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CX Certification Test When did the term CX enter the lexicon? - ✔✔Around 2010 What are the four main avenues that Qualtrics sees its customers translating CX into financial impact? - ✔✔Cust... omer Retention, Customer Lifetime Value, Cost to Serve, Cost of Acquisition What are the three types of CX programs? - ✔✔Strategic, transactional, and digital Name four common CX metrics - ✔✔Net Promoter Score® Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Customer Effort Score (CES) Share of Wallet How do you force save Qualtrics on a Mac? - ✔✔Command - S You were using Edit Multiple, but after you collected a few responses you noticed it was gone. Why did this happen? - ✔✔You began collecting actual responses The Preview Survey button at the top of the Survey module launches a new window that displays an interactive preview of your survey. Which of the following statements are true about the preview survey process? Mark all that apply. - ✔✔You can place a bookmark in order to return to the same spot and by ignore validation you can skip answer validation in Qualtrics questions A colleague shared their project with you, but you can't edit it. The Edit Survey button is grayed out in the Project Actions dropdown on the Projects page. Why is this happening? - ✔✔Your colleague didn't enable edit project when they shared it Which question type below would be most suitable for you to display a set of instructions, an introduction, or a static consent form in your survey? - ✔✔Descriptive Text Which specialty question type requires setup outside of Qualtrics; for example, with the aid of an Excel spreadsheet or another application that formats CSV files. - ✔✔Drill Down Which specialty question type uses a standard scale from 0-10 and produces a customer loyalty metric? - ✔✔NPS What is the best way to import questions from one of your own previously created surveys? - ✔✔Choose import question from My Surveys True or False: To insert a pre-made demographics or satisfaction scale question from the Qualtrics Library, choose Import Questions From, then Select Qualtrics Library, followed by Survey Library. - ✔✔True Which of the question types would work most appropriately for a Likert Scale? - ✔✔Matrix What are Automatic Choices? - ✔✔Choices that automatically populate based on the question you are asking and the choices you begin inputting True or False: Once I have deleted a question, it can never be restored. - ✔✔False When will it be advisable and/or possible to use Display Logic? Select all that apply. - ✔✔Use display logic when you have multiple options to consider and when you have a previous condition that comes before the current question. Pick the three statements in this list that are accurate regarding the Duplicating feature. - ✔✔1. Duplicated blocks only leave one set up questions in your data set. 2. Duplicating a block is done by clicking duplicate in the survey flow. 3. Duplicating blocks are not editable. Identify the symbol used for Piped Text, such as the Piped Text button in the Rich Content Editor. - ✔✔{a} True or False: When you delete a Block, questions in that Block will go to the trash. - ✔✔True What happens if a respondent doesn't answer a question and hits the Next button to go on to the next question. (Select all that apply.) - ✔✔Request response: Asks participants to fill in the question, but will let them continue if they don't. Force Response: Won't let the client continue No validation: Nothing happens True or False: The Survey Flow moves respondents from top to bottom. - ✔✔True When will it be advisable and/or possible to use Skip Logic? Select all that apply. - ✔✔To skip a respondent to a subsequent question in the same block. To skip a respondent past a large number of questions to the end of the survey What is a block's primary function in a survey? - ✔✔To organize and categorize questions in a survey Which of the following features can be randomized inside your survey? Select all that apply. - ✔✔Blocks, questions, answer choices A colleague was looking at your survey and observed that you setup Next button text that is different from the rest of the survey. How did you do this? - ✔✔Changed it in Block Options What does Qualtrics call the feature that lets you change the font, size, and color of your text? - ✔✔Rich Content Editor Which combination of image formats are supported by Qualtrics. - ✔✔JPG, PNG, GIF True or False: You can insert videos or images into the answer choices of a question. - ✔✔True True or False: You must Save a theme to apply the theme's Look & Feel to your survey. - ✔✔True Imagine that you have created a 20 question survey. As you added questions, you changed the text color in about 10 of your questions using the Rich Content Editor, but it looks awful! It's inconsistent and the colors are clashing with your business theme. What can you do to fix it? - ✔✔Select Strip Formatting from the Tools menu True or False: The Look & Feel menu lets you to change the font and size of all the text in your survey. This includes the text found in error messages, as well as default and End of Survey messages. - ✔✔True True or false: Question numbers update sequentially and automatically every time you add, delete, and reorder your questions. - ✔✔False You have written your survey in English and have a French translation uploaded. You started entering a German translation too, but abandoned it. When you preview your survey, you notice that German is still available as an option in the language dropdown. How can you remove this option? - ✔✔Tools - translate survey - deselect German True or false: Default authentication messages are automatically translated into your survey's various languages. - ✔✔True Where do you change your timezone settings? - ✔✔Account settings - user settings Which of the following set-ups is Embedded Data incompatible with? - ✔✔Skip logic Which one of the following Target Audience features is only available to Brand Administrators? - ✔✔Setting global contact frequency If your Contact Frequency settings prevent an email from being sent to an individual, how will this be reported in your mailing history? - ✔✔Email skipped Any survey you create is initially marked with a status of... - ✔✔New Which survey link fits all four of these criteria? Unique to each participant. Relies on browser cookies. Allows taking the survey again and again. Can't send Reminder and Thank You messages. - ✔✔Multiple Completes Link Which choice, found in the Survey Options, removes the IP address from the dataset? - ✔✔Anonymize Responses True or false: An Intercept must be deleted in order for it to no longer appear on your site after it has been published and activated. - ✔✔False You would like to have an intercept appear on any page of your website, but only if the web viewer's last visited page was the shopping cart page. Which intercept logic is needed to set this up correctly? - ✔✔Page referrer When creating a ticket task, which feature allows you to choose specific information you would like to be included on the ticket? - ✔✔Ticket Data True or False: Once a ticket is closed, it can only be reactivated by a Brand Admin - ✔✔True How can existing tickets be accessed? - ✔✔By clicking on "View All Tickets" on the My Projects page. Which of the following is a type of task? - ✔✔Ticket Which of the following does the Activity section of a ticket record? (Select all that apply) - ✔✔Creation of sub-tickets, Re-assignment of the ticket, Any comments, Changes in ticket status Which is a correct definition for a "Team" within Qualtrics Ticketing? - ✔✔A group of individuals to whom a ticket can be triggered. From a ticket task you can add Root Causes. What does this feature do? - ✔✔Creates a dropdown menu on the ticket that individuals can select from to note the reason the ticket was created. What is an API token? - ✔✔A ID specific to your Qualtrics account that gives Qualtrics' API the ability to access your surveys and other features. What are the two parts of an action? - ✔✔Conditions and Tasks Who has access to the Ticket Reminders tool? - ✔✔Only Admins If two questions from two separate surveys are mapped to the same field, what is the default when this field is used for a widget? - ✔✔The widget will include responses from both surveys When weighting data in Vocalize... - ✔✔You MUST enter percentages that add to 100% What is a reason to add the same question multiple times in your mapping? - ✔✔To recode the two versions of the question separately What is a custom metric? - ✔✔A single aggregate number calculated based on all or a filtered subset of responses True or False: Embedded Data fields are no longer case sensitive in Vocalize - ✔✔False True or False: Embedded Data must be added manually to your data mapping. - ✔✔True What is the maximum number of dimensions you can add in Vocalize weighting? - ✔✔3 True or False: You can connect multiple surveys to one dashboard. - ✔✔True What does the recode editor in Vocalize allow you to do? - ✔✔Modify the text or numeric value answer choices of a question from their values in the survey True or false: You can copy entire pages, but you cannot copy widgets. - ✔✔False Which of the following statements is true about pages in dashboards? - ✔✔Pages allow you to organize widgets in a more viewer friendly way True or false: Widgets automatically lock to the top of the page. - ✔✔True What is a Metric in a widget? - ✔✔"Metric" is the generic term for the type of calculation you would like a widget to perform on your data. The default metric for most widgets is "Count" and in the case of a multiple choice question returns how many respondents selected each answer choice. Other metrics include "Average," "Median," and "Correlation." What can you NOT do from the page options menu? - ✔✔Share the page What will happen if you select a field that is not compatible with the widget you are modifying? - ✔✔Only compatible fields are displayed True or false: When you click Add Widget, the new widget will be added to the bottom of the current page. - ✔✔True Which field types can be used as filters (Select all that apply) - ✔✔All fields can be used as filters What of the following is an advantage of using Roles? - ✔✔Using roles saves time while sharing dashboards with multiple individuals As a brand admin, which options do I have for allowing non-Qualtrics users to see my dashboard. (Select all that apply) - ✔✔Email a JPG or other picture file type or email a PDF True or False: Dashboard Viewers cannot create new filters on a dashboard page. - ✔✔True Someone who has edit permission on my dashboard could: - ✔✔Add or delete widgets or share with other users What types of data can you not edit? - ✔✔Survey metadata, such as dates Randomized viewing order of question, choices, or elements Heat map Custom fields (variable creation) How can you export your response reports to a PDF file while working inside the View Response module? (Pick 2) - ✔✔Click the PDF button in the corner of the report screen How many variables are displayed in a single Relate Card? - ✔✔2 Which options are available for Cleaning and Creating variables? (Select all that apply) - ✔✔Logic, Formula, Bucketing How many variables are displayed in a single Regression Card? - ✔✔As many as are selected (up to 20)How many variables are displayed in a Describe Card? How many variables are displayed in a Describe Card? - ✔✔1 Define: Single-Brand Relational Study - ✔✔These surveys are created to assess from a high level the relationships customers develop with your organization. Organizations conduct these studies to define relational measurement, understand awareness, consideration, usage, attitudes, key drivers (of satisfaction, of engagement, of spend, etc.), and affinity. Define: Competitive Relational Measurement - ✔✔AKA Competitive benchmarking. Competitive relationship studies too conduct relational measurement, understand awareness, consideration, usage, attitudes, key drivers (of satisfaction, of engagement, of spend, etc.), and affinity. The difference is that one or more used brands are also examined within the survey. By incorporating additional brands, an organization introduces the context of the competitive landscape into the results. Define: Customer Segmentation & Analytics - ✔✔Seeks to identify optimal segmentation variables, optimal number of segments, descriptions for segments and, in some instances, develop personas for segments. [Show More]

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