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Three of the following interventions are appropriately used to prevent osteoporosis after menopause. Which one is NOT? Avoidance of corticosteroids Performance of weight-bearing activities for 40 m... ins at least 5 days/week Estrogen replacement therapy Adequate calcium & vitamin D intake C. Prevention of osteoporosis may be optimized by elimination of risk factors and engaging in interventions that maximize bone density. Good nutrition from infancy throughout adulthood is a major component of good bone health. Others include engaging in weight-bearing exercises, adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D, smoking cessation, limiting alcohol consumption to moderate amounts, and avoidance when possible of medications that may decrease bone density (corticosteroids, anticonvulsants). Osteoporosis occurs at accelerated rates in women who are post-menopausal. The lack of estrogen can produce rapid bone loss due to bone resorption. Estrogen replacement is not used to prevent or treat osteoporosis. A patient who is scheduled for pelvic exam with PAP smear should be advised to avoid douching, sexual intercourse, and tampon use before her exam. For how long should she be advised to avoid these activities for optimal evaluation? 24 hours 48 hours 36 hours 1 week B. [Show More]

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