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WGU Course C836 - Fundamentals of Information Security Quizlet by MacFarlane, Top Exam Questions and answers, rated A+

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WGU Course C836 - Fundamentals of Information Security Quizlet by MacFarlane, Top Exam Questions and answers, rated A+ Which cybersecurity term is defined as the potential for an attack on a re... source? A Impact B Vulnerability C Risk D Threat - ✔✔-D Which security type deliberately exposes a system's vulnerabilities or resources to an attacker? A Intrusion detection B Firewalls C Honeypots D Intrusion prevention - ✔✔-C Which tool can be used to map devices on a network, along with their operating system types and versions? A Packet sniffer B Packet filter C Port scanner D Stateful firewall - ✔✔-C Which web attack is a server-side attack? A Clickjacking B Cross-site scripting C SQL injection D Cross-site request forgery - ✔✔-C An organization employs a VPN to safeguard its information. Which security principle is protected by a VPN? A Data in motion B Data at rest C Data in use D Data in storage - ✔✔-A A malicious hacker was successful in a denial of service (DoS) attack against an institution's mail server. Fortunately, no data was lost or altered while the server was offline. Which type of attack is this? A Modification B Fabrication C Interception D Interruption - ✔✔-D A company has had several successful denial of service (DoS) attacks on its email server. Which security principle is being attacked? A Possession B Integrity C Confidentiality D Availability - ✔✔-D A new start-up company has started working on a social networking website. The company has moved all its source code to a cloud provider and wants to protect this source code from unauthorized access. Which cyber defense concept should the start-up company use to maintain the confidentiality of its source code? A Alarm systems B Account permissions C Antivirus software D File encryption - ✔✔-D A company has an annual audit of installed software and data storage systems. During the audit, the auditor asks how the company's most critical data is used. This determination helps the auditor ensure that the proper defense mechanisms are in place to protect critical data. Which principle of the Parkerian hexad is the auditor addressing? A Possession B Integrity C Authenticity D Utility - ✔✔-D Which web attack is possible due to a lack of input validation? A Extraneous files B Clickjacking C SQL injection D Cross-site request forgery - ✔✔-C Which file action implements the principle of confidentiality from the CIA triad? A Compression B Hash C Backup D Encryption - ✔✔-D Which cyber defense concept suggests limiting permissions to only what is necessary to perform a particular task? A Authentication B Authorization C Defense in depth D Principle of least privilege - ✔✔-D A company institutes a new policy that "All office computer monitors must face toward employees and must face away from doorways. The monitor screens must not be visible to people visiting the office." Which principle of the CIA triad is this company applying? A Availability B Confidentiality C Utility D Integrity - ✔✔-B At a small company, an employee makes an unauthorized data alteration. Which component of the CIA triad has been compromised? A Confidentiality B Authenticity C Integrity D Availability - ✔✔-C An organization plans to encrypt data in transit on a network. Which aspect of data is the organization attempting to protect? A Integrity B Possession C Availability D Authenticity - ✔✔-A Which aspect of the CIA triad is violated by an unauthorized database rollback or undo? A Availability B Identification C Integrity D Confidentiality - ✔✔-C A company's website has suffered several denial of service (DoS) attacks and wishes to thwart future attacks. Which security principle is the company addressing? A Availability B Authenticity C Confidentiality D Possession - ✔✔-A An organization has a requirement that all database servers and file servers be configured to maintain operations in the presence of a failure. Which principle of the CIA triad is this requirement implementing? A Utility B Integrity C Availability D Confidentiality - ✔✔-C A company's IT policy manual states that "All company computers, workstations, application servers, and mobile devices must have current versions of antivirus software." Which principle or concept of cybersecurity does this policy statement impact? A Accounting policy B Operating system security C Access control policy D Physical security - ✔✔-B An organization's procedures document states that "All electronic communications should be encrypted during transmission across networks using encryption standards specified in the data encryption policy." Which security principle is this policy addressing? A Interruption B Confidentiality C Control D Availability - ✔✔-B A company's website policy states that "To gain access to the corporate website, each employee must provide a valid user name and password, and then answer one of six security questions accurately." Which type of security does the policy address? A Operations B Physical C Human element D Application - ✔✔-A An organization notices unauthorized visitors following employees through a restricted doorway. Which vulnerability should be addressed in the organization's security policy? A Pretexting B Phishing C Baiting D Tailgating - ✔✔-D A company wants to update its access control policy. The company wants to prevent hourly employees from logging in to company computers after business hours. Which type of access control policy should be implemented? A Mandatory B Physical C Discretionary D Attribute-based - ✔✔-D A new software development company has determined that one of its proprietary algorithms is at a high risk for unauthorized disclosure. The company's security up to this point has been fairly lax. Which procedure should the company implement to protect this asset? A Transfer the algorithm onto servers in the demilitarized zone. B Store the algorithm on highly available servers. C Relocate the algorithm to encrypted storage. D Create multiple off-site backups of the algorithm. - ✔✔-C An accounting firm stores financial data for many customers. The company policy requires that employees only access data for customers they are assigned to. The company implements a written policy indicating an employee can be fired for violating this requirement. Which type of control has the company implemented? A Deterrent B Active C Preventive D Detective - ✔✔-A How can an operating system be hardened in accordance to the principle of least privilege? A Implement account auditing. B Remove unneeded services. C Restrict account permissions. D Remove unnecessary software. - ✔✔-C A company implements an Internet-facing web server for its sales force to review product information. The sales force can also update its profiles and profile photos, but not the product information. There is no other information on this server. Which content access permissions should be granted to the sales force based on the principle of least privilege? A Read and limited write access B Read and write access C Limited write access only D Limited read access only - ✔✔-A A corporation has discovered that some confidential personnel information has been used inappropriately. How can the principle of least privilege be applied to limit access to confidential personnel records? A Only allow access to those with elevated security permissions. B Only allow access to department heads and executives. C Only allow access to those who need access to perform their job. D Only allow access to those who work in the human resources department. - ✔✔-C A user runs an application that has been infected with malware that is less than 24 hours old. The malware then infects the operating system. Which safeguard should be implemented to prevent this type of attack? A Install the latest security updates. B Uninstall unnecessary software. C Modify the default user accounts. D Limit user account privileges. - ✔✔-D [Show More]

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