORRECT ANSWER Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse After millions of years, do plants remains turn into coal, oil, or natural gas? - CORRECT ANSWER coal What company made the first set of sneakers: Nike, Adidas, or Keds? - CORRECT ANSWER Keds Which state comes first in a dictionary: Mississippi or Missouri? - CORRECT ANSWER Mississippi What amendment made slavery illegal throughout the United States? - CORRECT ANSWER the 13th amendment Does Lyme disease come from frogs, fleas, or ticks? - CORRECT ANSWER ticks Order from smallest to largest: galaxy, star, planet, and asteroid - CORRECT ANSWER asteroid, planet, star, galaxy Which of these numbers are NOT multiples of 9: 34, 45, 54, 62, or 81? - CORRECT ANSWER 34 and 62 All oceans and seas are saltwater. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true Was I "infuriated" or "admonished" when my friend showed up an hour late? - CORRECT ANSWER infuriated Congress is made up of two legislative bodies. What are they? - CORRECT ANSWER the Senate and the House of Representatives What color is sulfur? - CORRECT ANSWER yellow Fewer people are left-handed than right-handed. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true Correct the error: "There's an understanding between Michiko and myself." - CORRECT ANSWER "There's an understanding between Michiko and me." Say or sing the line that follows the words "My country, 'tis of thee." - CORRECT ANSWER "Sweet land of liberty." Which one helps you find information on the web: a data center or search engine? - CORRECT ANSWER a search engine One way to reduce noise pollution is to plant more trees. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true What is 0.8935 rounded to the nearest tenth? - CORRECT ANSWER 0.9 Does a relief map show natural resources, climates, or elevations of land? - CORRECT ANSWER elevations of land Does one person hold a monologue or a dialogue? - CORRECT ANSWER a monologue What was the purpose of the Emancipation Proclamation? - CORRECT ANSWER to free slaves in the states that were rebelling against the Union To measure the depth of an ocean, do scientists use sonar or radar? - CORRECT ANSWER sonar When a doctor writes "Rx" on a notepad, what is he giving the patient? - CORRECT ANSWER a prescription for medicine The answer to the homonym riddle is "naked grizzly." What's the question? - CORRECT ANSWER What do you call a bare bear? Were the Sioux woodland farmers, plains hunters or desert cliff dwellers? - CORRECT ANSWER plains hunters How many years apart are the Summer Olympic Games held? - CORRECT ANSWER four years apart What green material in plants draws energy from the sun? - CORRECT ANSWER chlorophyll At what point do parallel lines meet? - CORRECT ANSWER at no point Which of these countries is NOT in Asia: Tibet, Zambia, Iraq, or Mongolia? - CORRECT ANSWER Zambia What do the words "toot," "deed," and "pop" have in common? - CORRECT ANSWER they are palindromes Which branch of the federal government includes the Department of Justice? - CORRECT ANSWER the executive branch The North Star shines almost directly above the North Pole. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true What symbol is on the Canadian flag? - CORRECT ANSWER the maple leaf Spell the word for the gulping sound you sometimes make after a sudden intake of breath - CORRECT ANSWER h-i-c-c-u-p Who was the first secretary of the treasury: John Hay or Alexander Hamilton? - CORRECT ANSWER Alexander Hamilton Tobacco is harmful only to people who smoke it. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false Which are NOT predators: panthers, spiders, human beings, or elephants? - CORRECT ANSWER elephants What is the value of y if x - y = x and x = 10? - CORRECT ANSWER 0 In what state will you find Cooperstown, the home of baseball's Hall of Fame? - CORRECT ANSWER New York What are antonyms? - CORRECT ANSWER words with opposite meanings Did the US government support North Vietnam or South Vietnam? - CORRECT ANSWER South Vietnam Which helps you react quickly in emergencies: adrenaline or hemoglobin? - CORRECT ANSWER adrenaline Planes are being designed and tested so that passengers can travel to space. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true Add the letter "s" to "care" to get fright. What's the new word? - CORRECT ANSWER scare Did Lewis and Clark explore the Great Lakes or the land west of the Mississippi? - CORRECT ANSWER the land west of the Mississippi What immigration group made St. Patrick's Day a holiday in the US? - CORRECT ANSWER Irish immigrants Calories measure the amount of fat in foods. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false How many sides and angles does a quadrilateral have? - CORRECT ANSWER 4 Which is scarce in the southwest: oil or water? - CORRECT ANSWER water If someone is "hot under the collar," is his shirt too tight or is he angry? - CORRECT ANSWER he is angry An indentured servant was a slave for life. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false Which is a toxic waste: carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide? - CORRECT ANSWER carbon monoxide why do people insulate their homes? - CORRECT ANSWER to keep out of the cold G-r-o-a-n or g-r-o-w-n? "Did you hear the blank man blank?" - CORRECT ANSWER "Did you hear the grown man groan?" Where was the shot fired that began the Civil War? - CORRECT ANSWER at Fort Sumter What southern city in the US is often called "the birthplace of jazz"? - CORRECT ANSWER New Orleans What the main control center in a person's body? - CORRECT ANSWER the brain What is the perimeter of a hexagon with 12-foot sides? - CORRECT ANSWER 72 feet Which is NOT higher than the land around it: a plain, a mesa, or a plateau? - CORRECT ANSWER a plain Did the teacher's praise have a positive "affect" or "effect" on the class? - CORRECT ANSWER effect Why did the first American flag have only 13 stars? - CORRECT ANSWER there were only 13 states at the time Which eats both meat and plants: an herbivore, an omnivore, or a carnivore? - CORRECT ANSWER an omnivore About how much of your life is spent in sleep: one-half, one-third, or one-quarter? - CORRECT ANSWER one-third If the hunted is called "prey," what do we call the hunter? - CORRECT ANSWER predator The rights of citizens and non-citizens are guaranteed by the Constitution. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true If a giant's toenails are pistachio-colored, what color are they? - CORRECT ANSWER green Polar bears and penguins coexist. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false What the remainder when 88 is divided by 8? - CORRECT ANSWER There is no remainder Which is NOT a landmass: an isthmus, a peninsula, a sound, or a delta? - CORRECT ANSWER a sound What punctuation mark ends an interrogative sentence? - CORRECT ANSWER a question mark Which side won the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775? - CORRECT ANSWER the British Does air become heavier or lighter as its temperature rises? - CORRECT ANSWER lighter What is NOT a swimming stroke: the crawl, the butterfly, or the jackknife? - CORRECT ANSWER the jackknife How do you abbreviate the last word in this address: 120 State Road? - CORRECT ANSWER Rd. Did the "redcoats" fight in the British army or the American army? - CORRECT ANSWER the British army In the Bible, who built the ark that saved the animals from the Great Flood? - CORRECT ANSWER Noah In what phase does the moon disappear from view? - CORRECT ANSWER the new moon phase What whole number do you get when you add 4/4 and 12/4? - CORRECT ANSWER 4 India has the second-largest population in the world. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true Think of "garbage" to name a two-word term for snacks like chips, soda, and candy - CORRECT ANSWER junk food In the Civil War, which side wore gray? - CORRECT ANSWER the Confederates Are fish, reptiles, birds and mammals classified as vertebrates or invertebrates? - CORRECT ANSWER vertebrates Do you get to Narnia with the help of a lion, a witch or a wardrobe? - CORRECT ANSWER a wardrobe Turn this sentence into a negative statement: "I like loud music because it lets me think." - CORRECT ANSWER "I don't like loud music because it doesn't let me think" Which did the Iroquois use to make wampum: coins, shells, or precious stones? - CORRECT ANSWER shells If you bite into a Granny Smith, what are you eating? - CORRECT ANSWER a kind of apple Name two of the three things needed for photosynthesis to occur - CORRECT ANSWER light, carbon dioxide, and water What are the next three number in this sequence: 56, 49, 42 ...? - CORRECT ANSWER 35, 28, 21 Which floats in an ocean: an iceberg or a glacier? - CORRECT ANSWER an iceberg Which word describes a meal that "sticks to your ribs": undercooked or filling? - CORRECT ANSWER filling What fort in Texas did Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie help to defend? - CORRECT ANSWER the Alamo Which is visible only during an eclipse: the sun's corona or its photosphere? - CORRECT ANSWER the sun's corona Which is NOT a baseball team: the Red Sox, the White Sox, or the Raiders? - CORRECT ANSWER the Raiders Spell that word that can mean a baseball player or a container for pouring - CORRECT ANSWER p-i-t-c-h-e-r What right did that 19th amendment give to American women? - CORRECT ANSWER the right to vote What great German composer wrote most of his music after he became deaf? - CORRECT ANSWER Beethoven Where are the smallest bones in your body? - CORRECT ANSWER in your ear Which has the most sides: a heptagon, a decagon, or an octagon? - CORRECT ANSWER a decagon In what European country can you visit to see the city of Madrid? - CORRECT ANSWER Spain Find the direct object: "In our house, the cat chases the dog." - CORRECT ANSWER dog Which two generals met at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865? - CORRECT ANSWER Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee Which cannot be recycled: glass jars, china cups, tin cans, cartons? - CORRECT ANSWER china cups Organic fruits and veggies are grown without using chemical fertilizers. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true The adjective "marshmallowy" is a descriptive word for what color? - CORRECT ANSWER white What monument bears the words "Give me your tired, your poor..."? - CORRECT ANSWER the Statue of Liberty Which is a main character in Native American folktales: Coyote, Fox, or Snake? - CORRECT ANSWER Coyote What is a baby called while it's still in the mother's womb? - CORRECT ANSWER a fetus Divide 643 by 8. What's the remainder? - CORRECT ANSWER 3 What river forms the Eastern border of Minnesota, Iowa, and Louisiana? - CORRECT ANSWER the Mississippi River Change one letter in "croak" to get a word that's a synonym for "cape" - CORRECT ANSWER cloak Who was NOT an explorer: Hernando de Soto, Robert La Salle, or De Witt Clinton? - CORRECT ANSWER De Witt Clinton Does a hygrometer measure temperature, air pressure, or humidity? - CORRECT ANSWER humidity Was Charlie Parker a famous playwright, baseball player, or jazz musician? - CORRECT ANSWER jazz musician Which do NOT have fictional characters: novels, plays, or newspaper articles? - CORRECT ANSWER newspaper articles On what date was the Declaration of Independence adopted? - CORRECT ANSWER July 4, 1776 Minerva McGonagall, Sirius Black, and Draco Malfoy are characters in what book series? - CORRECT ANSWER Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling Which is found in all living things: carbon, or chlorophyll? - CORRECT ANSWER carbon Reduce this fraction to its simplest expression: 20/80 - CORRECT ANSWER 1/4 You see alligators in the water. Are you in Florida, Colorado, or Montana? - CORRECT ANSWER Florida Which word means "out of breath": breathy or breathless? - CORRECT ANSWER breathless Osama bin Laden led what terrorist group? - CORRECT ANSWER al Qaeda If you're looking up at Mount Saint Helens, are you in the state of Washington or Hawaii? - CORRECT ANSWER Washington Which won't you find in a deck of cards: a king, a queen, or a prince? - CORRECT ANSWER prince Which of these nouns names a feeling: life, liberty, happiness? - CORRECT ANSWER happiness What do we call land set aside by the government for Native Americans? - CORRECT ANSWER reservation What type of award is given to a TV show: an Emmy or an Oscar? - CORRECT ANSWER an Emmy Which is NOT a fossil fuel: coal, oil, petrified wood, natural gas? - CORRECT ANSWER petrified wood How much do you need to add to 7/3 to get 3? - CORRECT ANSWER 2/3 Which is farthest North: North Carolina, South Dakota, or New Jersey? - CORRECT ANSWER South Dakota Spell the past tense of the verb "to cry" - CORRECT ANSWER c-r-i-e-d Louisiana was named for what 17th-century king of France? - CORRECT ANSWER Louis XIV Many sunspots, or dark areas on the sun, are larger than the planet Earth. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true In which sport does the word "love" mean that a player has scored zero points? - CORRECT ANSWER tennis A "clique" is a group of friends who leave others out of their circle on purpose. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true In what year did the Pilgrims arrive in the New World? - CORRECT ANSWER 1620 Kwanzaa celebrates the heritage of which group of Americans? - CORRECT ANSWER African Americans Conduction is the transfer of heat through air. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false How many numbers from 1 to 15 divide evenly into the number 42? - CORRECT ANSWER 6 Order from largest to smallest: Europe, Africa, North America - CORRECT ANSWER Africa, North America, and Europe In addition to a subject, what does every sentence need? - CORRECT ANSWER verb or predicate Which author was a nurse during the Civil War: Laura Ingalls Wilder or Louisa May Alcott? - CORRECT ANSWER Louisa May Alcott Are chromosomes found inside a nucleus or an electron? - CORRECT ANSWER nucleus Webcams are video cameras that are connected to the Internet. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true Correct this sentence: "Him and me are going to the ball game." - CORRECT ANSWER "He and I are going to the ball game." In 1848, what discovery in California made a great many people go there? - CORRECT ANSWER discovery of gold What does the expression "Rome was't built in a day" mean? - CORRECT ANSWER means that important things take time Which cloud is high, thin, and feathery: cirrus, cumulus, or stratus? - CORRECT ANSWER cirrus How do you find the area of a rectangle? - CORRECT ANSWER multiply the length by the width East of your time zone, is it later or earlier in the day? - CORRECT ANSWER later "Knock knock. Who's knot there?" Which word is spelled with a "k" but shouldn't be? - CORRECT ANSWER "knot" What political party came to power after George Washington left office? - CORRECT ANSWER Federalist party Almost all tornadoes rotate in a counterclockwise direction. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true Which mythical creature is part human part bull: Medusa or the Minotaur? - CORRECT ANSWER Minotaur Is the word spelled i-t-s a possessive pronoun or a contraction? - CORRECT ANSWER a possessive pronoun in 1890, did most Americans work 40, 50, or 60 hours a week? - CORRECT ANSWER 60 hours What do you call a building where Muslims gather to pray? - CORRECT ANSWER mosque Which element is NOT a gas: nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, or mercury? - CORRECT ANSWER mercury How many months in two-thirds of a year? - CORRECT ANSWER 8 Which are NOT grown in the US and must be important: apples, grapes, or bananas? - CORRECT ANSWER bananas Name the root adjective for which "nastiest" is the superlative form - CORRECT ANSWER nasty Did John Marshall serve as a governor, US Senator or Supreme Court justice? - CORRECT ANSWER Supreme Court justice Is an echo caused when sound waves are reflected or refracted? - CORRECT ANSWER reflected Who stands in the boxing ring to make sure the fight is fair? - CORRECT ANSWER referee Does a person "immigrate" or "emigrate" from one country to another? - CORRECT ANSWER emigrate What country was led by Prime Minister Churchill during World War II? - CORRECT ANSWER England or Great Britain If English is your "mother tongue," is it your first or second language? - CORRECT ANSWER it's your first language What color is oxygen? - CORRECT ANSWER no color What whole number do you get when you add 8/3 and 4/3? - CORRECT ANSWER 4 Which state grows more crops: California or Florida? - CORRECT ANSWER California As an adjective, it means "new"; as a noun, it's a type of fiction. What word is it? - CORRECT ANSWER novel What does it mean to "pledge allegiance to the flag"? - CORRECT ANSWER swear to be true to the flag and all it stands for Do molecules in water move faster or slower as the water gets cold? - CORRECT ANSWER slower Which one is not a fish: flounder, trout, halibut, endive, anchovy? - CORRECT ANSWER endive Is the list of words and their meanings called a glossary or an index? - CORRECT ANSWER glossary What important document did the US Constitution replace? - CORRECT ANSWER Articles of Confederation If you changed the font in your word processing document, what would you change? - CORRECT ANSWER size and shape of the type About how old is Earth: 500 million, 2 billion, or 5 billion years old? - CORRECT ANSWER 5 billion years old What's the sum of 5 * 25 and 25 * 5? - CORRECT ANSWER 250 How do we abbreviate the term "European Union"? - CORRECT ANSWER EU Omit one word to improve this sentence: "Your shoes are very unique." - CORRECT ANSWER "Your shoes are unique." Michigan was one of the 13 colonies. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false Is the fertilized egg of an animal called a zygote or an enzyme? - CORRECT ANSWER zygote What does the Statue of Liberty hold in her right hand? - CORRECT ANSWER torch Spell the contraction of "we will," including the apostrophe - CORRECT ANSWER w-e-apostrophe-l-l What was proved by the Magellan expedition around the world? - CORRECT ANSWER the word is round, not flat What sport includes double plays, bunts, and sacrifice flies? - CORRECT ANSWER baseball What part of a pea plant are the peas? - CORRECT ANSWER seeds Which is greatest: 0.15, 1/4, or 0.22? - CORRECT ANSWER 1/4 Summers are usually cooler in coastal areas than an inland areas. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true What's the more common name for "canine," a type of household pet? - CORRECT ANSWER dog Which war in our history was followed by a period called Reconstruction? - CORRECT ANSWER Civil War Is the Earth's formation studied by anthropologists, geologists, or biologists? - CORRECT ANSWER geologists A news feed constantly updates information on a website. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true The singular form of the word "scissors" is "scissor." True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false Which President was the first commander in chief of the US armed forces? - CORRECT ANSWER George Washington To see and hear a live performance of music, would you go to a play or concert? - CORRECT ANSWER a concert The scientific name for humans is homo sapiens. What language is this? - CORRECT ANSWER Latin What fraction is equivalent to 0.75? - CORRECT ANSWER 3/4 Name the only major city in the world that occupies land on two continents - CORRECT ANSWER Istanbul, Turkey Find the subject of this sentence: "The sidewalks and streets are full of people." - CORRECT ANSWER the sidewalks and streets In the 1800s, was the Chisholm Trial used by cowboys, fur trappers, or gold prospectors? - CORRECT ANSWER cowboys Which one is NOT a dinosaur: stegosaurus, triceratops, T. Rex, pteranodon? - CORRECT ANSWER pteranodon What musical instrument was named for its inventor, Adolphe Sax? - CORRECT ANSWER saxophone Fix the incorrect verb: ""I didn't see you, but you was there all the time." - CORRECT ANSWER "I didn't see you, but you were there all the time." Who do NOT belong in this group: Hopi, Pawnee, Zuni, Sioux, Chicanos? - CORRECT ANSWER Chicanos If the lights go out in a storm, which would be useful: a flashlight or an electric fan? - CORRECT ANSWER flashlight Does a biennial plant complete its life cycle in one year, two years, or half a year? - CORRECT ANSWER two years subtract 11 3/8 from 16 10/16 - CORRECT ANSWER 5 1/4 Two major cities in the US are named Kansas City. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true The best way to travel is on a jumbo jet. Is this a fact or an opinion? - CORRECT ANSWER opinion Who was the first US President to resign before the end of his term? - CORRECT ANSWER Richard Nixon Is the power of a lightbulb measured in volts or watts? - CORRECT ANSWER watts If your father remarries, what's the name used to describe his wife's relationship to you? - CORRECT ANSWER stepmother In a business letter, what punctuation mark follows "To Whom It May Concern"? - CORRECT ANSWER colon Was the use of assembly lines in factories introduced by J.P. Morgan or Henry Ford? - CORRECT ANSWER Henry Ford A "tangelo" is a cross between a tangerine and what other fruit: grapefruit or orange? - CORRECT ANSWER grapefruit Which star in our galaxy is the closest to Earth? - CORRECT ANSWER sun Multiply 0.9 by 8 - CORRECT ANSWER 7.2 In what city can you stand in the steps of the Lincoln Memorial? - CORRECT ANSWER Washington D.C. Which describes a "petrified" tree: 1) afraid, 2) turned to stone, 3) uprooted? - CORRECT ANSWER turned to stone If both the US President and Vice President should die, who becomes President? - CORRECT ANSWER Speaker of the House Both plant and animal cells are surrounded by cell walls. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false What do these vegetables have in common: asparagus, chicory, artichokes? - CORRECT ANSWER their green color Did the father "advice" or advise" his son to drive carefully? - CORRECT ANSWER advice What colony was founded by James Oglethorpe: Georgia or Vermont? - CORRECT ANSWER Georgia Which bus stops at every station along the way: limited, local, or express? - CORRECT ANSWER local Lava from a volcano is magma that has reached the Earth's surface. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true What decimal is equal to the sun of 3 dimes, 4 nickels, and 1 quarter? - CORRECT ANSWER .75 Which two are natural disasters: oil spill, earthquake, tsunami? - CORRECT ANSWER earthquake, and tsunami Name the prefix and the suffix in the word "unthinkable" - CORRECT ANSWER Un- is the prefix and -able is the suffix Name the escape system that helped Southern slaves make their way north - CORRECT ANSWER Underground Railroad Are muscles attached to bones by tendons or by ligaments? - CORRECT ANSWER tendons What kind of race is the Kentucky Derby? - CORRECT ANSWER horse race Which adjective uses the word "more" to show comparison: polite, thin, cute? - CORRECT ANSWER polite In the 1930s, what US President promised Americans a "new deal"? - CORRECT ANSWER Franklin D. Roosevelt What healthful vitamin does your skin absorb from direct sunlight? - CORRECT ANSWER vitamin D Why does a wooden spoon stay cool to the touch in boiling water? - CORRECT ANSWER wood is not a good conductor of heat 13% is the same as 13/50. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false Which of the New England states is farthest north? - CORRECT ANSWER Maine How is "September" abbreviated on a calendar? - CORRECT ANSWER Sept. "Hawks" are people in favor of war. What bird represents those who favor peace? - CORRECT ANSWER dove Which is NOT part of a flower: pistil, tentacle, stamen, ovule? - CORRECT ANSWER tentacle "RPG" is an abbreviation for what activity where players assume parts in a virtual reality? - CORRECT ANSWER Role-Playing Game Which comes first in a dictionary: violin or viola? - CORRECT ANSWER viola What popular nickname was given to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt? - CORRECT ANSWER FDR Bullies often pick on someone they think they can boss around. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true If a fetus as two X chromosomes, will it be a girl or boy? - CORRECT ANSWER girl Think of 9 coins that add up to $1. 23 - CORRECT ANSWER 4 quarters, 2 dimes, and 3 pennies In what city can you see the Liberty Bell? - CORRECT ANSWER Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Take the word "sink." Where can you add that letter "t" to make something smelly? - CORRECT ANSWER between the "s" and the "i" What do we call the chief in law officer of the United States? - CORRECT ANSWER attorney general Are atoms that have an electric charge called ions, molecules, or neutrons? - CORRECT ANSWER ions Does an anthropologist study animals, plants, or people? - CORRECT ANSWER people In a written story, how do you show the words that someone actually said? - CORRECT ANSWER Enclose the words in quotation marks Who helped over 300 slaves escape North: Harriet Tubman or Sojourner Truth? - CORRECT ANSWER Harriet Tubman Is the soccer World Cup held every year or every four years? - CORRECT ANSWER every four years What forms of life do botanists study? - CORRECT ANSWER plants What the volume of a box that is 15 cm by 16 cm by 10 cm? - CORRECT ANSWER 2,400 cu cm Lake Superior is the world's largest freshwater lake. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true Take the word "diner." Double the "n." What new word do you get? - CORRECT ANSWER dinner What do we call people who moved to California during the Gold Rush? - CORRECT ANSWER Forty-Niners Which regulates your growth: the pituitary gland or the adrenal gland? - CORRECT ANSWER pituitary gland Would the most recent entry on a blog appear first on a page or last? - CORRECT ANSWER first what does the prefix in- mean in "invisible" and "inaudible"? - CORRECT ANSWER not After Congress passes a bill, who must sign it before it becomes law? - CORRECT ANSWER President The person who represents your country in a foreign country is called ...what? - CORRECT ANSWER ambassador Plant eaters are not necessary in a carnivore's food chain. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false If Brad saves 15% of $10 each week, how much will he save in 4 weeks? - CORRECT ANSWER $6 In a physical map, what color is most often used for parks and forests? - CORRECT ANSWER green Which word can you add after "trap" and before "knob" to get two compound words? - CORRECT ANSWER door What immigrant group did most of the manual work in building the Erie Canal? - CORRECT ANSWER Irish immigrants More water vapor is held in cool air than in warm air. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false What kind of rave is the Indianapolis 500? - CORRECT ANSWER auto race To avoid a run-on sentence, where do you need a period: "It was late I ran to school"? - CORRECT ANSWER after "late" In the Civil War, which state stayed in the Union: Texas, Louisiana, or Illinois? - CORRECT ANSWER Illinois If you need glasses to see the blackboard from your seat, are you nearsighted or farsighted? - CORRECT ANSWER nearsighted What do we call rain that contains harmful sulfur and nitrogen compounds? - CORRECT ANSWER acid rain Which has only 1 pair of parallel sides: a rectangle or a trapezoid? - CORRECT ANSWER trapezoid Which state is NOT in the mountain time zone: Kansas, Montana, or Colorado? - CORRECT ANSWER Kansas Is an online place for information spelled web s-i-t-e or web s-i-g-h-t? - CORRECT ANSWER s-i-t-e Who was the US President during the War of 1812? - CORRECT ANSWER James Madison Which can create electrical energy: a conductor, a generator, or an insulator? - CORRECT ANSWER generator Say "thank you" in French - CORRECT ANSWER merci Take the word "toil." Add two letters to it to name something in a bathroom - CORRECT ANSWER toilet In the US, labor unions have the right to strike. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true What are cashews, pistachios, and pecans? - CORRECT ANSWER nuts What kind of object in space appears to have a long tail? - CORRECT ANSWER comet Solve for n by using cross-products: 6/3 = n/20 - CORRECT ANSWER 40 If you flew east from Tokyo to San Francisco, what ocean would you cross? - CORRECT ANSWER the Pacific Where does an apostrophe go: "Where did I put my mothers present?" - CORRECT ANSWER mother's What did Columbus name that first island he found: Cuba or San Salvador? - CORRECT ANSWER San Salvador Which is the main cause of air pollution in cities: fires, cigarettes or automobiles? - CORRECT ANSWER automobiles What is the name for an artist who carves statues out of clay, stone or metal? - CORRECT ANSWER sculptor Is "whispering leaves" an example of alliteration or personification? - CORRECT ANSWER personification In the Revolutionary War, what name was given to colonists who supported the British? - CORRECT ANSWER loyalists Were potatoes first grown by Native Americans, ancient Romans, or the Irish? - CORRECT ANSWER Native Americans Which creates the fastest winds on Earth: a hurricane, a tornado, or a cyclone? - CORRECT ANSWER tornado What is the sum of the angles of a quadrilateral? - CORRECT ANSWER 360 degrees What body of water lies west of Florida and east of Mexico? - CORRECT ANSWER Gulf of Mexico If your sister is "knee-high to a grasshopper," does she study bugs or is she short? - CORRECT ANSWER she's short Who helped revolutionize personal computers: Bill Gates or George Eastman? - CORRECT ANSWER Bill Gates Iron turns red when it rusts. Is this a chemical reaction or a physical change? - CORRECT ANSWER chemical reaction Which is NOT an Olympic event: bowling, badminton, or boxing? - CORRECT ANSWER bowling What are the last two letters of most adverbs? - CORRECT ANSWER l-y In 1775, who rode to Lexington to warn that the British were coming? - CORRECT ANSWER Paul Revere According to the old saying, what is worth a thousand words? - CORRECT ANSWER picture "Biodiversity" means having lots of different species of plants and animals. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true Does the sum of 0.7 and 12.03 come to 12.73 or 12.10? - CORRECT ANSWER 12.73 Which is the capital of South Korea: Seoul, Beijing, or Calcutta? - CORRECT ANSWER Seoul Is a sapling a young tree or something sickeningly sweet? - CORRECT ANSWER young tree Who led the Allied armies to victory in World War II? - CORRECT ANSWER Dwight D. Eisenhower What planet is Earth's nearest neighbor? - CORRECT ANSWER Venus What's the Roman numeral for 1,000? - CORRECT ANSWER M What letter is silent in all these words: ghost, ghoul, rhubarb, rhinestone? - CORRECT ANSWER h Who were the first Europeans to settle in Santa Fe and San Francisco? - CORRECT ANSWER Spanish "Robotics" is the study of what type of machines? - CORRECT ANSWER robots Is the rate at which an object gains speed called acceleration or deceleration? - CORRECT ANSWER acceleration Find the next number in this sequence: 10, 20, 40, ... - CORRECT ANSWER 80 What degree of longitude is used for the prime meridian? - CORRECT ANSWER 0 degrees Sam wrote a book about Jane's life. Is it a biography or an autobiography? - CORRECT ANSWER biography What trail did Lewis and Clark blaze: the Oregon Trail or the Chisholm Trail? - CORRECT ANSWER Oregon Trail Sunspots are cooler than the rest of the sun's surface. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true What two dog breeds are combined to get a "labradoodle?" - CORRECT ANSWER Labrador retriever and a poodle What do you wear to sleep that has the word "jam" in it? - CORRECT ANSWER pajamas What territory became the 49th state to join the Union? - CORRECT ANSWER Alaska What is the final championship game in American pro football called? - CORRECT ANSWER Super Bowl Evaporation occurs when a liquid turns into . . . what? - CORRECT ANSWER gas How much is 22.1 - 19.9? - CORRECT ANSWER 2.2 Is Iowa east or west of Illinois? - CORRECT ANSWER west Would you pick apples in an orchard or an orchid? - CORRECT ANSWER orchard Name at least 5 of the 13 original American colonies - CORRECT ANSWER Conn., NH, NY, NJ, Mass, Pa, Del, Va, NC, SC, Ga, RI, Md What do fins help fish do besides move through the water? - CORRECT ANSWER keep its balance What are mozzarella, provolone, and Gorgonzola? - CORRECT ANSWER cheeses Which of these is a proper noun: covered bridge or golden gate bridge? - CORRECT ANSWER Golden Gate Bridge Was the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention held to debate abolition or women's rights? - CORRECT ANSWER women's rights Which would you check to get the latest forecast: a Wiki web page or the Weather channel? - CORRECT ANSWER the Weather channel Capillars are the largest blood vessels in the human body. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false If Tess has twenty hundred stamps, how many thousands of stamps does she have? - CORRECT ANSWER two thousand Is Mount Rushmore in North Dakota or South Dakota? - CORRECT ANSWER South Dakota Proofread this sentence and correct the errors: "Polar pears are wite as sno." - CORRECT ANSWER "Polar bears are white as snow." The American West was changed by the "iron horse." What was it? - CORRECT ANSWER the new steam locomotive Who argued that the planets revolve around the sun: Copernicus or Galileo? - CORRECT ANSWER Copernicus "Going once, going twice . . ." Would you hear these words at an auction or a boxing match? - CORRECT ANSWER an auction Correct the mistake: "He is a honest man but not a happy one." - CORRECT ANSWER "He is an honest man . . . " Which political party in the US is also known as the G. O. P? - CORRECT ANSWER the Republican Party In the poem, "Casey at the Bat," does Casey's team win or lose? - CORRECT ANSWER his team loses When you ride a bike, do you produce chemical or kinetic energy? - CORRECT ANSWER kinetic energy What are the next three numbers in this series: 11, 9, 16, 14 . . .? - CORRECT ANSWER 21, 19, 26 Does Chicago border on Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, or Great Salt Lake? - CORRECT ANSWER Lake Michigan "The gym smelled like feet." Is this an example of simile or personification? - CORRECT ANSWER simile What Civil War general became the 18th President of the United States? - CORRECT ANSWER Ulysses S. Grant Are freckles an inherited trait or do you get them from sitting in the sun? - CORRECT ANSWER inherited trait What season of the year might include "Indian Summer"? - CORRECT ANSWER fall, or autumn Which letters spell the name of an insect: f-l-e-e or f-l-e-a? - CORRECT ANSWER f-l-e-a Which country did NOT send explorers to the Americas: France, Germany, or Spain? - CORRECT ANSWER Germany Which comes in a flavor called "everything": pancakes, bagels, pies, or croissants? - CORRECT ANSWER bagels When we see less of the moon each night, is it waxing or waning? - CORRECT ANSWER waning How many pound in one-fourth of a ton? - CORRECT ANSWER 500 pounds The state of Minnesota has more than 10,000 lakes. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true Which adjective describes how wet shoes sound: muddy, soggy, squeaky? - CORRECT ANSWER squeaky The United States dropped atomic bombs on what country in World War II? - CORRECT ANSWER Japan In what position does a bat sleep? - CORRECT ANSWER upside down Who usually solves the mystery: Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Watson? - CORRECT ANSWER Sherlock Holmes What word added to each of these words makes a compound word: butter, dragon, and horse? - CORRECT ANSWER fly Which amendment guarantees free speech and freedom of religion? - CORRECT ANSWER First Amendment Who wrote the Hobbit: J.K. Rowling or J.R.R. Tolkien? - CORRECT ANSWER J.R.R. Tolkien About how long ago did dinosaurs exist: 50 million or 150 million years? - CORRECT ANSWER 150 million years A straight angle measures how many degrees? - CORRECT ANSWER 180 degrees Which state is NOT in the South: Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia, or Louisiana? - CORRECT ANSWER Indiana Find a short synonym for "influenza" inside the word Hint: it makes you sick - CORRECT ANSWER flu Who won the French and Indian War: the French or the British? - CORRECT ANSWER British What common mineral is found in our tears? - CORRECT ANSWER salt What state of matter is sand? - CORRECT ANSWER solid Is the first syllable or second syllable stressed in the word "explain"? - CORRECT ANSWER the second syllable Which President came first: Theodore Roosevelt or Frnklin Delano Roosevelt? - CORRECT ANSWER Theodore Roosevelt What's the first day of winter? - CORRECT ANSWER December 21 What the name for the liquid in your mouth that helps you digest a piece of pizza? - CORRECT ANSWER saliva Which is NOT a quadrilateral: a rhombus or a pyramid? - CORRECT ANSWER pyramid Which state produces baking potatoes: Kansas, Idaho, or Pennsylvania? - CORRECT ANSWER Idaho Find the subject of this command: "Put away that cell phone!" - CORRECT ANSWER the person being spoken to In the 1890s, were most sweatshop workers Jewish or Hispanic? - CORRECT ANSWER Jewish Which does NOT grow from spores: mosses, ferns, or cacti? - CORRECT ANSWER cacti What do you call the stick used by an orchestra conductor? - CORRECT ANSWER baton Find the dependent clause in this sentence: "I e-mailed you when I couldn't reach you on your cell." - CORRECT ANSWER when I couldn't reach you on your cell What crop first created a demand for slave labor in the United States? - CORRECT ANSWER tobacco, in the late 1600s What's the smallest wind instrument in an orchestra? - CORRECT ANSWER piccolo What gas do plants take in from the air to use in making food? - CORRECT ANSWER carbon doixide The video game cost $50, but it has been marked up by 5%. What does it cost now? - CORRECT ANSWER $52.50 Name the canal that separates Central America and South America - CORRECT ANSWER Panama Canal Where does "its" need an apostrophe? 1) "Its cold." 2)The cat hurt its tail." - CORRECT ANSWER 1) "It's cold." Which came first: the Battle of Bunker Hill or the Stamp Act? - CORRECT ANSWER the Stamp Act Does a moving arrow have potential energy or kinetic energy? - CORRECT ANSWER kinetic energy What do you call the center of a dartboard? - CORRECT ANSWER bull's eye Take the word "wiggle." Replace one letter to get a kind of laugh - CORRECT ANSWER giggle In what war did Japan bomb both American warships at Pearl Harbor? - CORRECT ANSWER World War II Which state flag has a grizzly bear beneath a single red star? - CORRECT ANSWER California state flag Submersibles are used to explore faraway planets like Saturn. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER false Simplify the fraction 400/4,000 - CORRECT ANSWER 1/10 Is a reservoir a man-made lake or a natural waterway? - CORRECT ANSWER man-made lake "The dog of my neighbor won't stop barking." Revise, using a possessive noun - CORRECT ANSWER "My neighbor's dog won't stop barking." What famous battle did the Mexicans win in San Antonio, Texas, in 1836? - CORRECT ANSWER Battle of Alamo Is there more chlorophyll in the top or bottom of a leaf? - CORRECT ANSWER top WiFi allows you to access the Internet wirelessly. True or false? - CORRECT ANSWER true [Show More]

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