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FOUNDATIONS OF EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Questions with Answers In recent years, the concept of "readiness" as applied to young children who are just entering early childhood programs has been... extended specifically to include: A. the readiness of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal government to intervene when all children are not educated equally. B. the readiness of teacher preparation programs to ensure that training for early childhood educators reflects the actual needs of children. C. the readiness of schools, families, and communities to create the conditions necessary for children's success. D. the readiness of state legislatures to make a commitment to treat early childhood education as a funding priority - CORRECT ANSWER C The parents of a three year old express concern to the teacher that their child, Anna, came home the previous day with scratches inflicted by Nicole, another child in the class. Which of the following responses by the teacher would most likely be considered unethical ? A. commenting that Anna and Nicole seem to be having trouble getting along these days B. asking probing questions to elicit more information about the parents' perception of the incident C. speculating whether Anna may have said or done something to provoke Nicole D. suggesting that Nicole's behavior may be related to problems her family is currently experiencing - CORRECT ANSWER D One current trend in early childhood education is an increasing emphasis on four core components: early childhood education, parent education, adult literacy, and interactive family literacy. Which of the following approaches or programs is explicitly based on these four components? A. Even Start B. Montessori C. High/Scope D. Reggio Emilia - CORRECT ANSWER A In the United States in the second half of the twentieth century, the demand for early childhood education programs grew significantly. Which of the following factors was most responsible for this development? A. a trend toward having more children among families in all demographic groups B. an increasingly educated public's recognition of the need for early intervention for young children with disabilities C. a substantial increase in the number of two-earner and single-parent families D. a perception among American parents that they need assistance with their parenting skills - CORRECT ANSWER C One of the most significant contributions Friedrich Wilhelm Froebel made to the field of early childhood education was his development of: A. a program in which young children learn about themselves and the nature of the world through play. B. the theory that the child's mind is a "blank slate" on which the child's experiences are written. C. a curriculum that emphasizes the acquisition of practical skills through "real-world" projects and activities. D. the theory that young children's behavior consists primarily of responses to positive and negative reinforcers - CORRECT ANSWER A An early childhood program is located in an area with a high teenage pregnancy rate. Which of the following services would be especially important for the program to offer to the families of the children enrolled? A. free access to the school's collection of child psychology books B. remedial academic courses C. a swap shop of infants' clothing and equipment D. parenting workshops - CORRECT ANSWER D Which of the following statements best captures the philosophy of developmentally appropriate curriculum? A. Early childhood education programs should be unstructured, non-goal- oriented, and largely free of adult intervention other than the provision of materials and the assurance of children's well-being. B. Early childhood education programs should focus exclusively on young children's social, emotional, and physical development and avoid activities related to the academic content areas. C. Early childhood education programs should be designed to be holistic, individualized, affirming of student initiative and choice, and supportive of learning through hands-on activities and play. D. Early childhood education programs should place implicit trust in young children's instinctive recognition of their own learning needs in all domains and in how best to meet them - CORRECT ANSWER C The parents/guardians of a third grader ask to have a statement by the child's current teacher removed from their child's permanent file because they believe it is inaccurate. If school officials deny this request, the school must inform the parents/guardians that they have a right to: A. have the file officially sealed until the two parties resolve the issue. B. stipulate that access to the disputed statement be limited solely to school administrators. C. have their complaint investigated by a hearing officer. D. require the school to transfer their child to another teacher's classroom until the dispute is resolved - CORRECT ANSWER C The parents of seven-month-old Eric explain to Ms. Whitestone, his early childhood caregiver, that the family pediatrician has suggested a strict daily eating and sleeping schedule for him. Ms. Whitestone is careful to follow the prescribed schedule, but after several weeks she observes that Eric sometimes has difficulty going to sleep at the designated time and often becomes cranky and hungry a half hour before his scheduled feeding time. Which of the following is Ms. Whitestone's primary responsibility in this situation? A. adjusting the schedule and monitoring Eric's behavior for changes of any kind B. documenting Eric's behavior while continuing to follow the prescribed schedule C. describing her observations to Eric's parents and discussing the possibility of adjusting the schedule D. contacting Eric's pediatrician to ask for advice on implementing the schedule more effectively - CORRECT ANSWER C A first-grade teacher is concerned about a student whose appearance and behavior suggest that he may be being physically abused at home. According to federal and Arizona state law, the teacher is legally required to immediately: A. schedule a meeting with the child's parents/guardians to voice her concerns and ask for an explanation. B. report her suspicions in compliance with state and tribal laws and requirements. C. begin documenting her observations in an effort to evaluate the validity of her concerns. D. conduct a private interview with the child in an attempt to confirm or dispel her suspicions - CORRECT ANSWER B In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), in which of the following situations must the request to see a student's records be granted? A. The parents of a student with special needs question their child's placement for the upcoming year and ask to review his or her educational records. B. A classroom volunteer who often works with a specific student asks to review the student's educational records in an effort to increase his or her effectiveness with the student. C. A teacher who may have a student with special needs in her upcoming class in the fall asks to review the student's records to gain an under- standing of the student's needs. D. The legal guardian of a student who has been bullied by two other students asks to view the other students' records in an effort to understand their behavior - CORRECT ANSWER A At the beginning of the school year, Mr. Benally learns that Kayla, a student with special needs, will be in his class. Mr. Benally meets with the special education teacher to review the goals in Kayla's Individualized Education Program (IEP). Which of the following best describes Mr. Benally's responsibilities with regard to Kayla's IEP goals? A. choosing and prioritizing Kayla's IEP goals for instructional planning B. incorporating Kayla's IEP goals into classroom activities across the curriculum C. setting up a reward system to use whenever Kayla attains an IEP goal D. providing information on which of Kayla's IEP goals need modification to correspond to classroom goals - CORRECT ANSWER B A new teacher notices a child removing food from the snack table and hiding it in his backpack when he thinks no one is looking. When the teacher speaks privately with the child about this behavior, the child says that sometimes they don't have much to eat at his house because his father lost his job. Which of the following would be the most appropriate initial response for the teacher to take? A. speaking to the family about relevant community services and supporting them in the process of obtaining any necessary assistance B. contacting the Office of Child Protective Services to report the child's family on suspicion of neglect C. proposing at the next faculty meeting that the school organize a series of fundraisers to assist families who are in need D. finding ways to discreetly supplement the amount of food the child takes home in his backpack - CORRECT ANSWER A Which of the following expresses the primary reason that early childhood professionals are required to participate in ongoing professional development activities? A. There is a direct correlation between participation in teacher training activities and higher student scores on standardized achievement tests. B. Knowledge of the latest educational research and teaching methods promotes increased teacher effectiveness in the classroom. C. Participating in periodic opportunities to compare experiences outside of the classroom decreases teacher burnout. D. Many new teachers fail to recognize how further training will build on the foundation provided by their teacher preparation program - CORRECT ANSWER B A teacher decides to become a member of a professional organization for early childhood educators. Which of the following is likely to represent the most significant benefit of membership in such an organization? A. greater access to Web sites on which early childhood educators post lesson plans, thematic units, and other resources for educators B. expanded opportunities to take part in support networks and idea sharing with other educators in the field C. greater access to reviews of books, software, and other resources for early childhood educators and classrooms D. expanded opportunities to meet pre-eminent theorists and researchers in the field of early childhood education - CORRECT ANSWER B The children in a primary classroom arrive at school one morning talking excitedly about a powerful thunderstorm that struck the area the previous evening. The teacher's best initial response for taking advantage of the children's interest in the storm would be to: A. give the children a longer time than usual to talk among themselves before starting the day's activities. B. encourage the children to visit the school library that day to look for books on thunderstorms. C. begin the day with a discussion of the children's personal experiences and observations about the storm. D. plan to use that afternoon's science period to explain how thunderstorms are formed - CORRECT ANSWER C According to Lev Vygotsky's theory of learning, young children build new competencies primarily in response to: A. interpersonal interactions with individuals who are more knowledgeable than they. B. a desire to conform to the values and expectations of their society. C. the need to adapt their thinking when new information conflicts with previously held notions. D. repeated activities at their current level of independent performance - CORRECT ANSWER A At the beginning of individual exploration time, a preschool teacher first shows the children several activities and centers in which they can play. She then calls on the children individually to choose where they will begin playing. Three-year-old David often has difficulty deciding where he would like to play and becomes upset. The teacher could best foster David's decision-making skills in this situation by: A. letting him choose his activity after all the other children have made their selections. B. establishing a fairly short time limit for making a choice and then guiding him to a center selected by the teacher. C. meeting with him beforehand to help him make a choice based on the specific aspects of each activity available that morning. D. asking him to choose a friend to follow for the day and to go to the center the friend selects - CORRECT ANSWER C A teacher is watching two-year-old Maria as she begins to play with a circus set. Maria holds up a toy elephant and says to herself, "doggie." She then holds up a lion and repeats, "doggie." She continues this pattern with several other animals. Which of the following conclusions would be most appropriate for Maria's teacher to make based on this observation? A. Maria is not perceiving any differences among these animals. B. Maria is making a type of generalization common at her age. C. Maria requires additional language stimulation. D. Maria is using play to express a personal preference - CORRECT ANSWER B Sean arrives at preschool one morning carrying a packet of seeds. He enthusiastically tells his teacher how he has been helping his father in the garden. During circle time, Sean shows the packet of seeds to the other children and talks about the planting process and the vegetables that will grow from the seeds. Which of the following would likely be the most effective way for the teacher to expand on the information Sean has provided to the class? A. asking Sean to bring in some vegetables once they are fully grown so the other children can see the end result B. urging the other children to ask Sean more questions about planting and growing vegetables C. asking Sean to open the packet of seeds and pour them onto a table so the children can see what they look like D. bringing in dirt, containers, and vegetable seeds the following day for the children to plant and tend - CORRECT ANSWER D In preparation for an upcoming field trip, Mr. Huynh meets with his third-grade students to develop rules for the trip. After the class has brainstormed a set of rules, Mr. Huynh asks them to help him prioritize the list and explain their thinking. Involving students in prioritizing the list would primarily foster which of the following thinking processes? A. applying metacognitive skills in regard to a specific mental task B. making reasonable predictions based on the available information C. using careful observation to deduce cause-and-effect relationships D. identifying key criteria in order to draw logical conclusions - CORRECT ANSWER D As a kindergarten teacher makes her plans for the upcoming school year, she intends to take advantage of a wide variety of resources in the community. For example, in conjunction with a unit on "Community Helpers," she will arrange a trip to the fire station. Likewise, for a unit on "The Foods We Eat," the class will visit a local farmers' market. Such activities are especially important in an early childhood program because they: A. provide children with direct personal experiences that promote conceptual understanding. B. foster the children's awareness and appreciation of the resources in their own community. C. motivate local citizens to reflect on how to support school programs for the children in their community. D. prompt the children to recognize the relevance of school to themselves and their families - CORRECT ANSWER A [Show More]

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