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FISDAP Medical Exam Questions and Answers 100% Pass Which of the following meds helps the body transport sugar into the cells? ✔✔Insulin A 32 year old patient is found unconsious in the snow. Y... ou cannot detect a pulse or respiration rate within 10 seconds. What should you do? ✔✔assess her pulse for 30-45 seconds An adult male is sitting alone in a dark room, rocking back and forth. he mutters to his sock puppet "are you feeling sad?" what should you do? ✔✔introduce yourself and start an assessment a 42-year-old man complains of difficulty breathing and pain in his chest and shoulders. he recalls feeling a sharp pinprick on his arm while cleaning out his basement. what type of spider bite is this man most likely suffering from? ✔✔black widow a car battery exploded in your patients face. he denies breathing difficulty. you should? ✔✔begin irrigating eyes with clean water a 19 year old female is unresponsive after taking a whole bottle of her sleeping medicine about 4 hours ago. you sould? ✔✔obtain vital signs a 32 year old male complains of photophobia (sensitivity to light) and vomiting. the most likely cause is? ✔✔migrane a 68 year old patient reports abdominal pain, vomiting and a loss of appetite, as well as black, tarry stools what should you expect? ✔✔upper GI bleeding a 21 year old male is unresponsive, has constricted pupils, slow, shallow respirations, you should suspect: ✔✔narcotic overdose a patient tells you he had anemia, you should expect him to present with? ✔✔jaundice your epileptic patient complains of persistent metallic taste in her mouth. you should suspect: ✔✔a seizure may occur patient is having a tonic-clonic seizure and is not breathing. you should: ✔✔prevent patient from further injury an 18 year old male states "the CIA is after me" you notice he has covered his head and windows with aluminum foil. when you ask why he says "in order to block out the government radio waves" vitals are BP138/34, P122, R24. you should suspect? ✔✔paranoid schizophrenia a patient is running a high fever, vomiting and reporting pain that has shifted from around her belly button to the lower right area of her abdomen you should suspect? ✔✔appendicitis a 20 year old male in a college dorm room complains of fever, headache, and a stiff neck. he has an altered mental status, and you notice red blotches on his skin. which of the following are the most appropriate BSI precautions ✔✔gloves and HEPA mask an unconscious patient has one pupil that is significantly larger than the other and not reactive to light. the most likely cause is: ✔✔stroke what is hyperglycemia ✔✔high blood sugar when assessing a patient for facial droop you should? ✔✔ask the patient to smile or show his teeth an alert patient has a severe headache/weakness of the left arm you should suspect? ✔✔stroke a 28 year old patient is outside at a concert and appears confused. he is unable to answer your questions. you should ✔✔look for medical identification necklace or bracelet your first priority when dealing with a patient who is exhibiting behavior issues is ✔✔ensure the saety of yourself and your partner which of the following most accurately describes insulin? ✔✔it helps glucose move into the cells a patient with a headache. how should you position him on the cot? ✔✔high fowler an unconscious 33 year old patient was found lying prone in a local park. he was apneic. you should: ✔✔assure the scene and surrounding area for safety concerns you have been dispatched to a behavioral emergency. the police are on scene and have asked you to evaluate the patient. you should ✔✔ask police to help secure the scene an 18 year old female has progressively became lethargic at a party. vitals are BP90/60, P48, R4, you should suspect: ✔✔narcotic overdose a 20 year old female is resting after running for 30 minutes. she normally runs 5 miles every day but today she "can't catch her breath". flushed skin, fast and weak pulse, fast respirations with wheezing, complains of itching arms and chest ✔✔anaphylaxis unresponsive patient with arms and legs violently jerking. what phase of generalized seizure is this? ✔✔clonic a 78 year old male Alzheimer's patient has bruising on his back, neck and stomach. caregivers insist that he fell out of bed. what should you do? ✔✔immediately notify law enforcement to take a report elderly patient complains of abdominal pain and back pain. has tarry stools for three days. what should you suspect? ✔✔GI bleeding patient's family reports a glucometer reading of 57mg/dL. this reading is considered: ✔✔Low 82 year old female complains of nausea and vomiting for two days. she ran out of her prescription heart medication last week. BP158/92, P92 irregular, R18 ✔✔administer oxygen and monitor vitals patient is at an outdoor garden center on a hot and humid day. patient is pale, wheezing and has hives. what should you suspect? ✔✔bee sting a 16 year old female with severe abdominal pain "hasn't had a period in two months and the pain started this morning" BP90/70, P130, R28. skin is pale and cool. what should you suspect? ✔✔hypovolemic a hiker is found in the mountains. patient is flushed and their mucous membrane is slightly blue ✔✔low oxygen level a 23 year old male with bipolar disorder. depressed and locked himself inside the bathroom ✔✔call law enforcement to secure the scene patient has irregular respirations and is agitated. is pacing back and forth. skin is cool and clammy ✔✔hypoglycemia epinephrine side effects on the cardiovascular system ✔✔constricts blood vessels a 71 year old male is unconscious and cold to the touch at a park. he is a resident of the Alzheimer's center. outside temperature is in the low teens. what do you keep in mind when trying to obtain a pulse? ✔✔*pulse should be palpated in two places a 31 year old male is vomiting and has diarrhea for 10 hours. complains of weakness and light headedness upon standing. pale and diaphoretic. vitals should be: ✔✔BP90/60, P124, R20 a 20 year old female is unconscious after being submerged in a lake for three minutes. she has a pulse and agonal breathing. ✔✔ventilate using a BVM 72 year old female has slurred speech and left arm weakness prior to EMS arriving. what do you think happened ✔✔transient ishemic attack middle aged patient outside a homeless shelter. coughs up pink sputum and passes out ✔✔don a N95 respirator prior to continuing assessment a 42 year old female states she is "having the worst headache of my life". vomiting. BP180/90, P68, R14 what should you suspect? ✔✔migraine 5 employees feel "light-headed". they have respiratory problems after working in a packing company. ✔✔toxic substance exposure charicteristics of transient ischemic attack ✔✔it resolves within 24 hours strongly indicates syncope ✔✔blacked out for a few seconds patient has DKA and is now unconscious and breathing deeply. what should you suspect? ✔✔hyperglycemia when treating a patient with altered behavior ✔✔consider any possible medicle causes elderly patient has been drinking all afternoon. en route to the hospital he has become confused and slow to respond to questions ✔✔check blood glucose levels a 15 year old soccer player is hot, pale and semiconscious. what should you do? ✔✔remove patient from hot enviornment stung by a bee ✔✔*apply ice cold compress to area there is an unresponsive medical patient. what is the primary focus? ✔✔*cheif complaint a 23 year old female complains of fever, muscle aches, and congestion, is pale; BP94/60, P120, R24. roommate feels the same ✔✔influenza patient is at a fertilizer plant and spilled lye all over their body ✔✔brush off power and irrigate to assess possible stroke patient for abnormal speech ✔✔ask patient to repeat a common phrase a 40 year old unconscious patient was working in 90F weather for the last 5 hours ✔✔move patient to a cool enviornent, remove clothng give a cold pack, and give oxygen elderly patient is malnourished and wearing inadequate clothes for the current temperature. they are lying on soiled bedding and has a strong smell of urine all over the house. caregiver daughters says mother refused to get out of bed most days. won't do housekeeping, and not taking medication ✔✔report suspicion of neglect to meical director and local abuse agency when administering epinephrine auto-injector ✔✔firmly apply injection to thigh for ten seconds virus and bacteria can be classified as ✔✔pathogens seeing and hearing things not present. which type of drug? ✔✔hallucinogen Cincinnati prehospital stroke scales assess for ✔✔facial droop employee was cleaning the bathroom and came out gagging and coughing. eyes are red and watering. has dyspnea ✔✔move patinet to well ventilated area signs of hypoglycemia ✔✔cold, clammy skin hen assessing for arm drift you should ask the patient to? ✔✔hold arms out with palms out and eyes closed a 46 year old male has a sudden onset of left sided weakness and slurred speech. BP188/92, P58, R12. what should you suspect ✔✔transient ischemic stroke contraindication of administration of oral glucose ✔✔unconsciousness a 38 year old has a history of hypothyroidism. is hypertensive, tachycardia, hyperthermic, and there is an empty bottle of synthroid nearby what should you do? ✔✔contact poison conter or medical command a 87 year old has a productive cough over the past three days and confusion over the past day. there is rhonci and wheezing in the right lung. BP116/92, P92, R24 and temperature is 101F. what should you suspect? ✔✔pneumonia 50 year old male that went through renal dialysis and is bleeding profusely from the shunt. you should classify the bleeding as? ✔✔life threatening that requires immediate surgical intervention an alert 56 year old female has severe headache and weakness in the left arm. BP188/92, P106, R14 ✔✔stroke a 72 year old male has weak hand grips, blurred vision, and unable to tell what day it is he has type II diabetes ✔✔*evaluate facial droop patient has a bee allergy, was stung and says their throat is itchy. lips are swelling, patient has a EpiPen. what should you do? ✔✔Assist with EpiPen assessment findings that suggest a gastrointestinal GI bleed would be ✔✔*bright red blood from the rectal area [Show More]

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