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HESI PN Mobility Exam Review Questions & Answers (100% CORRECT SOLUTIONS)

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What term is used to describe the direction or prevention of disorder of body function that is used in locomotion? orthopedics What function of the skeletal system is essential to all other cell... s and tissues? producing blood cells A patient with severe osteoarthritis is having a surgical hip replacement that is possible because the hip join found in the hip is? ball and socket A nurse is teach an older adult about activity. What information should be included in the teaching? importance of regular exercise Charles Yu is a 15 year old pt who is complaining of left ankle pain from being tackled while playing football. He's asking the nurse what tests needs to be done to determine if its a sprain or a break? xray The nurse caring for a immobile malnourished patient recognizes the best treatment to protect the patients integument is to? turning the patient every 2 hours Which of the following patients would you expect to have decreased activity? a) 80 years old b) obese Which of the following posture​ deformities might be assessed in a teenager? scoliosis A nurse is assessing the muscles of an older adult what would be assessed? mass, tone, strength A 32 year old male construction work presents to the ER with complaints of headache, abdominal cramps, nausea, light headiness and extreme fatigue. The patient states that he started feeling ill at the job. the nurse gathered the following data: temp 99.8, pulse 96, RR 30, BP 136/72. The patients skin is cold and clammy, and the patient is having difficulty answering questions. He tells the nurse he is never sick and he's never been in the hospital. What additional information would help determine if he is experiencing heat exhaustion or hyperthermia? the type of work he is doing, his food and fluid intake, and the environmental temperature What term is used to document impaired muscle strength or weakness? Paresis The nurse is helping a patient to perform leg exercises after surgery to prevent phlebitis, what type of muscle is the patient using to do these exercises? skeletal What body system benefits the most from aerobic exercises? cardiovascular system What action is most important in limiting the nurses risk of back injuries? good body mechanics at all times. The nurse is instructing the patient about the need to replace fluid before during and after exercise in order to avoid dehydration. She should teach the patient the amount of fluids to consume on the basis of? the intensity of exercise and the environmental temperature A nurse is providing home health care for an older woman with severe osteopororis complications of this disease process should the nurse consider and the plan of care? fractures Bed rest with results in mobility affects the whole body . What is one affect of the musculoskeletal system? increased risk for contractures A 75 year old woman recently diagnosed with osteoperorsis asked the nurse to explain her health problems. Which of the following is the correct explanation, osteoporosis is? loss of bone density that increases the risk of fractures When caring for the 75 year old woman, which of the following is the most important treatment, Ms Lemay will? start a weight bearing exercise program 6 months has passed since the nurse discussed osteoporosis with Ms Lemay, the nurse knew her teaching was affected because Ms Lemay? participated in a low impact exercise program at the YMCA Which of the following is true of ancilosis? consolation and immobilization of a joint In order to achieve balance and body mass must be distributed around which point? center of gravity Miss Fin has been admitted to the hospital unit with a medical diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, He is on oxygen of 2 liters per minute by nasal cannula, which position technique should will best assist him with his breathing? Fowler's position A nurse has been asked to design an exercise program for Jim latte. The goal of the exercise program is to increase his muscular strength and endurance. The exercise program that would specifically focus on meeting this goal is? resistance training, such as weight lifting A nurse caring for a 25 year old male quadriplegic patient, which of the following treatments would the nurse perform to relieve the risk of joint fractures and promote joint mobility? passive range of motion A middle aged man walks 2 miles each day, what type of exercise is he getting? Isotonic Mr Johnson is a 78 year old patient admitted to the hospital from a fall at home which resulted in a left hip fracture. Yesterday he underwent an open reduction and an internal replacement of his left hip. Mr Johnson has right sided weakness, due to prior CVA and also has a emphazima. He is weak and generally neat conditioned . Mr Johnson is to begin ambulating with a walker and must avoid weight bearing on his left lower extremity. The best intervention is to aide Mr Johnson to utilize the walker successfully is to teach him ? arm exercises Based on the information above, why is it important to teach and role model proper body mechanics ? to promote health and prevent illness The most appropriate goal for Mr Johnson would be is to? Remain from injury or fall through out his hospital stay Mr Wayne has been on a strict bed rest for 5 days. During this time he has not had a BM and he states he is feeling bloated and has never had problems with his bowels before. While discussing this with my Wayne, the nurse should explain that? immobility often causes constipation A nursing diagnosis that best address Mr Waynes problem on constipation is related to? immobility A nurse is teaching an older woman how to move and lift her disabled husband. The woman has osteoarthritis of the hips and knees. What are the goals of the nurse in teaching plan? Want to minimize the stress on the wifes joints Mrs Taylor, a 32 year old underwent an appendectomy yesterday. She feels a little sore but has no complaints of weakness. The nurses help her ambulate in the hallway, suddenly she states I feel dizzy and weak as her knees begin to buckle. The nurse best action at this time is to? assist her to slide down our leg to guide her to a sitting or lying down position A nurse recommends a regular exercise for a patient who has difficulty sleeping. The patient asks how this will help, how should the nurse respond? Good sleep is a benefit of regular exercise A nurse is assessing the vital signs for a patient who has excercised faithfully for several years. What vital signs findings would we expect? decreased pulse and BP A patient at a community health center discussing a planned exercise program,, the patient is being treated for cardiovascular disease. What would the nurse recommend? See your doctor first Of the following guidelines, which would not be recommended to a person who has sustained an orthopedic injury during exercise? RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) Immobility affects the body in many ways, what is one serious affect of immobility on the cardiovascular system? increases your cardiac work load Mrs Turner is a 56 year old woman who sustained a spinal injury during a motorvehicle accident. The correct method for turning Mrs Turner in bed is? requesting assistance of additional staff to perform the log rolling An immobile person has a decreased movement of respiratory secretions. What conditions are at a greater risk or result? respiratory tract infection Laboratory results for a patient shows a high level of urinary calcium, what does this pose to the patient? kidney stones What would the most efficient time for the nurse to assess the gate of an ambulatory patient? as soon as they walk in the room A nurse is assessing the activity level of a 5 month old baby what normal findings would be assessed? ability to sit up without support and maintain good head control A nurse is caring for a comatose patient what could happen to the feet if they are unsupported in the dorsiflex position? plantar flexion and foot drop A nurse is evaluating Mr Thompson, a 74 year old male patient for an exercise program to be offered at a local hospital. During the evaluation, the nurse gets the following vital signs: pulse 72, RR 16, BP 132/70, After a minute of moderate running on the treadmill, Mr. Thompson becomes very short of breath and states "I have to stop, I can't do this anymore". The nurse measured his vital signs again, pulse 120, RR 40, BP 172/98. She instructs Mr Thompson to rest and finds it takes 15 minutes for the vital signs to return to baseline. The nurse should recognize this as a symptom associated to? Limited activity tolerance A nurse is ambulating a patient who has had a stroke. The patient has paresis on the right side. Where would the nurse stand to walk the patient? Stand on weak side and a little bit behind Dale Smith, 16 year old was hospitalized 2 weeks ago. He has been bed ridden due to crushed pelvis. Today the parents tell the nurse he is just staring off into space, he wont talk to us, they also state Dale won't listen to his music CD's, watch TV or play his video game for 2 days. The best response the nurse can make is? He's had a major injury and his mobility can cause feelings of isolation and depression A college student fell and sprained his right ankle, the student health physician recommends the student to use crutches to facilitate healing. Which of the following would the nurse teach the student? support should be in the arms and the hands A nurse is following a plan of care for passive range of motion exercises, what specifics would be included on the plan? ROM twice a day, for 2-5 times Nurses should always use body mechanics guidelines when providing care and teaching their patients about safe body movement. Which of the following are included in the body mechanic guidelines? select all that apply a) Stand in good alignment b) use a wide base of support c) keep objects close to your body [Show More]

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