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Adobe Illustrator Exam Questions With Correct Answers Graded A+ 2023

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Which option defines the area of work that extends beyond the actual panel? Bleed How do add crop marks to an image? Select object, effect, crop marks How do you convert text to outlines? Select t... ext, click type, create outlines Place picture in the art board and trace it using the image trace and tracing preset of 16 colors and convert the traced image into paths. File, place, click on the image, drag the image on to the artboard, in the controls panel select, image trace, 16 colors, click expand Using the shape builder tool to combine two shapes into one object and fill black and change the stroke to 5 Hold shift, click both shapes, click the shape builder tool, drag the arrow between both, click the selection tool, click fill & add a strok [Show More]

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