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NR 222 Exam 2 Study Guide: Latest Updated: Questions & Answers

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In this culture, religion plays a role, discrimination with mental health is common. Tobacco use is on the rise with water pipes (Ans- Arab Americans This culture is thought to be the hardest wor... king, male led with respected elders. Language barriers are a concern as patients agree but disagree. Mental illness has a negative reflection on the family. Taoism is commonly practiced. (Ans- Asian American In this culture, the family needs supersede the individual. Religion is very important. Being the highest uninsured population, holistic and folk medicine are practiced. This culture may feel the influence of the evil eye, emotions, or spiritualist for the cause of disease. (Ans- Latino/Hispanic American This culture has known differences urban vs rural areas. Family is significant as well as the healing power of prayer. (Ans- African American Culture This culture experiences low continuing education with socioeconomic consequences. Mental health and substance abuse are frequent concerns. Life is lived one day at a time. Illness results from violation to natural forces. (Ans- American Indian/Alaskan Natives Families may be defined into one of these three categories (Ans- Functional, Potentially Dysfunctional, Dysfunctional A family's pattern of living as individuals and influence of the family pattern to include values which are passed down is this family theory? (Ans- family systems theory [Show More]

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