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NR 507 Week 4 Test Winter A+GRADED 1. Hypertension (high blood pressure) will have its most immediate effect on Preload Contractility Afterload None of these 2. Mature, circulating RBC�... ��s lack endoplasmic reticulum. Without these structures RBC’s are completely unable to synthesize any ATP Protein All of the above Hemoglobin 3. Which of the following would indicate that a client with chronic bronchitis has developed secondary polycythemia vera: Increased hematocrit Abnormal arterial blood gas x Cyanosis Peripheral edema Stroke volume is 4. What is Stroke volume The amount of blood the heart ejects per minute The amount of blood the heart ejects per beat Equal to the total blood volume of approximately 5 L 5. Glomerulonephritis is associated with a(n) Elevated BUN/creat levels due to increase GFR Decreased BUN/creat levels due to decreased GFR Decreased bun/creat levels due to increased GFR Elevated bun/creat level due to decreased GFR 6. Which of the following would not typically be observed in a client with asthma Wheezing Chest tightness SOB Productive cough 7. A prolonged episode of tachycardia will result in Increased ejection fraction No change in stroke volume Increased stroke volume Decreased stroke volume 8. Tubular reabsorption and tubular secretion differ in that Secretion adds material to the filtrate, reabsorption removed material from the filtrate Secretion occurs via passive transport, reabsorption occurs via active transport Secretion adds material to the blood; reabsorption removes material from the blood Reabsorption tends to increase urine volume, secretion tends to decrease urine volume 9. After erythrocytes have completed their lifespan \, they are removed by macrophages located mainly in the Yellow bone marrow Appendix Spleen Liver x 10. Alveolar hyperinflation occurs in asthma and chronic bronchitis as the result of Thorax expansion Increased rate of pulmonary capillary perfusion Sustained bronchodilation Decreased ability to exhale 11. The primary site of damage in the nephron due to ischemic conditions is the Bowmans capsule Loop of henle Distal convoluted tubule Proximal convoluted tubule 12. The movement of blood into and out of the capillary beds of the lungs to the body tissues and cells describes the process of Metabolism Respiration Perfusion Ventilation 13. A 5-year-old female presents with frequent urinary tract infections, imagine studies indicate a retrograde flow of urine from the urinary bladder into the ureters. This is indicative of Hypospadias Vesicoureteral reflux Renal agenesis x Polycystic kidney disease 14. A 30-year-old client who had a gastrectomy procedure 1 year ago is most at risk for the development of Iron-deficiency anemia Aplastic anemia Hemolytic anemia Pernicious anemia 15. A deficiency of intrinsic factor (IF) will most likely result in Pernicious anemia Iron-deficiency anemia x Folate-deficiency anemia Aplastic anemia 16. During ventricular systole A and b Venous blood from the systemic circulation enters the right atrium The mitral and tricuspid valves are closed The mitral and tricuspid valves are open 17. A deficiency of transferrin is most likely to result in Aplastic anemia Iron-deficiency anemia Hemolytic anemia Pernicious anemia 18. The primary source of erythropoietin is the Spleen Kidney Liver Bone marrow 19. Which of the following is not a condition associated with renal failure Hypernatremia Hyperphosphatemia Hypokalemia Hypocalcemia 20. A 25-year-old female presents with frequent complete calculi blockage of one ureter. This is referred to as Postrenal disease Hypercalcemia Intrarenal Prenatal disease 21. Contractility of cardia muscle is directly dependent on the level of Calcium Chloride Sodium Potassium x 22. Appropriate management of progressive renal failure typically includes All of the above Potassium supplementation High protein diet Erythropoietin administration 23. In addition to oxygen, hemoglobin also carries nitric oxide (NO) No is important for Preventing free radical damage to RBC membranes Promoting vasodilation Preventing conversion of Fe +2 to fe+3 Increasing oxygen binding affinity of Hb x 24. Which equation correctly represents cardiac output (CO) CO = heart rate x pulse rate CO = heart rate x stroke volume CO = heart rate x blood pressure x CO = blood pressure x stroke volume 25. Which of the following statements correctly describes the flow of blood between the heart and lungs Oxygenated blood is transported from the lungs to the heart via the pulmonary veins Deoxygenated blood is transported from the left ventricle to the lungs via the pulmonary arteries The pulmonary arteries carry oxygenated blood from the lungs to the heart Oxygenated blood is transported from the lungs to the right atrium of the heart 26. Blood (hydrostatic) pressure is most important for the process of Excretion Reabsorption Filtration secretion 27. Preload can be decreased by all the following except dehydration hemorrhage ventricular hypertrophy cardiac tamponade 28. chronic bronchitis is characterized by elevated IgG levels bronchial breakdown right ventricular hypertrophy no answer text provided decreased hematocrit 29. the lamina propria area of the bronchioles play a significant role in the pathogenesis of chronic bronchitis because this is where columnar epithelia cells lose their cilia hyperplasia of goblet cells occurs inflammatory cell activation occurs smooth muscle constriction occurs 30. which of the following will occur when calcium binds to troponin troponin shifts to prevent actin and myosin interaction troponin shifts to allow actin and myosin interaction an action potential is stimulated cardiac muscle cells relax 31. the average red blood cell lifespan is approximately 3-4 months Many years One month or less 6-12 months 32. The correct definition of afterload is The amount of blood ejected from each ventricle x The number of times the heart contracts How much the ventricles can stretch to hold blood How much pressure the heart must exert to eject blood 33. An accident victim transfused with the incorrect blood type is at most risk for development of Hemolytic anemia Iron-deficiency anemia Polycythemia Aplastic anemia 34. A client is experiencing congestive heart failure (CHF) which of the following represent the correct sequence of events that occur with CHF Systemic hypotension increased la preload increased lv preload biventricular heart failure Pulmonary hypertension increased RV preload, increased RA preload, pulmonary edema Aortic valve disease, decreased LV preload, increased LA preload, peripheral edema Systemic hypertension, increased lv preload, increased la preload, pulmonary edema 35. The condition most associated with a history of seasonal and/or chronic allergies is Extrinsic asthma Emphysema Intrinsic asthma Chronic bronchitis 36. Preload refers specifically to How much work the heart must do to pump blood How often the heart muscle can contract How much blood the ventricles can hold End-systolic volume 37. ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) Is made by the JG cells to activate renin Is made by the adrenal cortex to increase NA and water reabsorption Is made by the liver to form angiotensin II is made by the lung to activate angiotensin I 38. Closure of the semilunar valves (SLV) Produces the second heart sounds Corresponds to atria contraction Directs blood into the atria Produces a deflection on the ECG tracing 39. A 78-year old patient is scheduled for an imaging procedure using contrast dye, although rare you know that he may be at risk for contrast induced nephropathy (CIN) because of his history of Cystitis Fatty liver Kidney stones Diabetes 40. The normal primary site of hematopoiesis in the adult is Red bone marrow Yellow bone marrow Spleen Liver 41. A 78-year-old male has been diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) the increases his risk for development of Postrenal disease Vesicouretral reflux Intrarenal disease Prerenal disease 42. After load can be increase by all the following except Pulmonary disease Systemic hypertension Aortic valve damage Hemorrhage 43. The blood disorders sickle-cell anemia and thalassemia are Idiopathic in origin Autosomal recessive genetic disorders Autoimmune-mediated Autosomal dominant genetic disorders 44. Treatment for asthma included anticholinergic drugs. The mechanism of action for the medication is to Block acetylcholine binding to promote bronchoconstriction Enhance acetylcholine binding to promote bronchoconstriction Block acetylcholine binding to promote bronchodilation Enhance acetylcholine binding to promote bronchodilation 45. A client who is 2 days post-partum is most at risk for development of Folate deficiency anemia Aplastic anemia Hemolytic anemia Iron-deficiency anemia 46. A client with chronic bronchitis is most likely to experience Respiratory acidosis due to decreased intake of O2 Respiratory alkalosis due to decreased intake of O2 Respiratory alkalosis due to inability to exhale CO2 Respiratory acidosis due to inability to exhale CO2 47. An aortic semilunar valve stenosis would have the most immediate effect by Increasing R atrial preload Increasing L ventricular afterload Decreasing L ventricular preload Decreasing R ventricular afterload 48. In the healthy heart the response to an increase in preload is for stroke volume to Stay the same Decrease Increase All of the above 49. Decreased contractibility can be caused by all the following except Acidosis Ischemia Fever Cardiomyopathy 50. Cor pulmonale refers to Left ventricular failure secondary to lung disease Right ventricular failure secondary to systemic hypertension x Left ventricular failure secondary to systemic hypertension Right ventricular failure secondary to pulmonary hypertension [Show More]

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