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The most recent ATI Maternal-Newborn Proctored Final Exam Study Guide 2023

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Basic Care and Comfort Client education: lactation suppression (how to prevent lactation) & engorgement (breast & bottle) •Wear a firm and supportive bra •Relieve pain and swelling with cold/ge... l packs in your bra •Cabbage leaves can be used as cold compresses Hyperemesis gravidarum: lab work associated with this •Urinalysis for ketones and specific gravity Nutrition during pregnancy: iron, folic acid, protein, vitamin & minerals: know values & why need •1000mg for iron: helps transfer o2 to baby •Folic acid: 600g of folic acid a day and prevents neuro tube defects •Protein: 70-100g a day: good source of iron Pain management during labor: pharmacological and nonpharmacological (counterpressure, hypnosis) actions to reduce pain •Epidural anesthesia for pharmacological •Distraction, deep breathing exercises, music for non-pharmacological Postpartum assessment findings physiological adaptations •Emotion for postpartum depression •LOCHIA: crucial to see if the fluid is infected or not •Fundus placement and if firm or boggy •Make sure the bladder is working, help pt to restroom [Show More]

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