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AMCA CMAC Study Guide : Questions & Answers: Updated A+ Guide

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Hemapoiesis ( Ans-formation of blood cells What is the purpose of laboratory techniques and procedures performed on patient specimens? ( Ans-Detect bio-markers of a disease Which of the following... does plasma contain the most of? ( Ans-Water When using the SOAP method where do you put a patient's vital signs? ( Ans-Objective Warfarin (coumadin) ( Ans-Anti-coagulant When a patient suffers from syncope, how do you seat them for a blood draw? ( Ans-Lying down or Supine Serum separator tubes (SST) are what color(s)? ( Ans-Red and gray What is the appropriate length for a needle, for an intramuscular injection? ( Ans-1.00-1.50 inches A medical assistant spilled a chemical on the floor. What would indicate if the chemical is hazardous? ( Ans-SDS (Safety Data Sheet) What is the main reason for documenting a patient's medical care? ( Ans-It provides legal protection for both the patient and healtcare workers. A patient informs the MA that they had chemotherapy about 6 monthes ago. Where do you chart this information? ( Ans-Previous medical history [Show More]

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