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Elementary and Intermediate Algebra Concepts and Applications, 7e Marvin Bittinger, David Ellenbogen, Barbara Johnson (Solution Manual)

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The goal of the Bittinger Concepts and Applications Series is to help today’s student learn and retain mathematical concepts. This proven program prepares students for the transition from skills-ori... ented elementary algebra courses to more concept-oriented college-level mathematics courses. This requires the development of critical-thinking skills: to reason mathematically, to communicate mathematically, and to identify and solve mathematical problems. The new editions support students with a tightly integrated MyLabTM Math course; a strong focus on problem-solving, applications, and concepts, and the robust MyMathGuide workbook and objective-based video program. In addition, new material―developed as a result of the authors’ experience in the classroom, as well as from insights from faculty and students―includes more systematic review and preparation for practice, as well as stronger focus on real-world applications. [Show More]

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