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POLI-330N Week 2 Discussion: Connection Between Our Culture and the News Media (Option 1)

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The media is very influential in our culture and the way today’s society receives information. Do these various information media outlets have a certain moral obligation or responsibility to uphold?... Of course, many would like to think so, but the integrity of the source in question must also be examined. People tend to follow news that they find relatable to their interest (Cottle & Rai, 2016). However, this does not always mean what they find is truthful. Finding a reliable source of information may prove difficult in today’s technologically advanced society. Whether the information received is found on the internet, viewed on television, or read in a newspaper, informational news plays a huge role in shaping American culture and our political views (Cottle & Rai, 2016). With access to political debates, speeches, campaigns, elections, and anything else really, many feel they have to be constantly connected in order to stay up to date. Informing the public masses regarding political on goings is a responsibility the informational media holds. There is such a demand for this type of information because it gives people the validation they need about certain issues. It further helps to form or sway opinions and has the ability to influence voter concerns or what they should be, as well as how they weigh running candidates. Information media has a social responsibility to its viewers to report the news in its entirety, unbiased and truthfully (Cottle & Rai, 2016). Though much of the informational news channels or stations are often looked at as being biased to one political side or another, reporting in a way that favors whatever political view they choose, which makes for much of the cynicism concerning the mass media news. The government has a hand in this selective informational media as well, often using these news stations as tools to captivate the masses and gain followers. Because of this, many choose to follow stations which have similar political views to their own. For instance, FOX News Channel has long been accused of promoting conservative political positions and it has been widely criticized for biased reporting. Critics of the channel have stated Fox News has a bias favoring the political right and the Republican Party (Reid, 2020). Ultimately, it is our choice whether we agree or disagree with the political findings we recover from these various outlets but some find it harder to read between the lines. With all the advancements in technology over the past decade or so, access to these various forms of informational media is ready in the palm of your hand. Traditional journalism has evolved. Journalists are capable of giving the latest news updates in real time as these events unfold. With extensive electronic mass media, it seems as though many other forms of informational news are out of date. If a celebrity, musician, or political figure makes the news, it’s often seen on the pages of social media before anywhere else often quickly after it’s happened (Reid, 2020). Waiting for the morning edition of newspaper or the nightly news is just an option at this point, no longer the necessity it once was. Newspapers that have adapted to the rise in technology have made their pages readable on an online basis. Because of the convenience in the convergence of media and readily accessible information, news consumption is ever on the rise. Any cell phone or mobile device can connect society with the latest news in a matter of seconds, reaching masses of politically engaged individuals, to sports fans, to even entertainment news watchers. Mass media and informational news play a critical role in the shaping of public perceptions and opinions in political and social American culture. The views of the public are formed by the media being watched and reported through any number of informational outlets. What is thought of, believed, and known about the world in which we live, beyond our own experiences, is all composed by mass media. Most of society expects these informational news channels to report in an honest and unbiased manner, providing facts and allowing the public to define their own outlook. A media outlet falling short of these expectations and presenting stories falsified or skewed in their representation however, can and will alter the opinions of society with their immoral use of the public platform on which they stand. I agree with experts that media is biased and information. I cannot always rely on the news or information media to provide accurate information and relevant details. It's a bit contradictory; I always have to distinguish between what is genuine and what is not. Political views are influenced by the image that is painted and broadcast to the rest of the world. On different campaign runs, I have seen wars between various political parties. According to Greenberg & Page (2018), the need for national standards, money to respond to social issues, and uniformity are all arguments supporting a robust federal government. The variety of conditions, proximity to the people, experimentation, and creativity are all arguments in favor of solid states. I believe the news is biased. Kroon et al. (2019) explain that a long history of research has consistently shown that media portrayals of various groups in society can be skewed and encourage people to make decisions based on stereotypes. There should be more restrictions on news stations because domestic and foreign political propagandists have manipulated the disdain for research, unreliable, nonscientific, and outright false information has proliferated on social media (James, 2019). There is specific stuff about which we as an American culture need to go back to the basics. Technology is fantastic, and being able to access the most up-to-date information through your phone and other devices is the best thing ever. We must return to reality and not allow the digital world to suffocate us. References Cottle, S., & Rai, M. (2016). Between display and deliberation: Analyzing TV news as communicative architecture. Media, Culture & Society, 28(2), 163- 189. https://doi.org/10.1177/0163443706061680 Greenberg, E.S. & Page, B.I. (2018). The struggle for democracy. 2018 Elections and Updates Edition. (12 ed). Pearson. James, A. (2019). Antiscience and Vulnerability to false news in the United States: A basic in the history of Geologic Theories. Professional Geograher.71(4), 595-603. Kroon, A., Trilling, D., VanSelm, M., Vliegenthart, R. (2019). Biased media? How news content influences age discrimination claims. European Journal of aging. 16(1), 109-119 Reid, J. (2020). Rethinking media freedom, revamping media ethics. Tell Our Story, 161- 184. https://doi.org/10.18772/22020055775.14 [Show More]

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