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GTRAC GCSS S4 Comprehensive PE Notifications are sent to the PBO using which GCSS Army process - ✔✔SBWP The ______ provides commanders and managers at all levels, the primary tool for effectivel... y managing fleet readiness by viewing the operational status of unit equipment - ✔✔Equipment Situation Report When you create a reservation for your SLoc, what document does the system create after the MRP process? - ✔✔Purchase Requisition Which of the following statements are true about the Total Asset Visibility Business Objects (BOBJ) report? - ✔✔It is affected by pooled reporting and it derives information from the Mat comp (ZMATCOMP) report When creating an OSI BOM for non-standard components, all the components must first have _____. - ✔✔A Material Master Record What information can be displayed using the MD04 transaction? - ✔✔All of the Above When using MB21 to create a manual reservation, what determines if the reservation will be charged to the Unit's Cost Center or to a WBS Element? - ✔✔Movement type To open and work simultaneously in another session in GCSS-Army, you will use the GCSS Army Easy Access Menu and click______. - ✔✔WIN GUI Use _____ to change the name of stock storage locations to subhand receipt titles. - ✔✔ZPBOSTRUC When you move property from one Storage Location (SLoc) sub-hand receipt to another, what transaction and movement type do you use? - ✔✔MIGO, 311 To make a message notification appear on the recipient's screen while they are logged-on or as soon as they log-on you will check _____. - ✔✔The Express Box Which button allows you to switch between the Organizational Structure, Force Element Details, and Object Tab Pages panels when using the Property Book Structure Workbench (ZPBOSTRUC)? - ✔✔Navigation View What is the current on-hand balance in GCSS Army for material 002032668? - ✔✔4 What is the name of the tab in the PBO Structure Workbench (ZPBOSTRUC) that lets you view all stock Storage Locations (SLocs) assigned to a unit? - ✔✔MRP Area The operational status icons are used to determine the mission capability of a piece of equipment. The Red Flag icon indicates a ______ operational status. - ✔✔Non-mission Capable Maintenance If a request has been created for your storage (SLoc), and you need to review all data associated with the request, what transaction code in GCSS Army would you use? - ✔✔MD04 Changing the Characteristics columns in a BI Report will do all except _______. - ✔✔Display the prices for property How many open inventories can exist at a time for any Storage Location (SLoc) and Material (NIIN) combination? - ✔✔One In a TDA unit where you only have on stock SLoc, the Primary Hand Receipt FE/SLoc, what transaction is used to establish Sub-Hand Receipt's? - ✔✔ZEPA Using ZNONSTD, who approves request for a Material Master record for stock material submitted by Unit Supply personnel? - ✔✔PBO What transaction shows a list of PB01 Work Orders for equipment? - ✔✔IW38 When using the VL06i - Review the Inbound Delivery Monitor, the user can do all the following options except ____. - ✔✔Return Materials to the SSA When a BOM is automatically updated and a component is either increased in quantity or added to the BOM, what other document is changed or created in GCSS Army for you unit? - ✔✔The PB01 Work Order What is the current expected credit for all materials in the 002P SLoc that are due for turn-in? - ✔✔$85,382.00 What transaction code is used to generate a near-real-time Authorized vs On-Hand report that incorporates authorized SubLINs and current In-Lieu-Of authorizations for a Unit? - ✔✔ZMATCOMP How many pieces of equipment are currently deadline in the WH09A0 UIC? - ✔✔6 In order to generate a Primary Hand Receipt using the Material Situation (/ISDFPS_DISP_MAT_SIT) transaction, the following entries are required, except: - ✔✔Current Date Which example below identifies when MRP is triggered to re-plan a material? - ✔✔Both Qty change in demand and Qty change to a PR or STO To change the descriptive name of the sub-hand receipt SLocs, units will need to select the following in which order. - ✔✔Double click the PB DoDAAC FE click the Change MRP Area button (pencil) Click Tab List Button Click the Stor. Loc tab Why would you execute a purchase order status report using transaction code ZPROSTAT? - ✔✔To Display a list of Purchase Orders [Show More]

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