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BUSI 240 quiz 8 ( Version 2), Latest 2019/20 Liberty University answers complete solutions

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BUSI 240 quiz 8 Liberty University answers complete solutions • Question 1 Which of the following statements is consistent with the attraction-selection-attrition(ASA) theory? • ... Question 2 The main purpose of a bicultural audit is to • Question 3 ________ are conscious perceptions about what is good or bad, right or wrong. • Question 4 Which of the following is true about using the strategy of integration for merging different corporate cultures? • Question 5 One advantage of countercultures is that they • Question 6 A deculturation strategy of merging two corporate cultures should be applied when • Question 7 Which one of the following statements about a strong culture is false? • Question 8 Scenario B BarkBark Inc. and Happy Toys Ltd. are considering a merger and are unsure whether their two organizations will have a difficult time with clashing cultures. They perform a detailed diagnosis, collecting and analyzing the gathered data about the two merging companies. They identify several overlapping values, which they feel that they can effectively meld into a cohesive new culture. What type of cultural merge would be worst in this situation? • Question 9 Which of the following is true about socialization agents? • Question 10 Organizational socialization is best described as a process of ________, where newcomers try to make sense of and adapt to the company's environment. • Question 11 Organizations differ in their cultural content, that is, the relative ordering of • Question 12 An organization's culture begins with its Selected Answer: founders and leaders. Response Feedback: An organization's culture begins with its founders and leaders. • Question 13 Creating urgency for change is most closely associated with • Question 14 The ________ strategy for diffusing change gives employees technical training to implement practices identified in the pilot project. • Question 15 Employees typically oppose organizational change because they lack • Question 16 Bezel Systems is introducing a few organization-wide changes. A coalition of employees will clearly lose out from the proposed changes, and they have enough power to cause the change effort to fail. Assuming that the change effort can proceed slowly and cost is not an issue, the preferred strategy for dealing with this resistance to change is • Question 17 The positive principle, the constructionist principle, and the simultaneity principle are principles of • Question 18 Scenario B The chief executive of Telecommco, a large telecommunications company, wanted to restructure the organization so product leaders would have more power than the executives in charge of each region. The regional executives tried to prevent this restructuring because it would weaken their power and possibly reduce their salaries in the long term. The product leaders also put up some resistance because they felt that things worked the way they were. This action by the regional executives is mainly an example of resistance due to • Question 19 Scenario D Trendy Fashions, a large retail chain, is experiencing conflict and organizational politics among its managers. The company's customer service ratings are suffering, and managers are pointing to other departments as the cause of the problem. The conflicts and politics are further contributing to the customer service problems. The CEO of this chain has just heard about the appreciative inquiry process and thinks this might be a good technique to use to improve this situation. He needs more information on this process. The CEO will need to know that the first step in his appreciative inquiry change effort will begin with: • Question 20 In organizational change, unfreezing may occur by • Question 21 Increasing the driving forces and reducing the restraining forces tends to • Question 22 Scenario A XYZ Office Supplies is about to introduce a new customer service program that will affect all of its 355 sales and service employees. Job duties will be changed and the employee reward system will be altered to fit this new customer focus. Moreover, the company wants to improve the efficiency of work processes, thereby removing some of the comfortable (and often leisurely) routines that employees have followed over the years. Top management is concerned about what types of forces resisting change the company will potentially experience during this change process. Which of the following types of resistance to change might be used by employees at XYZ as a deliberate strategy to "prove" that the decision is wrong or that the change agent is incompetent? • Question 23 ________ is a human-centered, solution-focused creative process that applies both intuition and analytical thinking to clarify problems and generate innovative solutions. • Question 24 Information systems are important in the change process because • Question 25 Which of the following organizational change activities adopts a "whole systems" perspective of the change process? [Show More]

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