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HESI RN Pediatrics EXAM V1/Actual/Real Exam |Guarantee A+ Score Guide

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1. A mother brings her 8 mo. old baby boy to clinic because he has been vomiting and had diarrhea for last 3 days. Which assessment is most important for nurse to make? a. Assess infant abdomen for t... enderness b. Determine if the infant was exposed to a virus c. Measure the infant’s pulse d. Evaluate the infant’s cry 2. While obtaining the vital signs of a 10-year-old who had a tonsillectomy this morning, the nurse observes the child swallowing every 2-3 minutes. Which assessment should the nurse implement? a. Inspect the posterior oropharynx b. Assess for teeth clenching or grinding c. Touch the tonsillar pillars to stimulate the gag reflex d. Ask the child to speak to evaluate change in voice tone [Show More]

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