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APEA 3P exam Questions Questions 1 When performing a visual acuity test, the nurse practitioner notes 20/30 in the left eye and 20/60 in the right eye. The next step is to A- Have the patient return... in 2 weeks for a follow-up vision screen B- Dilate the eyes and retest C- Refer the patient to an ophthalmologist D- Document this as a normal finding. Question 2 The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Disorder fifth edition (DMS-5) describes Munchausen Syndrome by proxy as A- A self-inflicted injury to gain attention B- A caregiver making up or causing an illness or injury in a person under his or her care C- An abusive behavior that does not involve the caregiver D- A situation in which the abuser is often inattentive and uncaring toward the victim Question 3 Symptoms of depression are a side effect of which neurotransmitter medication? A- Dopamine B- Gabapentin C- Mu D- Cortisol Question 4 The right lymphatic ducts drain into what part of the circulatory system? A- Arterial B- Venous C- Arteriovenous system D- Capillary bed Question 5 Which lesion is dark, raised and asymmetric with irregular borders? A- Nevus B- Actinic C- Keratoacanthoma D- Melanoma Question 6 A pediatric patient has areas of scaling on the scalp, with round patches of alopecia. This clinical finding is consistent with A- Tinea capitis B- Seborrheic dermatitis C- Trichotillomania D- Alopecia areata Question 7 A patient with an acute presentation of acute aortic regurgitation (AR) typically presents with sudden severe shortness of breath, lower extremity edema, a rapid heartbeat, and A- Dry mouth B- Chest pain C- Decreased blood pressure D- Systolic murmur Question 8 Which of the following conditions is associated with chronic bloody diarrhea? A- Irritable bowel syndrome B- Crohn’s disease *** C- Hepatitis A Recommended for you [Show More]

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