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NUR 265 Exam 4 Study Guide: Latest Updated: A+ Score Guide

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Lupus: hallmark sign (ans- butterfly rash on face Lupus: indication of flare (ans- fever and fatigue *also assess bun function *c reactive protein remains normal Lupus: interventions ... (ans- -falls precautions -treat pain with tylenol and nsaids (monitor kidney function) -avoid sunlight -report flare immediately -clean skin with mild soap and pat dry and apply lotion Lupus: medical management (ans- -hydroxychloroquine(anti-malarial) decreases absorption of uv light Scleroderma (ans- inflammatory, autoimmune connective tissue disease Scleroderma: hallmark sign (ans- hard, leather-like edematous skin Late: esophageal dismotility Scleroderma: assess (ans- swallow safety--esophageal dysmotility (aspiration) O2 Circulation Skin Scleroderma: interventions (ans - aspiration precautions (keep hob at 60 degrees during meals and after) Skin protection measures Small frequent meals--avoid caffeine and alcohol -avoid spices, caffeine and pepper Fibromyalgia: s/sx (ans- extreme fatigure Gi symptoms Dysuria Blurred vision Forgetfulness Fibromyalgia: assess (ans- pain level Extreme fatigue Gi symptoms Fibromyalgia: interventions (ans- nsaids Nuerontin (gabapentin) Lyrica (pregabalin) Snri and tricyclic antidepressants (amitriptyline) Promote sleep and low impact exercise (stretching, walking, swimming, rowing, water exercise) Lyme disease: hallmark sign (ans- stage 1: "bulls eye rash" and flu-like symptoms Stage 2: facial paralysis, carditis, meningitis Lyme disease: assess (ans- skin History of tick bites Lyme disease: interventions (ans- prevention! Insect repellant with deet Early stage--doxycycline antibiotics oral Late stage--iv antibiotics (ceftriaxone) Avoid tall grass Wear light colored clothing Have pets wear tick collars Allergic reaction priority (ans- stop the infusion/eliminate the trigger, then stop the immune response Give epi Maintain airway Latex allergy: risks (ans- -frequent use of latex condoms -healthcare workers -allergy to avocados, bananas, and some nuts Anaphylactic shock (ans- airway- -give epi iv or im stat and intubate if needed Breathing- -apply o2; mechanically ventilate Circulation- -monitor for distributive shock; give fluids [Show More]

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