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Evidence Based Practice In Nursing & Healthcare A Guide To Best Practice 2nd Edition By Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk – Test Bank

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Chapter 3- Finding Relevant Evidence to Answer Clinical Questions 1. A nurse who provides care on a renal unit has posed a number of clinical questions in an effort to implement EBP. Which of the fol... lowing questions could those nurses best answer by consulting a textbook? A) “What effect does a diagnosis of renal failure have on type 2 diabetics’ glucose monitoring behavior?” B) “What factors influence clinicians’ decisions to recommend peritoneal dialysis over hemodialysis?” C) “What are the anatomical characteristics and physiological functions of the kidneys?” D) “What is the relationship between dosing of erythropoietin therapy and hemoglobin levels in patients with chronic renal failure?” 2. A nurse has heard from a colleague about a new approach to providing nursing care for confused patients who have been diagnosed with hepatic encephalopathy. In which of the following sources is this information most likely to appear first? A) A newspaper article B) A systematic review C) A conference presentation D) A journal article 3. After reading an online news article about the surprising role that chewing gum may play in facilitating healing after bowel surgery, a nurse has “googled” the subject. How should the nurse best interpret the results of this search? A) The nurse must carefully evaluate the results of this search. B) The results of searching sites such as Google and Yahoo are not clinically useful. C) The search is likely to yield inaccurate or biased results. D) The search is a time-efficient substitute for searching online health databases. 4. A nurse is seeking evidence on the most effective ways to promote urinary continence among older adults with dementia. Which of the following sources is most likely to provide the nurse with specific interventions and practices to achieve this goal? A) Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) B) National Guideline Clearinghouse C) PsycINFO D) MEDLINE [Show More]

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