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MedCa Phlebotomy Certification Exam Already Passed MedCa Phlebotomy Certification Exam Review ✔✔Collection of quiz style questions for study purposes What department studies disease? ✔✔Pat... hology What is the general blood volume for the average adult? ✔✔5 Liters. 55% plasma, 45% formed elements What are erythrocytes? ✔✔(RBC) Red Blood Cells. Main Function: Carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissue cells and to transport carbon dioxide away from the cells to the lungs. An leukocyte is? ✔✔(WBC) White Blood Cells. Main Fuction: Non-Nucleus containing blood cells whose main fuction is to combat infection and remove disintegrated tissue. Platelets are also called? ✔✔Thrombocytes. Cellular elements that play a role in the coagulation process and are the smallest of the formed elements. Mature RBC's have an approximate lifespan of ✔✔120 Days What iron-containing pigment enables RBC'S to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide: ✔✔Hemoglobin (Main component of RBC) The role of a phlebotomist in the lab is: ✔✔Pre-Analytical Blood collection on neonatalogy floors involves what type of patients? ✔✔Newborn Hours to a few days old. Which department is consulated on blood collection timing and drug levels? ✔✔Pharmacy Where are blood cells produced? ✔✔RBC's are produced in the bone marrow. WBC's are formed in bone marrow and lymphatic system. Flowcharts can be used to : ✔✔Quality Improvement Quality Improvement for Specimen collection frequently involves everything except: ✔✔Frequency of hematoma's Pareto Charts are: ✔✔Raw charts that show frequency of problems An abnormal reduction in the number of RBC'S in the circulating blood is called: ✔✔Anemia To avoid transfusion reaction what should be done prior: ✔✔Blood typing and cross matching. Two blood group systems: ABO blood group system and the Rh factor system What is the percentage of formed elements in blood? ✔✔45% What percentage of blood is plasma (pale-yellow fluid)? ✔✔55% What is separated from a clotted blood specimen? ✔✔Serum (Clear pale-yellow fluid, doesn't contain fibrinogen, but is similar to plasma ) Machine used to remove serum from clotted blood: ✔✔Centrifuge The supine position is: ✔✔Lying in the back with the face up. RFID means: ✔✔Radio Frequency Identification. Identification tag using silicone chips in a wireless receiver. Normal range of Blood Ph: ✔✔A steady range of 7.35 to 7.45. Which tubing is used for lead determinations? ✔✔Tan topped tube Maximum time limit for separated specimen between collection and delivery should not exceed: ✔✔2 hours for accurate results Donor Collection bags use what when collecting units of blood for transfusion : ✔✔Anticoagulant and perservative CPD (citrate-phosphate-dextrose) or acid citrate dextrose. Acid Citrate Dextrose (Special Use Anticoagulant) ✔✔For immunohematology test: DNA or Leukocyte antigen (HLA) Phenotyping, which is used in paternity evaluation and to determine transplant compatibility To avoid microclotting how many inversions should be done? ✔✔8 inversions Putting gloves on in view of the patient prior to venipuncture, does what? ✔✔Reassures safety for patient and worker. Safest way to transport specimens: ✔✔Pneumatic tube system (PST) When testing for copper (Cu Level), Wilson disease or nephritic disease, which tubing is needed? ✔✔Royal Blue topped tube. What is the most reliable way to avoid transcription errors? ✔✔Computerized labs using Barcodes If arm veins cant be used for venipuncture, what other locations cam be used: ✔✔Dorsal side of hand or wrist Most common requested special: ✔✔Glucose Why is it important to have correct blood values when collecting blood with Anticoagulant ? ✔✔Correct blood to additive ratio stops artificially prolonged clotting times. What specimen does not need to be transported on ice? ✔✔Blood Culture Specimen When performing a fingerstick, it is important to? ✔✔Wipe away the 1st contaminated blood drop Smearing during vlood collection should be done at wgzt angle ✔✔30 degrees Where should you stick during a fingerstick Procedure ✔✔Across the fingerprint line. In most cases, when should one determine the level of meds in the blood? ✔✔Just prior to next dose. Skin puncture is done: ✔✔To obtain small amounts of blood. (Neonate patients, anemic) How manu chromosomes are there: ✔✔46 [Show More]

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