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Meeting the Physical Therapy Needs of Children 3rd Edition By Susan Effgen, Alyssa LaForme Fiss (Test Bank)

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I. FOUNDATIONS OF SERVICE DELIVERY 1. Serving the Needs of Children and Their Families 2. Child Development 3. Child Appraisal: Examination and Evaluation 4. Family-Centered Care II. SYSTEMS 5... . Musculoskeletal System: Structure, Function, and Evaluation 6. Musculoskeletal System: Considerations and Interventions for Specific Pediatric Pathologies 7. Neuromuscular System: Examination, Evaluation, and Diagnoses 8. Neuromuscular System: The Plan of Care 9. Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Systems 10. Integumentary System III. SERVICE DELIVERY SETTINGS 11. Early Intervention 12. Schools 13. Sports Settings for the School-Aged Child 14. Pediatric Acute-Care Hospital 15. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 16. Rehabilitation Settings 17. Assistive Technology: Positioning, Mobility, and Other Technologies IV. CASE STUDIES 18. Case Study: Cerebral Palsy 19. Case Study: Cystic Fibrosis 20. Case Study: Down Syndrome 21. Case Study: Pediatric Leukemia 22. Case Study: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 23. Case Study: Developmental Coordination Disorder 24. Case Study: Myelodysplasia 25. Case Study: Autism Spectrum Disorder 26. Case Study: Congenital Muscular Torticollis [Show More]

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